Superwave; From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 13

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With the onset of the planetary New Year on July 26, 2021, our transition to the 5D has accelerated. It is speeded up by the Galactic Pulse (Soliton) which occurred two days before, on July 24. It carries a LightWave of enormous power and frequency, the maximum possible for the planet and earthlings.

This giant Superwave from the fifth and sixth dimensions, with streams of solar plasma codes and diamond crystal Light, is several times stronger than all previous tides.

For those of us crossing into the fourth dimension, this Galactic Superwave may cause the boundary between the dimensions to breakthrough.

The energy will peak on August 8, 2021, during Lion’s Gate, and continue until December 1.

Many of us will feel very creative and overflowing with new ideas. It is important to keep our vibration high and pure during this period, cutting through all 3D illusions and focusing only on Love and Harmony.

During the Lion’s Gate, our planet and Sun will align with Sirius, the Galactic Center, and with many sacred places on Earth, such as the Pyramids of Giza.

Through the opening Portal, we will be able to connect with the Cosmic Heart and other civilizations that have followed our human evolution as our cosmic ancestors.

We will get another batch of evolutionary loadings and updating of existing energy programs.

The files’ unpacking is already happening, not immediately, but gradually. Many of us feel it as an unconscious desire to learn more about the new.

Superwave is a powerful impulse to leap us into 4D/5D through the transmutation of our dense bodies. The codes carried by the quantum tsunami are the living manifestation of the Source that forms the New Man on the New Earth.

Today, the readiness of Earth’s fourth-dimensional space is 45%, and the process is actively intensifying.

Once the mark reaches 50%, the 4D will become partially visible and accessible to many of us.

Then it will saturate with its codes, increase its capacity, and open up to more and more of the transitioning 4D.

The Superwave energy is aimed at the full activation of the 12 DNA strands and the unpacking of the Divine pattern in them, corresponding to the new Earth, the new civilization, the new society, and the new history.

The fifth-dimensional codes in the Superwave will continue to decompress material bodies.

Our DNA originally contained the Ascension program and therefore all the keys and codes necessary for it.

DNA is not only a record of the genealogical heritage (mother, father, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on) but of all space journeys of our Soul since its birth.

What scientists call “junk DNA” is the record of our incarnations on Earth and in other words, and our entire timeline as an individual Soul.

It includes data on all crossbreeding, including interspecies ones, and the parts of Siriusian, Orion, Draconian, Andromedian, Arcturian, Venusian, and other space races’ DNA in our genome.

The “trash” part of DNA is directly connected to the Akashic Records which store info about all the Souls who have incarnated in our Galaxy.

Today we already understand how much treasure is hidden in our DNA, and how many unimaginable new possibilities it opens up.

People in the 3rd dimension have seven Subtle Bodies and seven major chakras. To access the Soul, the Higher Self or Source, we need meditation or prayer practice.

Source’s energies, passing through the Crown Chakra, break up into seven small streams – Light Rays.

They carry Divine wisdom (knowledge), Love, purity, truth, harmony, freedom. Each ray has its direction:

1. Ray of Strength is filled with the energies of endurance, perseverance; courage supports our musculoskeletal system;

2. Ray of Wisdom – the energy of knowledge that powers our brain;

3. Ray of Love supplies the energy of trust, supporting the cardiovascular system;

4. Ray of Purity activates our five senses and immune system;

5. Ray of Truth saturates the energy of the respiratory system;

6. Ray of Harmony promotes the healthy development of the urogenital and endocrine systems;

7. Ray of a Freedom impacts the digestive system and supports the inner balance with vibrations of tolerance, independence, and disembarrassment.

Our DNA is urgently activating, our bodies rejuvenating. Since last December, the phase of transmutation of our physical bodies at the cellular level has begun.

Now we all go through it and each of us does it differently. Some go through it gently, almost imperceptibly. For some, it’s hard, with painful cleansing.

The cosmic algorithm transforms the chakras not all at once, but one by one. First, we began to be affected by streams of renewed energy of knowledge (2nd Ray) and purity (4th Ray) which impact our brain, sense organs, and immune system.

Even the first contact with high-frequency vibrations some of us can’t withstand. As a consequence, there are many strokes, heart attacks, and viral illnesses.

This is only the beginning of transmutation. It is followed immediately by the second one in which the main one is the construction of a new skeleton (the 1st Ray).

That’s why many people have problems with their bones, joints, and cartilage. Some attribute it to disease and aging. But so do the new high-frequency energies that trigger the rejuvenation mechanism.

The transformation of the heart, circulatory, lymphatic, excretory, and endocrine systems, respiratory organs, hematopoiesis, digestion, will follow.

It’s necessary for the life support of the new decomposed body, working according to new physical and physiological laws.

In the fourth and fifth dimensions, we will activate the 12 Subtle Bodies and 12 energy centers. The Divine flow will be augmented by five more Rays.

They are called mysterious because they are associated with parapsychological superpowers: teleportation, levitation, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, trans-physical transformations, and much more.

Most people regard the physical changes that began in December 2020 as imperceptible and unimpressive. This is not the case. Things have accelerated considerably.

Together with the activation of the 12 strands of DNA, the matter is synchronously renewed and cleansed of 3D programs. Our bodies decompress, and in them Co-Creators transfer us through a quantum corridor into a new dimension.

It is for this purpose that Galactic Committee sends a powerful high-frequency tsunami to Earth from the center of the Milky Way, carrying super-matter codes for fundamental transformations on all levels.

If we began to have symptoms of increased outflow of liquid from our body (so much water comes out that it is not clear where it comes from), then this is it – the Beginning.

We need to drink more water. Our body senses a giant Galactic wave approaching and prepares to withstand it.

This tsunami may become a source of destruction for some (or something). And someone will joyfully join the powerful stream of transformation, rush towards the future and ascend to the next, higher stage of evolution in the new four- and five-dimensional Earth.

In 2021, the vibrations are completely different than in other years, because the Earth is now ready to receive the energies of the seventh dimension, and many of the planet’s tissues have already been rebuilt and can now be finally anchored.

At the planetary level, frequencies are loaded into the Earth’s grid in the form of Light Symbols that generate certain energy – mathematical, geometric codes that trigger many new master mechanisms.

Everything old is now being dismantled, and Galacom can finally successfully integrate Superwave energies into the Earth’s structure.

These energies carry the death to the Ego, preparing us for the activation of our Radiant Body.

The time has come for all of us to raise our vibes and choose whether to evolve and be useful to others or to continue to emit hate, prostration, and passiveness, and festering behind bars in the three-dimensional prison.
**By Lev

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