Keep It Natural

As Mother Earth is ascending and rapidly now, keep everything as natural as possible.

This means everything to food, to remedies, to being in nature more often and indeed keeping things as simple as possible. Stay away from harsh chemicals and especially in any form where you may have this projected into your physical form or inhale or swallow this. You are fully in charge of your own soul, your own body, your own life and indeed as a sovereign Soul, need to claim this now, in the fullness of the truth of who and what you in truth are – at SOUL LEVEL and fully embracing your Divinity, as a true Son and Daughter of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah. Your soul is immortal, and thus you are but an immortal soul having adopted a physical vessel here on this earth, for one single eyewink in eternity. That physical vessel is holy and sacred, and it is a temple which houses your soul! It is sacred and sanctified.

Ask your body elemental to work with you, so that your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and all 12 bodies move into harmony and balance. More than this, keep focused on the beauty, the joy, the exquisiteness of the new life being bestowed upon us all as the new Crystalline body is anchored in, and thus we are operating at a much higher vibrational frequency bands. Ask that you may see and sense with your immortal soul eyes and heart and Being, and thus live life henceforth from the immortality of your own soul. Embrace infinity and divinity WITHIN!

I am personally finding that I need to keep eating as simple as possible, with lots of fruit and vegetables, and indeed crystal clear water. I am living very simply, and I am grateful for what I do have, and indeed grateful that I can serve lovingly from my heart and soul and all that I am in truth!

More than this, I am making sure that I cleanse and clear and fully activate all my chakras and all my energy bodies, every single morning, and that I am AS ONE with the Divine within, and thus start my morning in Oneness and Unity and then end my day in the same way. I am opening myself to ever greater levels of love, in all forms and expressions thereof and ask for Divine Inspiration, clarity and follow and my intuitive knowing and guidance, as I trust it totally. I always ask for expanded awareness and indeed ever greater levels of insight and vision, so that I step ever more into the fullness of the truth of my Soul and fully claim my Cosmic Citizenship.

When harmony, balance and equilibrium reign within, then no matter what illusions with Old 3D may spin still, one will not be moved, nor affected nor pulled in. And if you are, your own alarm systems will go off and you will immediately be alerted to get yourself back into balance and indeed the highest levels.

With this means that you are aware of your own energy fields and keep them crystal clear as well by using the Violet Flame and indeed other Cosmic Fires and indeed by asking for support and assistance, from the Divine, which is always forthcoming.

As the New Crystalline Body is anchored in fully, the more sensitive one becomes, and thus it is best to heed that, and indeed to take care of yourself and your energy fields and inner wellbeing, harmony and balance in all and every form and way.

Amazing times are ahead of us and indeed this is just the beginning of a totally new life and new way of life and living, in unity and harmony, within and without.

Stay in love, live love, breathe love and become the Love you truth are! Divine Love.

**By Judith Kusel