Council of Radiant Light: The Call to Remember Your Greatness

Infinite Ones —

We speak to you as your expanded presence, right now. We invite you to feel into the energy within you that is continually expanding and knows Life, as whole, resplendent, self-perpetuating and continually expressive.

This YOU, is made to thrive. Within this intelligent concentration of energy — the signature of energy that is your soul — there is everything you need, want and desire. Everything energetically that you feel as the vision of Life that sings out to you, comes into your awareness through your connection with the vastness of your being.

Life Itself gifts you with desires. They come in as gifts and you receive them. As they sing to you, they call to you. And it is apropos — for in that summoning of more Life, you will expand into a more elevated and fulfilled version of you. These callings, are calling you to More Life. Elaboration. Expansion! Expression of the True Self, now.

Within you is all that you need to make real what you feel called to be, do, have, create, express, experience or know. You can create so much more than you’ve yet have the boldness to decide upon.

For that is how this all begins, for you. Upon receiving desire, you often feel an ascending energy. An upliftment. A surge of joy as you sense what could bring more fulfillment, more happiness, you have this moment of clarity as your receive the gift of inspiration in the form of a desire, because you see how you could be even more you!

If you feel you can create this, or want to, you embrace it and the process of flow expands and this new emergent Life Form, begins to come into arrangement and expression here — through you.

Yet when the bigger ones come — more than just a simple desire that can be easily fulfilled with the identity you already are, and the resources you already know are yours… When those more exciting and more promising visions come to you, most of you fold — you stop playing. You almost without realizing it decide that this desire is too much trouble, won’t come without undesired pain, or worse — it will result in retribution so you feel almost immediately the gap between you and it, and that feels like how it is.

You feel these bigger desires — the ones you cannot see or believe are for you — as split energy; the joy of what they could be coupled by the dread, anger, shame, frustration or even fear. All because you’re not feeling naturally aligned with this, or another way — not feeling powerfully YOU with regard to this kind of thing.

We are here, beloveds, to remind you of who you truly are and help you to come into your power, once more, in every area of your Life. This is an experience of expanding and elevating your sense of self. Allowing yourself to receive more simply because desire has caused you to want more.

There is no need to feel disempowered or to live in doubt and unworthiness. Theses are optional states of being. There are existing forms in the world that reflect these ideas and yet, they too, were created from choices and they can be destroyed, shaped, turned away from, or even made obsolete. These less-than feelings states are learned and perpetuated, yes, but can also be shifted, cleared, evolved or even, simply seen as not true. You can make other choices. Choose beliefs you like more, expand or revise your standards, your expectations and with those kinds of choices, how you feel and how you think of your potential, also changes. Know, too — the world continually adjusts to you — to who you are being… to your energy.

Everything is energy and as your energy changes that which you perceive also changes. This is how you change your experience — energetically.

These times, dear friends, are such important ones, for this planet is calling forth for more inspired co-creation. For more harmonious ways of cohabitation. Are you hearing that call? If so, and if it makes your heart sing, answer YES!

We notice that the indications of the disregards for your home, collectively, are becoming harder and harder to ignore. More and more you feel that deep connection with this beautiful planet.

And with that, especially for those of you already awake to these shifts and inklings there is within each of you, VISION. Vision, desires…possibilities that fuel and contribute to a new way of being here.

Elveron speaks:

A reinstated way of being here. A remembering of who you truly are and your innate relationship with Life Itself and how this planet is your home, but even more than your home, it is the source of your experience of aliveness here, for your physical body — your very humanness — is made of EARTH.


Feel the sweet singing song of the inner currents of Earth. Notice how deeply your body exhales and relaxes in the very thought of Earth’s energy and beauty. Notice how recalibrating happens nearly instantaneously within you with this shift in focus. How powerful you are! And how wonderful when you use your free will this way.

Amazing Beings made human and filled with Light, the Earth is singing out, reminding you of the promise you made upon your embodiment — to live in harmony here, with All Life.

We affirm this beautiful choice and invite you to remember.

Divine Will, is unleashed in your embodiment. The power given to you, as a human being, to shape through free will.

You choose how to use it. What to care about, how to live, what to expect, what to be, what you believe, think, what to create, how to see things, what vision to embrace, live and express.

Feel deeply within you for the knowing — who do you want to be? Here, now.

Listen deeply.

Invite the Earth to speak to you, for she is listening and within every cell of your body, she lives on, in trust, knowing you are One and in and through your freedom infinite frequencies come into this realm. Blazing new potentials into form.

Changing light, to structure. Changing structure into renewed energy flow and align all with love, with all Life, with the vaster wholeness and with you. All by feeling for that which is true and right, and calling to you, right now.

Have you remembered now, how significant, and beloved you are?
(Smile.) We hope so.

I AM Elveron, with Sanat Kumara, Ashira, Ailia and the Council of Radiant Light.
We are with you, always, and have known you always. We are One and in the Infinite Unfolding, there is only JOY.

**Channel: Ailia Mira


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    1. Claudia

      John, you never say much but somehow I always get a nice feeling from reading your words…


    hі let’s talk about the body
    when good health and joy, I agree ….
    just ignore it’s not your body, it’s the guardian angels having fun