Project Highest Timeline In 21 Days: Are You Game For This?

If you’re downright tired of waiting forever for your world to change, then this message is for you. But be warned, it requires a 100% serious commitment on your part (for a minimum of 21 days) to make this transformation and transition actually happen. Come read on if you’re still game for this!
They say it takes 21 Days to form a new habit. I say, it takes 21 Days for a bunch of empowered creator beings to shift to a timeline so ridiculously high, it would be hard to even believe that this could have ever happened in a mere 21 days flat. But then again, we are all Gods-In-The-Flesh for a reason.  
Because, if you’re truly tired of waiting forever for the New Earth to manifest by now, this is your one big chance to, actually, tangibly, do something about it. Let the haters continue with their hating, and let the naysayers crib about it. All while all of the pessimists say that but some “tiny group of people” couldn’t quite possibly ever do or achieve something as huge as THIS. Because, ultimately, we know better. And we are the strongest of the strong for a reason. And together, we can. And so, the only question that even really remains now is: How very BADLY do you want your freedom, your sovereignty, and your very Peace and your JOY back? If you are willing to pull out all stops and go all out now to get it; feel free to read on further. If not, don’t even as much as bother wasting your time on here reading this any further. Rather, go get some ice cream or something. Should uplift your frequency at least a little, (hopefully!)  
Before we even as much as begin this, let us first understand and come to terms with just what it is that we are even trying to create in here. Because everyone reading this has some greatly differing opinions on what the “highest timeline” even really looks like. So instead, I propose that we all first off agree upon how exactly this “highest timeline” should feel like. And then visualize and intend as to whatever it is that we associate with such feelings in our own special and unique and preferred ways. Because, as long as we are all reaching for the exact same feelings, our paths are one…and so is our very timeline. So, without further ado, here’s a list of feelings that I’m sure we’ll all agree represent (what you would experience) as the very highest New Earth timeline imaginable:
1. Unconditional Love
2. Unconditional Forgiveness
3. Unconditional Acceptance
4. Total Healing
5. Total Abundance
6. Total Bliss
7. Total Joy
8. Total Peace
9. Absolute Freedom
10. Absolute Sovereignty
11. Absolute Empowerment
12. Absolute Wisdom
13. Absolute Unity  
I hope that these are all acceptable starting points for one and all when it comes to defining (and experiencing) as to just what exactly a fairly enlightened civilization (timeline) ultimately looks and feels like. And yes, these goals are very much so achievable. Why? Because you all are all powerful gods, that’s why.
Now, beyond these most basic feelings, you all are always free to add your own benevolent-for-ALL additions to the mix such as endless greenery, neverending beauty, clean air and water and soil everywhere, open galactic contact, and so on and so forth. Basically, things that everyone on our world generally agrees as being good for ALL. For, you see, as long as we are all reaching for the exact same feelings here, we all are very much so empowering the exact same timeline. And with that consensus being reached, we can now joyfully move on to the very next stage of our incredible project!  
For starters, we ALL have to take out AT LEAST 5 MINUTES EACH DAY (over the next 21 day period) to verbally, yes, VERBALLY put out the intentions for each of the above mentioned 13 feelings. And that is the bare minimum. And we all do this, if possible, collectively all at once at 11:11 AM G.M.T. and 11:11 PM G.M.T on each new day. This should well accommodate folks on both sides of the globe, G.M.T. being chosen as it is our (collectively agreed upon) linear time marker. And doing this all together at the exact same time globally increases the sheer power of this collective intention setting and manifestatory exercise. Although if you (for some reason) can’t manage doing this on either of the above two mentioned times, worry not. Rather, feel free to do this at absolutely any time of the day that you so choose. After all, something’s better than nothing!  
You can feel free to add more intentions, visualizations or imaginations beyond the 13 given above. You can also all feel free to do this over the minimum 5 minutes, and you can also feel free to do this as many times a day as you so like if you so please. In fact, feel free to continue doing this beyond the 21 day period suggested…in fact, the more the merrier!  
You can either do this intention-setting through visualizations / imaginations or through the (extremely powerful!) verbal intention setting methods. In fact, feel free to use both of those methods together in combination for the very best results here!
Here’s (a couple examples of) of just HOW you can set intentions verbally:  
Verbal Intention for setting Unconditional Love: “I am now permanently anchored within my desired unconditionally loving world. And so it is. And so it is!”  
Verbal Intention for setting Unconditional Forgiveness: “I am now permanently anchored within my desired unconditionally forgiving world. And so it is. And so it is!”  
Verbal Intention for setting the Highest Timeline Imaginable: “I am now permanently anchored within my desired highest timeline that benefits ALL. And so it is. And so it is!”  
