Stand in Your Power

During this time it is crucial to take full responsibility for your own soul, own life and own creation.

Your free will and choice is predominant here, no matter what anyone may tell you contrary.

You are a sovereign soul.

You stand in your power as a master soul, you in truth are. Embrace your Divinity.

No one can tell you how to live your life, what to do and not to do nor influence you in any form and way, unless you allow them too.

You are not responsible for anyone else, nor for the way they are choosing to live their lives, whether awake, aware or asleep. They have free will and choice too and they need take responsibilty for their own choices. If they wish to stay stuck in the Old Earth that is their responsibility, not yours. Every soul is unique and has its own soul lessons to master, as have you. Thus allow them their own journey, their own pace, their own choices, with love and blessings.

If you choose to ascend then know that all great lessons in soul mastery, lie in the crucial ability to walk alone if need be, and to keep focussed on the highest loving service and living one’s highest soul calling and truth, with great love and devotion no matter what comes.

One is indeed walking in the company of heavens, as a Cosmic Soul, the Universal soul, you in truth are, not earthly bound, as you indeed embrace all within you, even when still walking on earth, yet cocreating the New Golden Age in the New Earth. You are anchoring it in. You are everything, and everyone and All-That-Is!

During this immense time of transition, you will find yourself challenged in this regard, yet at very same time you are always supported and always are being carried through, with every single step you take into the unkown.

We are stepping now totally out of the known, into the unkown.

Yet there lies the immensity of indeed having transcended or rather outgrown the old humanity, all which has been before and the old Earth and now reborn into the totally new, and as yet, unexplored, unkown, with a sense of adventure, curiosity, awe and wonder, inspired from deep within, and filled with the fullness of the Divinity which abides within you. And the infinite Power of Love.

**By Judith Kusel


One Reply to “Stand in Your Power”

  1. john

    as i finished reading the sun came out and shone brightly in an overcast morning how wonderfull thank you judith much love to all