Have You Ever Enjoyed… Breathing?

lightworker eraoflightdotcomAll of us have heard of breathing techniques, breath-work, and optimized breathing methodologies for meditation. But have you ever heard of breathing purely for…well…pleasure?

Think back to (or simply imagine) absolutely any pleasurable experience in your life for but just a moment. Be it enjoying a delicious meal, viewing some beautiful scenery, lovemaking, or even cozying up on your warm couch on a wintery day (with some luxurious hot chocolate by your side and your favourite book in hand!) And now, right as you imagine or recall such a scene, make note of just how exactly you are (or were) really breathing at the time.

And guess what. You’ll find here that every single thing that you associate with positive emotions or feelings — be they love, joy, peace or utter bliss — automatically changes and upgrades your breathing pattern to a very, very specific and particular slow, relaxed, blissful, and melodious rhythm of sorts. And it’s nearly always that exact same rhythm in there, too!

So now, here’s a quick little experiment for all of you to go try out. Start with your visualization / imagination or recall process; watch as your breathing changes for the better (all by itself, and naturally!); and then, entirely drop the visualization or recall process completely! And then, merely continue breathing in that newer, up-graded manner of sorts, on and on and so onwards! You’ll then come to realize (and recognize) that there’s a natural, slowed down, organic, and relaxed breathing rhythm of sorts that you’ve now achieved (and with great ease that too!) A breathing rhythm that is far, far better than absolutely anything that like any forced breathing technique out there could ever, ever, ever really give you!

Finally, just go memorise this interesting (and organic!) breathing technique thoroughly; so that the next time you find yourself encountering a negative being, situation, energy, thought, feeling or even emotion; you can just switch your breathing gears immediately, and feel the sheer joy of life burst out from within you, and that too in mere moments there no less!

This is what is known as (un-forced) breathing purely for enjoyment reasons and purposes. And you are more than welcome to try it out and practise it for yourself at literally any given moment that you so wish to, even right at this very moment no less if you so please!

Enjoy (breathing!)
**By Don Spectacularis for Era of Light

2 Replies to “Have You Ever Enjoyed… Breathing?”

  1. Denise

    I was gifted the memory of those old Folgers commercials on TV decades ago, “the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”?
    They would always inhale the aroma of the coffee before drinking? They would do this little blissful exhale. 😄
    Thank you for showing me this, I have never been able to meditate, even now the brick wall is still there stopping it, but I used to have my own method that would sort of achieve the same effect but it’s been a decade or 2 since I’ve employed it.
    I now know that it’s by design however so I don’t panic & struggle against it anymore, it will go away very soon!