Early Screening – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 17

On the night of August 12-13, 2021, there was an event that many, first, took for Quantum Leap, but as it turned out, it was only its Early Screening.

Much is not yet ready for the next powerful breakthrough. Quantum Transition itself will continue as a process.

The first wave of global events was awaited in September. The second, larger wave – on December 21, 2021. Nothing foretold otherwise.

And so at exactly 00:00 all the Lightwarriors and Starseeds were urgently mobilized and put to work!

What happened? What did it look like on the Subtle Plane?

First, Co-Creators opened space Portals. From there a huge number of Light Beings poured down to Earth’s upper dimensions.

Their warmth washed over every earthling, participating in the action. The spirits lifted when help came.

Then everyone began to perform his or her task. Some were conducting the Light. Others gave their Fire.

The earthlings were filled with this Light and Fire. Everyone was so hot physically that bodies and the heart chakra were melting. The vibrations jumped.

Then cosmic Light Beings got into the net. Lightwarriors and Starseeds also joined in. One teamed up, and the other followed them.

Holding hands all integrated as a single whole and generated a powerful Light beam upwards.

And the miracle began. Everyone saw the Absolute.

Everyone was carried upward and connected to It.

Many felt as if all the memory of worlds and Souls was flying to Absolute, and Absolute was absorbing it in like a vacuum cleaner.

Then there was the Explosion. It hurt even physically. Flows came from the Absolute, filling everyone with Light.

The waves came one after another, rocking everyone who was joined together in a single network. Then the fractals of all the colors of the rainbow unfolded with amazing grace.

From Absolut they went on and on, like circles on the water, literally going into infinity. It was a pattern of staggering beauty, with everyone in their place.

Then Co-Creators led each one to their task. Some earthlings entered in a huge crystal. There they were put to work with the energy channels.

Through others, Subtle crystals began to sprout. They grew quickly and became like mountains. They hummed like transformers.

It was the creation of the new Gaia’s crystal grid.

Soon an axis began to form from them. It surged like a new Worlds Tree. When it grew to a crown, an iridescent Stream flowed from above, and the entire axis was flooded with Light.

On the Subtle Plane, the connecting and intertwining of the layers of reality, through which the axis passed, began.

From the high, a serpentine-like quantum current meandered along with it. It slid down the axis in total silence. Co-Creators asked not to be afraid of the form; this, they explained, was Wisdom. It began ingrowing into the Tree and sank completely into it.

Then an energy blob with the outline of an eagle appeared. It carried Fire, Life, and Impulse.

It was followed by a high-energy bunch with the silhouette of a bull, carrying vibrations of equilibrium and balance.

The last to enter the axis was the fire wheel that immediately began to burn away all the negativity radiating from the Earth.

All of this happened in complete silence, creating a sense of the Sacrament. And then the Absolute began to descend from above.

It descended the axis of the Worlds Tree down till the planet.

There It placed Its Aspects as the foundation of a new life on Earth and in the Local Universe…

It is how the first tryout and Early Screening of the new Quantum Transition phase went.

By our inner work, focused attention, and energy, we fill and paint the Divine framework and script.

That’s the way it has to be. Now our task is to match our vibes to Quantum Transition on the physical plane. It’s going to be hot.

**By Lev

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