Rise Above The Old

It is time to rise above the old Earth and all ever which ever was created on her, shedding the Old Self and all which has been before. All of this is disintegrating, and cannot hold form any longer, as much as some are making a desperate attempt to keep it all in place. The more they are trying to keep things in place, the more holes appear and indeed the more all is slipping through their fingers.

By Divine Decree Planet Earth has ascended and thus the New Earth is here, vibrant, exquisitely beautiful and a totally new creation. When we fully step into her, we ARE a new creation: The indeed hold a new form and indeed we step into fullness of our Soul Power and indeed the fullness of our soul and embrace Divinity within. We embrace the Power of Love and live this. We live our highest soul truth and cannot do not be other than this.

Stay centered. Do not allow anything or anyone to throw you off center. Live your highest truth and indeed never ever buy into fear and fear consciousness, nor give your power away to anyone or anything. In the highest aspect of your soul truth and New Earth, you are fearless and thus living your highest soul mastery, and thus every present moment is steeped in pure, unconditional love and indeed the deepest inspiration to bring your own soul gifts and purpose into form and being on the New Earth. Every present moment, every present step you are taking, is indeed anchoring in your new soul life on the New Earth and is co-creating the New Golden Age.
It is here!

I am living with a huge sense of exploration – or truly stepping into the unknown and indeed, what an adventure! And what a blessing! Wholeness, Oneness and Unity! And more than this – Love!

Every single step is filled with Divinity and indeed one is walking in the company of Heavens and indeed always protected and guided and all needs are provided – and every single moment miracles are unfolding for those who have eyes to see, and indeed the willingness to explore the beyond of the beyond.

Judith Kusel