You get the gist of this. Feel free to add other useful visualizations / imaginations to this if you so desire! But, most importantly, be sure to feel into the feelings associated with those words (be that word “love”“forgiveness”, or whatever else it is) for the highest possible results!
*AN IMPORTANT NOTE: PRIOR TO to setting your intentions and/or visualizing things every single day, please make sure to purposefully invite ALL forms and manners of benevolent higher beings, collectives and energies to support you, amplify your intentions infinitely, protect you, and guide you along the way. And also ask that everything that you and they do together support everyone’s HIGHEST good, and to make it all as amazing as they possibly can. Remember, just doing this step alone increases your (energetic / manifestatory) impact like, a trillionfold with ease. Kindly note here that these Beings/Energies/Collectives are simply not allowed to assist you (by Divine Law), until and unless you ask them to, using your own divinely gifted free will here! So go do that first!
And now begins the real fun part to this all. The part where we (at long last!) start putting our own highest intentions into real, tangible, action! Here are some fun and exciting ways to do just that!
1. Start doing things throughout your day (to the very best of your ability — for the next 21 days at least) that truly represent any / all of those aforementioned energies, intentions, and feelings that you put out (and set into motion) earlier during that execution phase: Follow your highest joys and excitements. Pursue your favourite hobbies and pastimes as much as you possibly so can. Be kind and compassionate and forgiving towards all others, and do so equally (or even more so!) towards yourself too!
Take a nap when your body demands it; and a warm cup of hot chocolate when your heart demands one. Enjoy gaming, listening to music, and reading. Enjoy watching the raindrops trickle or the snowflakes melt. Watch YouTube videos of your favourite places all around the globe. Spend more time within your imagination-spaces exploring amazing places, ideas, people, things, and even superpowers for that matter!
Best of all, spend more time in NATURE as much as possible…or even with your house plants or pets here no less! Eat healthier food, drink more blessed water. Be as kind to yourself as possible first. Then, show the same kindness towards one and all! Above all, smile a little more and laugh a little more! Even at yourself or life itself if you so have to (the true hallmark of a master no less!)
Kindly note here that: The more positive and blissful emotions and feelings (such as LovePeaceJoy, and Bliss) that you experience all the more often during your days here (for the next 21 days); the faster and faster shall you shift to (and manifest) ever so higher and higher and higher timelines here! It really is as simple as just that. But somehow, we humans just love to complicate the very simplest of things! God only knows why.  
Try and emanate / radiate any or all of those 13 feelings given earlier to the level best of your ability every single day (for the next 21 days at least), and then, simply watch as your very reality shifts up its gears ever so higher nonstop like crazy!
2. Remove ALL negative influences and energies from your life WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT and PERMANENTLY at that.  
This means goodbye Social Media. Goodbye doomsday predictors (no matter which “spiritual” website they find you on). Goodbye conspiracy theory websites and other rabbit holes (doesn’t matter how very “true” they are — reality is but another lucid dream anyways). And above all, goodbye everything that dampens your mood or brings your very vibe down. Be they toxic friends, negative family members, the 9 o’ clock news, or what-else-have-you. Ruthlessly throw out these negative energetic parasites and vampires from your life once and for all. And permanently so at that. You can thank me later. (And you most certainly shall!)  
Anchoring the higher timelines by yourselves is just but one part to this exercise. There’s so much more that you can do (with great ease!) to increase the sheer power and pace and quality of your manifestations! And how do you even do that? Easy. By getting in as many more people involved within this initiative as you quite possibly so can! Because when it comes to manifestation, the numbers matter. Besides, we just need to get used to now to these methods of doing things together, collectively. For that’s how we all will be co-creating within the higher dimensions / densities eventually anyways! Might as well start learning (and making the most of it) right now itself!
So, here are some fun ways by which you can get more and more and all the more people onboard this incredible group initiative of ours! And those are as follows:
1. Be bold and casually bring up these topics in conversations with people you know or are close to yourself. Be they your next door neighbours, colleagues, friends, family members, relatives, acquaintances, or what-else-have-you! Slip in conversations about such things and topics casually (only giving people what they can easily digest or even relate to at any given time), one conversation at a time. If their response is positive at all, tell them more. If not, please do honour their free will choice to ignore this at this time, and just, move on!  
2. Set an intention prior to going to sleep every day that you will share these ideas with everyone you know or have ever known throughout your life, in the Astral / Dream planes. Now, this very step often works great wonders, and especially so with regards to people who wouldn’t otherwise hear you out during the course of their waking lives at all. Totally worth it, I guarantee you!
