Discovering Magical Life

star bright eraoflightdotcomI’m feeling so passionate and moved right now!! Lit up. Excited. And I want you to know something and take it in deeply and consider that it might actually be possible for you:

There is this MAGICAL connection between you, and Life Itself.
And how you experience this, is empowered by you, by how you choose to use your FREE WILL.

And if you want it to be easy, you can discover how to allow it to be easy. And if you want to be met with love in your work by people who joyfully pay you? You can be met with love by people who joyfully pay you. If you want to find the right way to share your ideas, your art, your coaching, your guided meditations, your writing, your love in a relationship, your friendship, your leadership abilities, your passion about nature, your energy work…

Whatever it is you desire, Life will work with you, to bring it about.

I have learned over this past year, while not working and being sicker than I’ve ever been, how to let LIFE help me. A lot. I’ve always been pretty capable so this amount of asking was new for me. And thank GOD it happened!! I now know how to let myself be helped and even more importantly? How to feel loved enough that I don’t feel any need to limit this. Now I repeatedly, genuinely invite, ask for and receive help, on pretty much everything!

Can you see how this might be way more than I imagined was possible?

While not working for over a year, I discovered that Life did, indeed, have me. Was here for me. Was anticipating what I needed, and when I’d need it, and as I grew to expect this, I received even more. As I begin to ask for more, I got more. As I began to believe and expect to be taken care of, the gifts came in bigger ways.

New desires, new gifts, new unexpected insights, guidance to the right information, to heal, recover, rest, relieve stress, get my groceries, my laundry done, pay my bills, have emotional support for the challenge of the entire experience, meet wonderful new friends who understood my experience and could help me learn how to do the same, and more.

There has just been so much given to me this past year that I was blown away. And by that what I really mean is blown out of the old ways of being — where I actually thought there was just me doing all this…

Yes, even though I channel and work with Angels, I still felt like most of it was just stuff I was expected to do. I inherited a belief system that I was capable and therefore, should BE CAPABLE.

But then I got sick and discovered that (lying on the couch sleeping or watching TV all day) didn’t reduce what I received. It simply changed how it came to me. And as I allowed more, it kept showing up. Then? I got used to it — letting Life take care of me. And guess what? I didn’t get punished. There wasn’t a backlash for me starting to expect lots of free and easy everything. What happened as I expected it, is that then it got even better!!

I learned how to ASK for more and how to allow myself to receive more. And more. And more. Over and over and over, while basically doing hardly anything. Does that defy your beliefs? It sure blew mine out of the water.

I learned how to receive way beyond the action I was taking, (and that I have that thought shows me what I used to think was required to receive, right? )…. I was given so much, completely beyond all logic, and way, waaaayyy more than I would have expected in the past.

Magically — the right things came. Again and again.

My sense is this is always possible, and was empowered because I learned to trust Life.

I learn to ask (give permission — free will, remember?) and to allow myself to receive — expecting and believing Life would show up for me. Even when at times, it looked like it might not, I grew to believe everything would deeply, truly, be a-okay for me. And, it was.

Is. Continues to be.

[ Sigh. (Smile) Completely awed by life! ]

I now live in a deeper and far more collaborative way with Life. It’s more than I ever thought was possible. I really know how deeply l am loved and I expect to be taken care of. I expect God, the Divine, Angels, Life Itself to help me create what I desire. And? I know that my desires itself is also a gift — it’s direction from the Divine for how to flow, express and create my Life. I embrace it as I embrace myself, now, with joy!!!!!

I will never be the same. Thank you Divine Self, Angels, Galactic Dragons, Quan Yin, Ashira, Council of Radiant Light, Universe, Infinite Oneness — (and whatever label speaks to you). I thank All That Is, for teaching me how truly loved I am, how much is here for me and how wonderful it can be to live and collaborate directly, daily, repeatedly with LIFE, expecting wonderful. Life worked with me, to get everything. And now that I’m better, it’s still happening.

I don’t need to be sick, or in a pickle, to receive MASSIVE SUPPORT. To be cared for. To be loved. I get to decide what I believe in, trust, expect… In effect, what I experience. And, the most important lesson – that this is an ongoing, iterative process of growth, openness, expansion, shifting and transforming my sense of what is possible in this co-creation and with all of this? Elevation of everything.

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4 Replies to “Discovering Magical Life”

  1. Deborah

    This article is sooooo perfect.

    I added the following to my affirmations:
    God the Divine, helps me create what I desire, and I am ready to receive even more.

    What I create now and I anticipate more:
    — parking space close to front door
    — bend time and space so I get there on time
    — find the perfect item in store
    — out of the blue, say “I AM HAPPY”
    — flight, no matter what the wind, is 2 hrs and 30 min or less.
    — people in stores (and other places) treat me with kindness
    — our new homes always had so much more than I asked for

  2. Lauren Cover

    Yes!! I especially loved “There wasn’t a backlash for me starting to expect lots of free and easy everything. What happened as I expected it, is that then it got even better!!” Free and easy is how it should be but goes counter to our culture/society. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. Denise

    Trying to figure out how to address God when praying was a big aggravation for a while there! Once I knew more of the Nature of God it really confused the issue.
    I finally just settled on “ God Squad”, pretty much covers all entities involved!😁

    1. Deborah

      It took me awhile to figure out what to call God too. You’re choice is fun.
      I ended with God, short, easy to type, and at least everyone knows what I’m talking about, even if it pushes their buttons.