Royal Regulus

The star system “Regulus” is comprised of seemingly four stars—the brightest of which is known as “Regulus A” which is in the center of the Leo constellation.

The symbol of Leo is a lion or lioness. “Regulus A” is approximately 79 “light years” from the Sun of our galaxy.

In was discussed in the ancient texts of the civilization of Persia (modern-day “Iran”) in 3000 B.C.E. when it was called “Miyan” which translates as “center”.

In modern history, it was discovered by the 16th century Astronomer Nicolas Copernicus who named it “Regulus” which is “Little King” in the Latin language.

“Regulus A” is important relative to discussions of the “Lion’s Gate Portal” because on August 8, 2021, it will reach its brightest as it announces itself from the center of the Leonine “throne room”.

The portal opened on July 22nd (or 23rd according to individual time zones) of 2021 when the Sun entered the constellation of Leo in the Tropical Zodiac—just a few days prior to the July 25th ancient Kemetic New Year’s Day of “TYBI” which was also known to the ancient Mayan culture as the “DAY OUT OF TIME” when the star “Sepdet” (“Sirius”)—the “Dog Star”— arose over the “Great Pyramid” on the Giza Plateau bringing the message of opportunities for a rich spiritual and material harvest. At the same time, the “Hapi” (“Nile”) River overflowed.

On August 8th, there will be a New Moon in the sign of fiery Leo in the Western/Tropical Zodiac and in watery Cancer in the Vedic/Sidereal Zodiac—thus, there will be a solar and lunar conjunction. (The Sun is currently in Cancer in the Sidereal Zodiac).

Any New Moon is always a time to make new starts in various ways and to release old programming.

However, such actions must be taken cautiously at this time due to the retrogradations of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto (and Uranus will retrograde on August 20th).

Therefore, expansions in various arenas, higher knowledge, major lessons, spiritual elevation, and profound transformations will all be the focus of this “Now” and will be gradually actualized rather than given with a swiftness.

Anything done or given too quickly will not properly anchor into either individual or collective consciousness, and will, in fact, usually fizzle-out as impulsively as it arrived.

Consequently, “Royal Regulus” will allow us to think deeply and to tread carefully as we embark upon new ideas—but to definitely “take copious notes” as we continue our studies within the “Cosmic University” which is our journey through this particular planetary realm.

Vibrational frequencies of LIGHT from the Great Central Sun, the Photon Belt, the Sun of this galaxy, and upon Earth/Gaia are very heightened when the “Lion’s Gate Portal” opens each year and are very active a few days before the New Moon, on the day of the New Moon, and for a few days after the New Moon.

The same happens with a Full Moon. A New Moon tends to activate mental processes whereas a Full Moon activates emotional processes.

Therefore, the electrical energetics of mind are strong with lunar newness, and the magnetic forces of feeling are strong with lunar fullness.

Because the word “mind” is another manner in which to express the word “consciousness” because “mind” is derived from the Sanskrit term “manas” which indeed translates as “mind”, human thoughts need to be closely monitored because thoughts are vibrational frequencies (just as emotions are) which carry energy (life force) into the ethereal realms where spiritual atoms create material atoms of experience.

This is especially key during the “Regulus” energy near, on, and after August 8th.

These energetic dynamics are being sensed by many more people now—not just by those who are particularly sensitive to cosmic occurrences.

LIGHT forces are potently streaming into all of the spheres of Earth/Gaia: the magnetosphere, stratosphere, ionosphere, atmosphere, etc.

All aspects of human “Prana”, “Chi”, “Ki” (“Life Force”) residing in our DNA housed within every cell—records of our cosmic past, our varying planetary “pasts”, and our “Now”—both ancestral and personal—are awakening and elevating, encouraging and supporting, refining and attuning.

As all of this occurs, people may experience heat sensations as their molecules spin faster as cleansings of the records occur; headaches, dizziness, or clogged sinuses may be troublesome as the “God Particle” (Pineal Gland) is activated; hearts may beat more rapidly as they move in rhythm with the faster and brighter LIGHT; pains in muscles and joints may be annoying as LIGHT pushes its way further into the physical vessel; and there are numerous other “Light Activation Symptoms”—all of which result in exhaustion because the process is so challenging in its wonderfulness—an interesting oxymoron of terminology.

What is happening in space is not a mere few decades or even centuries in “cosmic symphonics”.

These developments have been experienced by the ancients (a time frame usually expressed as “Before the Common Era” or “B.C’E.”) for hundreds of thousands of years.

Their holy books and documents written by Priestesses, Priests, Sages, and Scribes all reveal amazing circumstances of their space/time continuum as well as of the future—our “Now” and beyond.

They understood, for example, how “Regulus” heralded “royal decrees” of LIGHT advancing throughout the galaxy from the royal “Great Central Sun” as rhythms of intensely powerful DNA activations for the “citizens” of the cosmos.

Their ceremonies were not in worship of solar power; rather, they were in worship of the SOURCE which created the solar power that kept planetary energy thriving.

Many of so-called “modern” humanity think that all the ancients prayed to and thus made obeisance to planets and other luminaries because there were those who did so.

However, the larger percentage of ancestors, as just mentioned, honored and were grateful to SOURCE (in “ITS” various names) for the “symphonic production” of messages in their beautiful brightness—the COSMIC HOLY BOOK so often referred to in written discourse.

As conditions of chaos and confusion (known as “isfet” in the language of Medu Neter and as “klippot” in Hebrew) on Earth/Gaia continue to play upon the planetary stage, listening to or reading too much daily news from the media and engaging in conversations with those who remain caught-up in mental and emotional traumas of seemingly their own making who are, therefore, unable to (or who are unwilling) to conduct research into the situations which are troubles in the “Now” and to make wise decisions accordingly, disturbs human auric fields and causes nervous system burn-out.

LIGHT will then pull back because there is a scriptural verse which says that God (SOURCE) will not give anyone more than he or she can handle.

In other words, we have the free will to level-up or to slide down in consciousness—to receive the blessings that the LIGHT activations offer us or to experience the consequences of refusing the LIGHT.

“Regulus” is inviting us into the “Divine Throne Room” for a “royal announcement” of a coming greater LIGHT surge which will be fully expressed on August 8th with continual pulsations afterwards.

We can prepare by deeper prayer and meditation and by reading and seriously studying ancient knowledge regarding spiritual principles.

Of course, having days of relaxation and fun is paramount as a part of a wellness paradigm.

However, even these activities are better shared with those of higher vibrational frequencies of consciousness which eventuates, however, in yet another “Light Activation Symptom” which is that you may find yourself spending less and less time with lower vibrating people.

These are people who:

allow themselves to be controlled and manipulated by disharmonious political, sociological, philosophical, educational, or medical systems, etc.,
who are always dependent on others for their development, and thus, who cannot seem to make wise decisions on their own,
who “use” others for their own needs,
who are egotistical,
who find fault with others who do not always give them what they desire, or
who consistently live in a dream world without facing certain realities.
There are other “symptoms” of relationships which should be wisely avoided.

Always keep such people in prayer, but do no feel guilty about avoiding being in close association with them. Sometimes SOURCE alone is the healer.

This is a “Now” when those who resonate with the higher energy that you are endeavoring to reach will be made known to you.

This is especially necessary for those who are in service in special ways to planetary and galactic elevation.

The center of the Leonine constellation is where the “Regulus” throne can be found. It is extremely bright with welcome. It is inviting each of us to be crowned as “Kings” and “Queens” of higher knowledge and capability but only if sufficient higher levels of consciousness are being sought.

Are you ready for the “coronation”?

**By Dr Schavi


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