3. Pray for the rest of humanity to join you, or just bless them all (that they’ll experience a world with ALL of the 13 aforementioned qualities) anyways. Also, kindly note here that prayers and blessings for others never ever violates their free will. So relax absolutely any inhibitions that you may have about that part completely and totally. Feel free to do this as often as you so like. 
4.  Use absolutely any (artistic/non-artistic) mediums that you find truly exciting and just go BROADCAST these ideas into your very world be it through your Poetry, your Writing, your Blogging, your Painting, your YouTubing, your Sculpting, your Sketching or what-else-have-you. Write Short StoriesFantasy or Fiction; Paint Graffiti or do a Cosplay. Make a Beach (Sand) Art about it; or make a Short Film or an AMV about it. Animate It Like Abraham or Bend It Like Beckham, the choice is all yours (and yours alone!) Kickstart these conversations in absolutely any way, shape or form that you can quite possibly so imagine, here!
5. Meme about it, Sing about it, make a Song Cover about it, or even a Cartoon or a Comic about it! Or subtly express it in your next Stand-up Comedy act. Tell your kids Stories about it. Or paste it over your Office Whiteboard. Speak about it in your Water-cooler Conversations. Use it in an Advertisement. Or just put it up on your Facebook’s, your Insta’s, your WhatsApp’s, your Snapchat’s, your TikTok’s and even on your LinkedIn’s no less!
6. Remind yourself (and everyone else around you!) of this highest timeline choice of yours through putting reminders up Every. Place. Imaginable! Put Up Posters (reminding you of this) on your Wall, Get It Tattooed, Wear It on your Caps and T-ShirtsPrint It on your Coffee MugsShowcase It on your Fridge Magnets and your Tea CoastersDisplay It on your Car Bumper Stickers.  
Use It as your Wi-Fi Name. Write It as your Tinder Bio. Put It Up on your PillowsBeanbags, Jumpers, Mouse PadsOffice Table DecorProduct Reviews on Amazon, funny YouTube Comments, quotable LinkedIn StatusesProfile PicturesProfile HeadersStatus UpdatesPhysical Book-MarksWeb Browser Bookmarks, Your and even Your Pets’ Accessories, your Souvenirs, your Cake Icing Letterings, and even on your Phone and PC Wallpapers no less!
Kindly note here that I’m so NOT asking you all here to look all psychotically-obsessed with any of this stuff (by doing everything on the above mentioned lists or something). But do indeed pick and choose (in Wisdom and in Balance) as to just what out of the above listings even really works for you (or resonates with you the most); and then do so strategically, subtly, and without looking like a complete psychopath in there! And wherever so possible, please do attempt to use more humour and fun; and less of that whole nerdy stuff or all of that boring lecturing people thingy. Because that just NEVER works on absolutely anyone, trust me on that part!  
Because all of the above listings do indeed make for some truly excellent conversation starters and ice-breakers (with known folks and utter strangers alike!)
7. If nothing else, just see if you can make THIS very message ACCESSIBLE to all others be that through Translations in your Own Local LanguagesDescribing It in Sign LanguagesWriting It Down in Braille, or simply Reading It Out Loud for the Dyslexics and the Visually DisabledAny avenue where this message just isn’t getting through (due to blockagesobstaclesdisabilitieslanguage barriers or whatever else there is), see if you can make it accessible and get it through! For that alone would be a far, far greater service to all of humanity than what you’d ever know or believe, here!
And now, just imagine but a tiny group of people coming together to do all of the above mentioned things. Can you even as much as imagine as to how very powerfully and magnificently that would impact and affect our world?
Because just about now is very well so the time for us all to once and for all END with our cribbing and bitching about life; and to just simply go out there and actually do something about this all, once and for all. Be it through our Energies, Intentions, and Meditations; or through our very ThoughtsDeeds and Actions no less! Whichever (of those ways) ultimately works for YOU! For indeed are there are no judgements WHATSOEVER here in this regard at all!  
It is now time to unleash our true power; and show the whole world out there exactly as to just what but a “tiny” group of empowered creator gods are even really capable of doing here, together. And that too, all entirely through but our thoughtswords, actions and beliefs alone! So now, let’s all go DO THIS with a 1,000% passion, dedication and sincerity for the entirety of the next 21 days (at minimum), and let’s change the world for good, all in but one massive go! Let’s leave no stones unturned, including permanently fixing and rewiring the very mass media and social media consciousness that (otherwise) usually works against us.
Whoever amongst you all is ready to take on this 21-Day-Challenge, and is truly serious about taking this whole thing head on (with the utmost of sincerity and untold dedication), please do give me a show of hands right away in the comments section below!
And yes, please do (every single thing within your power!) to spread the word around too! For we need all the help that we can possibly even get in here, in order to achieve this goal real rapidly and easily!
Don Spectacularis (aka Aseim) signing off, with love! for Era of Light

