Healing Passage

lightworker eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones,

We find ourselves ending a cycle of constant integration to begin a new one in which focusing on the care of our bodies, is vital. We are yet immersed in the energies from the Lions Gate, beginning to decode all we have embodied and adjusting to the New Earth’s energies. It is now a time for us to stop and discern about our personal journey, as within this five universal year, one of profound transformation, there must be phases in which we are totally dedicated to honoring our bodies and unique personal process.

In the midst of this intense passage, we have another cosmic alignment – Jupiter semi-square Chiron – that will help us integrate, and expand, the healing required for us to move into the next stage of our personal evolutionary journey. There are many energies that collide, at this time, helping us rejuvenate and restore our entire being, for change is going to continue being a constant, as Uranus “retrograde” on August 19, will remind us.

The Lions Gate’s energies have caused a profound impact on our bodies. Lack of sleep, a feeling of profound density, hard to explain, as well as many other sensations, for we are all unique, are common, at this time. This is why it is so important to know ourselves, where we are, when it is time to stop and when to continue moving forward, as sometimes our egoic self wants to impose its will when we should surrender to the Source’s Will. For we can never micromanage the Universe and our own personal cycles.

As we move into a more harmonic state of being, there are periods, as the one we are living now, in which we will have the cosmic blessing of being soothed by many forces and energies to help us renew ourselves. A period that will culminate with the liberation of all false programs, imbalances, and other distortions, with a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22. For Aquarius brings us the perfect essence to work on restoration, DNA repair, harmonization, and rebirth, which is what many at all levels, are beginning to experience, after months of constant embodiment.

DNA repair is one of the most important tasks to do when we desire to work on inner alchemy, and being the process of light body activation. Repairing our DNA of eons of manipulation, inherited distortions, and beliefs, and many other self-created programs is pivotal before we can begin to reconnect, and hence, activate it.

During this Aquarian Moon, this liberating sign will help us to continue our inner work of DNA reconnection, for it is by reconnecting and activating it again, that we can begin to feel in deep communion again with All.

Purifying our blood as well as DNA of karmic records and all that has been implanted on us, is one of the things Guide shared as vital to do during this time, for remember that it is with Aquarius the one that will most help us to do this inner work, not with the Moon in itself, which is an artificial satellite, something that many are not yet able to recognize, and which is perfectly fine, as we all have our time to disengage from human illusions and the codependence that they have brought to us.

It is very important to remember that the energies do not do anything for us on their own and that it is us the ones who need to align with them and give them a specific purpose on how to co-create with us and our bodies. Otherwise, the energies will not interfere and do our inner work, for we are free-will beings, above all. All is pure Consciousness within Creation. Nothing ever violates anyone’s will.

This is a wonderful time for us to surrender to a Higher Will and allow ourselves to be embraced by the unconditional love and healing essence of the Universal Tides. For we need some alone time to conduit the current energies, as well as to recognize the new being that has emerged from releasing more old layers, as we are constantly rebirthing into our authentic Illumined Self.

Within Infinite Love and Peace,

**By Natalia Alba


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