Ashian: You Are Etched In The Divine Plan

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomJ: Hello! It feels like ages since we connected; I’ve been pretty ill the last 10 days, so I haven’t had the energy to contact you. How are you doing? What do you have to share with us?

A: Firstly, let us take a moment to sending some healing energy to you and to all who feel these words, because all of you, in your own unique ways, are in need of a little lift, a little tender care….

J: Thank you 🙂 You may have things to say, but I wanted to jump in with a question of my own first… it’s personal; I feel like I’ve not done enough for the light, that when I look back on my life, I will regret that I did not do enough.

A: Thank you for your honest sharing, you have clearly achieved something if you are not hiding your fears, but are willing to share them in public.

Where does this fear come from? What is the definition of ‘enough’? Let us present the energetics from our perspective.

To have been chosen and to incarnate at this point, to have awoken, to attempt to share that understanding with others, to hold the light and believe in the highest outcome even when all the evidence suggests you are wrong… that is enough.

The way each individual will express that energy will be different, but labels of ‘enough’ or ‘not enough’ are misleading ego-patterns that deflect you from the purity of sending love to Gaia, to your brothers and sister (awake and asleep), and envisioning the future you wish to create.

Many in the light are struggling now, we are very aware of this and we send extended higher vibrations to the light community to help keep morale up. You are doing this. You came here with a sacred purpose, all of you, and whether you doubt yourselves or not, you are continuing to create the momentum that will create quantum change on your planet and solar system.

Your energy, your intention has never been more precious, more valuable, or more needed. Your positive visualization has never been more crucial; the old has gasped its last breath, the cracks have started and soon the breaking open will be impossible to ignore on your planet.

The new energy will then start to flow, in the middle of the confusion and betrayal, but you light workers will stand strong: the challenge you were born to navigate will be upon you and you will rise to the occasion.

Let go of ‘enough’, and focus on what you can do, with love, with an upbeat heart. Your time is here. As surely as the seas swell and waves rise, you are in the right place, doing the right thing.

Trust the divine plan, for you are written into that divine plan, your journey is etched in the divine plan and your contribution is already known. Nothing is by accident, not even seeming accidents.

We are so impressed by you all. Keep your faith, however shaky, because you have got this.

(c) 2021 Jennifer Crokaert