89 Replies to “Project Highest Timeline In 21 Days: Are You Game For This?”

  1. Deborah

    This month has been very interesting energetically.
    Centered. off balance, centered, off balanced, centered, etc.

    Yesterday was very strange, the energy felt stagnant (2 friends said it felt frothy or prickly).

    Today, the energy feels super LIGHT, this is the lightest it has ever felt. It feels free, the haze is 100% gone.

    Still saying it everyday (plus I’ve added some things hehehehe.)

    How is everyone doing????????????

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Well, it’s a lot of ups and downs, but I’m surviving this well for the moment. “Thriving” should resume by mid next month, given my current situation ๐Ÿ™‚

      (Meanwhile, the asleep masses are now awakening at record-crashing speeds! Heaven yeah!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Deborah


        Do you think some of the ups and downs are energy of anger from the newly awaked?

        The energy overall actually feels very light. Previously it felt like there was a veil, and it took more energy to more through life. But now there is no restriction, it’s like swimming down stream instead of up stream.

        1. Don Spectacularis

          Well with respect to ‘downs’, I was mostly speaking about those in my personal life; not necessarily the collective one. That having been said, indeed is our collective experiencing plenty of ‘downs’ of its own at this time, as well as the ‘down’-time being given (to them) to figure it all out.

          From MY perspective of things (at this moment), this is primarily due to the rude / harsh awakening experiences being had by the now-awakening members of the populace, essentially due to the governments acting more and more ‘authoritarian’, with each new day. So then, these ones experience all imaginable negative emotions from fear (the lowest possible frequency) to sadness, or anger (somewhat higher up the frequency ladder) and such. The ‘ups’ on the other hand have something to do with the counter-actions being taken by those of the positive alignment, especially the greater exposures of lies and agendas that are underway, at this point.

          This ‘up’-heaval should shortly reach a crescendo of its own (given the sheer current MOMENTUM of it) and then, a major COLLAPSE of the old reality happens openly, once and for all, and for one and all to see, witness, experience and learn from at that. The final few remaining months of 2021 should see to this.

          Us light-servers, of the positive alignment, now focus mainly on CREATING the new world that is to be born out of all this, with SPECIAL FOCUS on healing BOTH – MOTHER EARTH as well as OURSELVES. For such is seen to be CRITICAL, at this time in our history.

          Hope this helps!

  2. Phil

    Congratulations to everyone for all the hard work. I’d like to draw your attention to the following channelings:
    In which it is basically said that the original ascension plan has been enhanced to be of an even higher vibration.
    And then Jen McCarty who hosted a collective meditation which attracted 300+ lightworkers on 9/9. The main purpose was to anchor “the golden age timeline” and Jen has said that her guides told her it was the most important work her team and her had ever done.
    These are just two examples. If you look around Lightworker blogs, you’ll see a lot of people have perceived a massive vibrational improvement in the past few weeks.
    Still doing it faithfully twice a day, I love you.

    1. Cheryl L Kern

      I find myself existing in the higher timeline for days..then..3d pees in my CHEERIOS..and need to manually switch gears ..sometime takes a day or two..I’m back! times i personify as richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters when he is building the landing location with paper machete. My Knife. ROCKS..P


      1. Deborah

        Me too. Very challenging.

        I have to remind myself to BE and have GRATITUDE, and sometimes I felt slapped around.

        The Full Moon Monday should bring convergence and harmony to all the energy changes.

  3. Ben

    Is High energy LIGHT coming?

    I had a headache last night. Last week the energy was lite.

    I will also continue with this Renewal until I arrive.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Well, you don’t HAVE TO! ALL of us on here are continuing, and you’re MOST welcome to join in! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Deborah

        I am continuing this Renewal too.

        This has been a great experience of healing and growth, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
        And the next 21 days (or more) will continue to be healing.

        There were some days the energy felt heavy, but then there are other days the energy felt light. This is a huge improvement from all low energy (it’s kind of wavy, not always super heavy), and I’m sure the high (light) energy days will increase. for a few days, I even had a headache, which I almost never get.

        We went to my nieces wedding, and several men tried to push me in a specific area, I stood my ground with LOVE. There was NO button pushing there, I used Wisdom (not fear) to respond.

        This past 21 days has moved me from fear to “Love, Joy, Freedom, Empowerment, and Wisdom.

        I will continue to say my affirmations (and the New Earth timeline listed above) to create the beautiful and complete world of my plan / dreams.

  4. Ben

    I’ve been feeling the strong LIGHT energies the past few days.

    How has everyone else been doing?

