Master Djwhal Khul: Source of Inner Peace

I am Master Djwhal Khul, greetings, greetings, and Namaste, an honour it is to be in your presence and to open this space to inner peace. The strength, the power, the truth, and the eternal presence of inner peace.

Last week, we spoke of the Inner Peace Agreement, an agreement made before your birth upon the Earth, to focus upon inner peace, to radiate it while understanding that inner peace can solve all problems, habits, or repetitive thoughts, especially those that seem stuck.

This week, I wish to speak more of the source of inner peace, focusing upon the concept, the understanding, and knowingness that peace is eternal.

I invite you to contemplate this for a few moments. Peace is eternal, inner peace or peace exists within your being; it is an eternal presence. This means that when there is a repetitive thought, when there is a problem in your reality or in an emotional wound that peace is eternal. Peace is also the healing balm.

You may wonder how peace can be eternal when often you feel turmoil, confusion or chaos within your being or your reality. In those moments, it does not feel that peace is eternal. However, I wish to say to you that even in those moments of chaos and confusion your inner peace remains.

It is not shouting at you telling you to look to take notice, that inner peace can help you or heal you, it is simply a silent bystander, just waiting, observing, as it is for you to remember that inner peace is eternal. Even in those moments of chaos and confusion, you can switch your attention from chaos and confusion to inner peace because inner peace is standing there connected, grounded, ready to serve.

I know I am describing inner peace like a little person within your being when in fact, it is an energy and a frequency. It simply makes it easier to interpret to you, if you imagine an aspect of yourself within you that is inner peace and that is always standing there connected, grounded, and emanating inner peace.

Inner peace is present even in moments of chaos, panic when you feel unbalanced, or maybe when your mood is low. It is for you to remind yourself that you can turn your attention to inner peace, and you can become that aspect of inner peace within your being.

It is okay to let go of the chaos, the confusion, and the pain, turning your attention to inner peace. It is not that you are saying that this circumstance is not as big, dramatic, or valuable as you might think it is, you are simply recognizing that you can approach anything from the space of inner peace. When you do so you have greater knowledge, a greater clarity, a greater connection, and grounding, you are far more capable of dealing with whatever is in your reality. It is an important message that I truly wish for you to adopt, inner peace is eternal.

Source of Inner Peace

Where does inner peace come from? It is an expression of the Creator that exists within your being, and it is as simple as that.

How can you access this inner peace? It is often through meditation that many have been able to access inner peace.

Inner peace is not about having no thoughts or having a clear mind and focusing only on the divine. Inner peace is a feeling, a presence, a sensation. Your mind can be chaotic, your body could be in flight or fight mode and yet you turn your attention to inner peace within your being, to the presence of peace within your being.

In doing so this softens your body reduces the fight and flight mode, it softens your chaotic mind, and you begin to think clearly, and you begin to calm yourself.

Inner peace for every being is different, it is a presence so we can say the source of inner peace is a presence. It is from the Creator; however, it is simply a presence. There is not really an origin of inner peace, it is simply present, present within you, within me, and within every being. It can even be present in circumstances as well.

If Inner Peace Is A Presence, How Do We Access It?

I would like to invite you to think of what makes you feel peaceful. Maybe it is imagining a sacred sanctuary within your being or a temple, maybe it is somewhere physical, a seat in the countryside, or maybe your childhood home. It could be somewhere that you have not yet visited, but you know all about it and would love to go because it has an emanation and radiation of inner peace.

I would like to invite you to imagine your space of inner peace, wherever it may be, if it is on the physical Earth bring it inside of yourself and let it be a sacred space within your being.

When you wish to focus upon inner peace go to that space.

The aspect of yourself that is the presence of inner peace will also be there.

Then breathe deeply and allow the presence of inner peace to emerge.

The more you practice this, the more you will become accustomed to it and the easier it will be for you to acknowledge it. Build your presence of inner peace, bring it, draw it into your reality and notice how it impacts your being and reality.

I, Master Djwhal Khul will be present to assist and serve you.

I love you deeply,

I am Master Djwhal Khul.

**Channel: Natalie Glasson