Akatu: Thoughts Create Everything

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomFriends Of Earth!

As Always I Bring You Love And Truth!

I Hope To Bring A Smile In These Moments Of Sharing About How To Completely Change Your Life!

Of Course There Will Be A Little Falling Down And Getting Up Again Along The Way, But Oh What You Learn Once You Are Up And Reflect!

Let Us Begin With The Body!

So Intricately Designed With Everything You Need To Ground You In Spirit To Be Able To Enjoy Your Senses As You Do!

Indeed There Are More Senses And You Will Return To The Mastery Of All, But Let Us Ask This Question!

What Does The Body Need To Understand To Put Into Play All The Actions, Reactions, Neurotransmitters, Hormones, Strength, Appetite And All Perceived Good?

What Does The Body Understand That Causes Discord, Headaches, Exhaustion And So Many Ailments?

The Answer Is So Simple And So Complex That You Might Want To Read This Again.

The Body Only Understands EMOTION!

Where Do Emotions Come From?

Thoughts, Beloved Ones!


What Do Thoughts Do?

Thoughts Create Everything!



Random Thoughts Pass Through The Mind And Have Nothing To Do With The Truth Of The Moment.

You Might Have Heard A Song Or A Person Reminding You Of Someone.

You Might Have A Grievance Toward Someone Or Something, And That Pesky Little Thought Form Floats By Again!

Indeed, Let’s Choose Our Thoughts As Much As Possible.

Choose Thoughts To Create What You Desire To Experience.

Believe This Thought!

Find All You Know To Be True To Support This Belief.

Know That All Things Are Possible.

This Will Be Support Enough

You Are Running On A Subconscious Program Until You Believe Something Different.

Once The Subconscious Mind Is Changed And Programmed, It Connects To The Quantum Field, Which Is The Infinite Mind Of God Which Connects Everything As ONE.

In This Sacred Connection, All Things Are Possible.

Consciousness Activates An Electromagnetic Impulse First With Consciousness That Is Present In The Brain With A Charge That Is Connected To The Heart.

The Powerful Heart Of Consciousness Pulls From The Field With A Magnetic Charge, That Which You Now Resonate With Vibrationally!

There Is Nothing That Can Prevent What You Desire When You Line Up This Sequence!

Feel In Your Body, Your Heart And Mind As You Meditate Desiring The Great Shift!

Think And Believe!

Transcend The Subconscious Mind And Connect To The Perfection Of God.

Beloved Ones, You Have More Power Than You Can Comprehend! Use It And Be Blessed!

We Are With You!

Let’s Fly!

I Love You So!

**Received telepathically by Judith