    1. Don Spectacularis

      I would say things are truly HEATING UP on the planet! This means that we are truly moving up EVER HIGHER and very, VERY FAST! Which, in my understanding, is truly, a cause for complete and total CELEBRATION! =) =) =)

  5. Deborah

    After the 8-8-21 New Moon and 8-22-21 Full Moon integration I cleared my goals (of many years) and now let my higher self communicate my inner plan.

    So far what has stayed (come up again) is a muscle car (vroom vroom) and a ranch (non-profit for horses).

    I am ready to receive more…..

    1. Deborah

      I’m going to continue beyond the original 21 day.

      I’ll be right there with laughingwater.

      1. Don Spectacularis

        Yep! Doing this until it becomes our SECOND NATURE is what’s the PLAN! When we COMPLETELY become New-Earthers though (in thought, word, action, alignment and belief — and our External reality too, starts reflecting just THAT), THEN we can take things more Relaxed and Chill! Until then, we SERVE our selves (and with that, all “other” selves) according to the above plan!

        1. Deborah


          I’m doing really really good, avoiding the fake news and fear. This (spiritual awakening) has been a slow processes but I kept coming back and moving forward, and this 21 day Renewal has helped soooo much.

          This is helping soooo much with co-creating with the Divine.

          I will continue with this 21 day Renewal until it is “SECOND NATURAL.”

          Thank you Don Spectacularis for ALL your help and encouragement.

    2. Don Spectacularis

      And beyond! You’re most welcome to keep doing this ALL THE WAY UNTIL New Earth is 100% your Internal AND External reality in a most PERMANENT way!

  6. Deborah

    This has been a wonderful healing growing time. I haven’t been this happy / joyful since before puberty.

    August started with big changes from the New Moon on the 8th. You said we could be emotional for several days, and I was until the day after the22 nd Full Moon. (I’m more logical than emotional, so this was new for me). Adding this 21 Day Renewal and I’ve seen tremendous healing = physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I’ve shed most or all of the “fear”, am sleeping better, and see a wonderful future for all on Gaia.

    I am visualizing med beds, clean air, water, and food, fabulous new technologies, robots that look r2d2, freedom, safety, wellbeing, etc. My focus has (90% – 95%) changed over to thinking about the moment (what I am doing now = BE) or the wonderful future, making plans for the things I will be dong very soon.

    We’re about 1/2 way through, HOW IS EVERYONE DOING?

    1. Don Spectacularis

      That’s WONDERFUL to hear! <3 Because something even BETTER and MORE AWESOME is headed your way after THIS specific 21-Day Project is done! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Deborah

        I am looking forward to something Better and more Awesome. Thank you.

        The last day is right before the New Moon.

        What will this Full Moon bring us?

  7. Deborah

    Hi Phil —

    My first few days (still feeling the effect of 8-8 New Moon and then the Full Moon 0n 8-22) were intense, especially the weekend of the Full Moon.
    Things really started changing (getting lighter) Tuesday 8-24, continued and by Friday everything was very very light.

    You say pure joy, I like to say “happy.” I’m staying focused on what I want to create in this New Earth, let going of the old. whoot whoot…


    1. Don

      I’m progressing very well. Feeling more free with a clearer focused mind. Although it still comes and goes, it is staying longer. At the end of this i will be able to say “i did it, the growth at times was hard, but I hung in there and i did it.”

  8. Phil

    Still doing it twice a day. On my first few days I felt powerful vortexes and swirls during my sessions. I don’t feel any special energies anymore; just pure joy. Interesting development!

  9. Li

    Starting today! So wonderful initiative. Feels also like a great opportunity to also heal my physical body (born with a chronic lungdiseas) Any tips for my healing I would love to receive.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      For a second, imagine eating your favourite dish or your favourite dessert. Go do it. And do it to the depths possible. Like really, SAVOUR this imagination as best as you can…to the point that your body gives you the EXACT SAME joyful responses as it would have when you were actually having the same dish. What I’m trying to get at here, is that your BODY does not know the difference/s between “imagination” and “reality.” And therein lies the MASTER KEY to your healing.

      So now, IMAGINE being healed and what that healed version of your body really FEELS LIKE. And do this, over and over again during the course of any time between 5 minutes to an hour even. And do this as often as you possibly can, constantly IMAGINING what your healed body feels like, and then, FEELING as if such was already HAPPENING, NOW.

      Once again, your Body DOES NOT know the DIFFERENCE between an “imagined something” and a “real” something. So it starts to MATCH what you’re seeing/doing/FEELING within your imaginations, at a most PHYSICAL and VISCERAL and TANGIBLE level. And THAT’S how you HEAL.

      Think of this as the exact OPPOSITE of what happens when people experience, say, a little coughing fit; and then they Google and look up what disease/disorder it might be indicative of; and then, as they look at all of the OTHER symptoms associated with the name of their (presumed) “disease” or “disorder”, that they go SO VERY DEEP into the feeling of it that their body literally starts PRODUCING the said symptoms (which they never even HAD earlier). And thus, they CONVINCE THEMSELVES that they have all of these new/other symptoms TOO, and their body then, CREATES exactly THOSE symptoms. And THAT, is also the answer that our mainstream “science” is looking for, under the heading of what has most so often been called as the “Placebo Effect”.

      Also, it’s also the reason as to why a Method Actor can play a cancer patient so very DEEPLY and TRUTHFULLY (fake it till you make it types); that it LITERALLY CAUSES their very body itself to get the said Cancer, even perhaps, resulting in their own DEATH no less. And THIS process of healing is the exact OPPOSITE of it, although the MECHANISM for both of these is pretty much the SAME.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Claudia

        Aseim: “YOU ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE” when speaking in the name of WHO “YOU” ARE NOT…

        IF you had LITERALLY done your STAGE 1 HOMEWORK you wouldยดve come to the REALIZATION that when “WE of THE HIGHEST TIMELINE” say “Hope that helps” it always comes from a place of “SCHADENFREUDE” mate and YOU WOULD KNOW THAT if you had been to those places LONG ENOUGH TO IMAGINE YOUR LIFE “FROM THERE”.

        “WORDS” ARE/will be THE NEW “CURRENT”.

      2. Deborah

        Perfectly explained.
        This also can apply to what we read and watch. Our mind doesn’t know a movie is fake.

        Part of this 21 day Renewal is to remove or limit computer time such as social media, news article, etc.

        Yesterday the energy increased a bunch, and totally it feels very very light. Two of my spiritual buddies also feel this.

        Take time for a walk or sit outside.

  10. Don

    FYI โ€“
    This article is tagged on the RIGHT side under the list of โ€œRecent Article and Search blogโ€ as:

    Project Highest Timeline In 21 Days

  11. Deborah

    Day 8


    The last 2 nights I slept the entire night, no bathroom break, and yes I’m drinking the same amount of water at the same time.

    In another recent article here, it said: we are creating / manifesting faster. And I am definitely seeing this.

    Health and beauty are my top priorities (beside spiritual).

    I also added a note: SMILE to the:
    “I am now permanently anchored within my desired …………”


    1. Don Spectacularis

      My whole body is feeling lighter these days. As if all of the dense-ness and weight of it is dropping right off, and I’m like a floaty balloon or so of some kind.

      Quite challenging to get used to after spending so much time in 3rd density, but we’ll get there (grounding helps somewhat, so does hydrating and sleeping!)

      1. Deborah

        Day 9

        YES, I am NOW feeling lighter, especially when I’m outside.

        It feels like the concerns of the “world / life / tomorrow” have dropped off, or like I’ve woken up from a dream.

        I’ve gone back and forth over the months “feeling what is in mainstream media as a movie and my life are separate” but NOW, it is very clear the movie is fake and the LOVE / God / Divine Creator I allow in, is stronger and bringing me closer to the full Awakening.

  12. Deborah

    With the New Moon energies still pulsating, we can bring in last nights Full Moon to align and co-create with the Infinite Source within ourselves to bring more blessings.

    Last night was very odd. Every time I woke up, it felt like I was only 1/2 there, and my dreams felt odd too (not scary, but different).

    The Full Moon provides an avenue to create anew, full of possibility and wholeness, bestowing life upon the land.

    Yes, I’m really feeling the 8-8-21 New Moon portal and last nights Full Moon, along with the changes from the 21 day Renewal. Yippeee


    1. Darryl

      Very well.

      My dreams have also been changing for several weeks.

      I am feeling liberation, renewal, expansion, and limitless to create many blessings

  13. Carolyn

    I am a little late getting onto this, but never mind. Great initiative Don. Much love and appreciation to all who take the time to do this. I look forward to joining you all each day.

  14. Deborah

    Day 6:

    With the 8-8-21 New Moon portal energies still helping us, tonight we have the Full Moon that brings liberation and expansion.

    Put your stones (chakra, pendulum, etc.) outside for the Full Moon to charge them.

    This month has been an amazing healing and growing month for me.


      1. George

        Doing great.

        This is turning out to be a time of integration and healing. I am purifying and creating wholeness, to flow with freedom and
        infinite abundance by co-creating with the Divine Source.

  15. Deborah

    Day 5 ( a little late today), was awesome.
    My Chiropractor told me the digestive issues are deep healing (retracing). I am feeling soooo much better today.


    1. Don Spectacularis

      Maybe this is the time when Europeans are at their most active? I feel that this website has a greater number of European visitors, though of course, I could be entirely mistaken about this!

      1. George

        By some of the names of the commenters I would say you are correct. It’s good this is going global.
        This is a planetary awakening.

        We ALL need to know there are others out there on the same journey.

  16. Deborah

    Day 4 was also challenging with my digestion, but better than the day before.
    I believe this is “Total Healing.”
    โ€œI am now permanently anchored within my desired “Total Healing” world. Amen and Amen!!”


    1. Don Spectacularis

      I’m doing fairly well. I believe the trick is to practice maintaining joy all the time. As in, ALL. THE. TIME. Morning to evening, evening to morning. Our mind/body/soul isn’t used to holding such energy non stop, so we literally have to train them NON.STOP. through practice, reminders and repetition.

      As of this moment, what I’m doing to make the JOY happen 24x7x365 is simply IMAGINING whatever fun I can create using my mind and BLENDING THEM IN with my reality, NON STOP. AND, slowly but SURELY, it IS INDEED W O R K I N G ! ! ! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Deborah


        That is beautiful and a Great reminder.
        “FUN” is my word, plus Joy and Harmony.

        Thank you.

  17. Deborah

    Day 3, was challenging. I had bad stomach cramping that lasted about 2 hours. After resting I continued with my other activities:

    – clean/ declutter my office
    – yoga
    – neck exercises
    – eye exercises
    – garden
    – declutter hall closet and bathroom closet
    – painting
    – read
    – smile for no reason and say “I am happy”
    (The more positive and blissful you are for the next 21 days; the faster and faster shall you shift and manifest. It really is as simple as just that. )

    1. Don Spectacularis

      My Day 3 was challenging too! Guess it’s a Day 3 thing!

      But I’ve made it to Day 4 so…*fingers crossed*

  18. Deborah

    Please tag this as the 1st post for the rest of the 21 days.
    Day 2 was also good.
    I am feeling the Timeline shift higher. My sister and friend is doing this with me. It was a little hard to stay away from the news, but today I am doing much better.
    How is everyone else doing?

  19. Anz

    Thank you for your post, it’s genius. I will be passing it on to people. i’m so glad to see this as it is what i have been saying!! I will be joining you as well at those times but also any other time in the day that i think of it. I’d just like to add what i do when im walking about, i program ‘Unity’ and ‘Love’ into my auric field, and when i walk about, i consciously radiate / beam ‘Unity’ and love and i imagine it going out as golden light and spreading far and wide. I wrote a post on reddit about this last week, that we should stop focusing on all the problems and turn away from them and instead focus on What we DO want. And you’ve nailed it – what a fantastic idea to suggest times of day for more powerful collective consciousness, its brilliant! Never mind 21 days – we must continue to do this EVERY DAY ONGOING UNTIL WE HAVE ACHIEVED THE GOAL. Dont stop, dont give up people. We can do this!! kEEP GOING AND PASS IT ON!!!

  20. Deborah

    Day 1:

    I did very well. In addition to the above.
    I added
    — When I have a negative thought / feeling or around a low energy person
    โ€” I put this in a ball and throw it into the sky, it explodes, and is recycled for the good of all.

    How did everyone else do with day 1?

    1. Don Spectacularis

      I did incredible. Can already feel the timeline shifting HUGELY (yep, not even a “little”, but a MASSIVE difference right on Day 1 itself!) Also, absolutely BRILLIANT suggestion there; more of those please!

      Finally, a couple more additions for anyone who finds this comment:

      1. See if you can get in more UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS within all of this somehow. Imagine, visualize, Intend, and FEEL all differences between SELF and OTHER-SELF dissolving; PARTICULARLY those whom you see as the “other” or the “enemy” or whose viewpoints don’t match your own. Wherever this becomes an obstacle, feel free to use the Violet Flame, UNCONDITIONAL Forgiveness, or simply, the Grounding Method suggested by Archangel Gabriel here:

      2. IMAGINE for a moment that you’re in a Lucid Dream, and then, REPEAT that EXACT SAME PROCESS of manifestation by firstly THINKING that you’ve ALREADY SHIFTED to the HIGHEST imaginable reality, and then. FEELING that such has already HAPPENED in your very BONES. And then, rest in that FEELING, that KNOWING, that such has already happened; and then, go about your day RE-MEMBERING, RE-CONNECTING WITH and RE-CREATING that FEELING+KNOWING within yourself, whenever so possible. And trust me, this one works WONDERS! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ :DD

  21. Shaun

    Friggin Awesome idea mate already passed on to those who truly desire it and of course thru the dream planes many thx

    1. Don Spectacularis

      You are most welcome. Also, just curious, which country are you from? It’s the first time someone used the word ‘mate’ on here so I’m guessing it’s either Britain, Australia or New Zealand! Anyways, SO HAPPY to know that people from everywhere around the globe are being such a huge part of this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Deborah

    I’m in.

    I added some things to this.

    — The Divine God, helps me create what I desire, and I am ready to receive even more…ย 

    — When I have a negative thought or around a low energy person — I put this in a ball and throw it into the sky, it explodes, and is recycled for the good of all.

    — I Loving allow Joy to flow free in my life, I love me, I am Love, I send Love to the world, it goes out from the world into the universe.

  23. Gordon Rimmer

    If I meet someone and they are talking away and then randomly start to shout for no reason, go back to normal, then talk in a Italian accent, back to normal, shout, Latvian accent, shout, Italian, normal, Peruvian, shout. Then I walk away thinking what a weirdo.

    What they were saying would be irrelevant if the way they said it showed them to be unhinged.

  24. Lorraine

    This is a phenomenal idea and thank you for taking the time and giving so many inspiring ideas! I’ve already forwarded your article to those I know will want to commit. I will be starting tonight 6:11 pm CDT. 21 days from today is the Saturday before Labor Day!!! There will be positive outcomes with so many participating in this endeavor!!

  25. Phil

    I’ve sent a message to the webmaster Kejraj to suggest this article be stickied. I encourage you to do the same.

  26. Jan

    ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ Thank you for the invitation and inspired motivation to be part of this amazing collective journey.
    I will be sharing and encouraging my family and friends to take part if they so wish.

    Peace,love n light

  27. Feargal Friel

    Fantastic Don. Iโ€™m in. Alarms set. All aboard the positivity train ๐Ÿš‚. Thank you friend. Namaste

  28. Kieran

    You could also ,just surrender your entire will back to God,blocking off all confusion of your own will.

    1. Emerson

      Kieran, Iโ€™m supportive and appreciative of all the ones that want to commit to this, but I also really appreciate your suggestion. I really feel God, the Divine Source of all things, Loving Creator has this. I feel we are just along for the ride; that we canโ€™t hinder, nor assist, but only choose to fear or enjoy the experience…but thatโ€™s only me. I truly support all souls and their individual journey! Love to you! Love to ALL!!

    2. Aseim

      So we are all here as CREATORS. So inspired CREATION (as CO-CREATORS with GOD) through the FOCUSED use of our WILL is what we are ULTIMATELY here to even DO. And such can be done via the use and means of Thought, Word, Action, Reprogramming of Beliefs, Blessings, Prayers, Meditations, Visualizations, Intentions and imaginations or simply, the plain and simple RADIATING of Unconditional Love / Joy / Acceptance / Forgiveness etc. In other words, yes, you can sit around and “act” by the means of non-acting (through meditation, radiating-light etc.), but the ACTION needs to happen REGARDLESS.

      If sitting around and doing nothing brought in ASCENSION, we’d be an ascended race of masterful beings ALREADY. Unfortunately (for many), MASTERY requires taking OWNERSHIP and ACTING upon Divine Will (i.e. SELF Will) be it through Prayer, Action, Intention-Setting, Blessing, Radiating, or what-else-have-you. And through resolving negative beliefs, self-love, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, other-love, other-forgiveness, other-acceptance, unity consciousness experiencing and So. Many. More. Methods.

      If we don’t remove obvious banana peels off of our streets (and watch as people slip on them and break their bones) just because “everything’s already perfect as it is so what’s even the POINT of doing anything?” we are missing the whole POINT. AND the balance between wisdom and LOVE. The WISDOM reminds us it’s all an ILLUSION. But the LOVE WITHIN us RECOGNIZES that the suffering, on a RELATIVE / ILLUSORY LEVEL at least, is very much so REAL. And that we can indeed “DO” a lot (even through NON-DOING, if such is our calling) to alleviate the said suffering.

      If “doing nothing and sitting around chilling” helped evolve and upgrade entire Civilizations, then WE (the Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos, Lightbringers, Crystals, Lightwarriors, Rainbows, and Wanderers etc.) would NOT have been CALLED IN to ASSIST and SERVE the collective (and the planet) via those whole painful incarnation processes and everything.

      It’s easy but there’s a method to the madness (even if it’s ALL an ILLUSION at the end of the day). Hope this helps. Cheers, and Stay Blessed!

      1. Emerson

        Well then, each one to their own path. We can see that some, by following their heart, feel drawn to be very actively involved, while others feel drawn to be passively involved; either way all are indeed creators, each is a fractal of the whole, each is rising, therefore all are rising!

        Simply Beautiful…

        Love and peace to all! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