Conflagration; From 3D To 4D And 5D; Part 18

the light within eraoflightdotcomA crop circle that appeared on August 15, 2021, in Roundway Hill, Wiltshire, England, reported the following.

The core and quantum basis of Earth’s inner worlds produces a spectral separation of vital energy into different levels.

Everything that belongs to the third dimension is dissected, pushed to the surface, and removed from the planet, increasing its potential.

This is part of an overall transformation that doesn’t stop for a minute 24/7.

An important event on the Subtle Plane was on the night of August 12-13, 2021, – the Early Screening of Quantum Leap (see DNI, August 17, 2021).

Some eyewitnesses observed it on the physical plane as well.

On August 12, 2021, at 3 am, astrophotographer Shirak Hospian shot the Perseids meteor shower.

He looked up into the sky and noticed for a split second a bright green beams about half the width of the Milky Way flashed.

Shirak was shooting a time-lapse, and it was the only frame that captures the event.

There were no traces in the before and after shots.

Two days later, on August 14, between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. GMT, a Perseids outburst, with 300 percent more meteors than usual, was recorded by observers in Texas, California, Ottawa, and elsewhere.

On the Subtle Plane in near-Earth space, Galacom and 25D Argorians continue to actively form five 5D information platforms. Each is loaded with its development programs and aimed at solving specific problems.

The central platform plays an important role. Through the Communication Center Portals, it extracts and compacts plasma of false information by magnetic field flows. This plasma consists of dark mossy-colored energy.

Then, on a resonant basis, under the impact of the highest vibrations, this plasma disintegrates.

Matter and plasma of Life are extracted from it, and unnecessary and obsolete Intelligence, erroneous knowledge, and false info are removed.

The remaining low-frequency info-plasma Argorians transform by power pulses into a new substance that emits high frequencies. Thus it morphs from an instrument of disinformation and subjugation into a tool for Intelligence development and adaptation to the 5D.

Likewise, Argorians use four broadcasting platforms located in 4D. They help to transit the worlds of minerals, plants, animals, and humans to the fifth dimension.

All purified plasma from Earth is sent to the 6D where the 5D reality is formed.

The picture below shows the energies with which Argorians cleanse space from 3D matter and form the new 5D.

The two parts form Solaris, i.e. a dual-energy system, in which one part of 3D, 2D, and 1D (left sphere) exchange power and matter with four-dimensional space (right sphere).

Applying this mechanism, Argorians condense 4D energy into matter, and vice versa, decompress 3D matter into energy that is more easily removed from Earth.

The general field of black energy CHEGREN at the planetary level helps Argorians to sort out and remove the chyrons (Evil particles) that humanity continues to emit in enormous volumes.

The upper field of Solaris is filled with dark brown GLAMO energy interacting with the radiations of the Nature world.

Using the light violet with lilac-tinged energy GLEMAR, Argorians form new structures and simultaneously clean up the incoming information.

In the lower field, the violet energy GRASIMO synthesizes plasma, neutralizes side effects, and removes the impurities of unnecessary cognition in the info field.

The brown energy GLASSO gathers the remnants of knowledge from previous stages of civilization.

The vital energy of the emerald green color KEGINO transforms the matter’s structure and development by magnetic fields impulses.

All this accelerates the turning of Earth’s matter from three-dimensional into five-dimensional.

At the same time, the entire 5D space overflows and intertwines with the 6D (see next pic), forming its Solaris. There 5D takes its final form for further and final establishment on Earth.

The powerful quantum energies coming into our world are very different and often polar.

They have destructive and creative forces, appearing simultaneously to destroy the old and build the new.

Flows of high-frequency energies, ascending and descending, raise waves and form new currents in space.

They actively interact with each other and with the old 3D energies of the planet without exception, including the products of our life and thought activities.

On the one hand, these radiations, new to us, cleanse, structure, expand and charge space with Light codes and programs. On the other hand, they bring the chaos inherent in any transition period.

In our large cities, these energies Co-Creators use on the Subtle Plane for removing the mental dirt that as a thick and dense layer covers houses and prevents quantum currents from passing through, inhibiting and suppressing them.

That’s why Co-Creators are so focused now on working with our thoughts and emotions that cause many ailments.

The CONFLAGRATIONS all over the globe are a warning to us that the Greater Cosmos, Earth, and Nature have leverage over humanity far more powerful than men have invented in their short but destructive history.

These levers of influence can be applied not only in the forests but also much closer to the mega-metropolises and the groups responsible for the situation.

The incoming space energies will increase even more. If the unity of the Source and the Absolute with the Earth through us will remain bad, the conflagration will be everywhere.

If we’ll be successful, a balance and stabilization of all the elements will follow, and the fires, floods, tsunamis, eruptions, and so on will come to an end.

The fires form energy rifts, which are Portals to the lower worlds of the planet, open the way for the exodus of negative entities stuck in these infernal spaces.

For them, the fire is a carrier wave, providing a transfer from the 3D dense reality to the ether and astral planes.

Fire thins and breaks the old energetic shells around the planet.

It facilitates the reception of new energies and the removal of old ones. Souls that bog down here for many reasons leave the Earth through the gaps formed.

The energy spheres destroyed by fire are the outdated fabric of space, the dead or dying frequencies of both humanity and other civilizations.

These energies overwhelmed the mental and astral fields of the planet. They concentrate obsolete programs, outdated codes, beliefs, emotions, pain, which, like rust and crust, cover our Subtle Bodies.

The more we resist inevitable change, the harder it is to get rid of this hardened energy crust on a personal and global level.

And the more we will be purged by fire, showing that change is inevitable. It is already here and now (the criminal causes are not considered here).

Co-Creators intensely activate the red and orange energies of the Source directed to Earth. They bring us Its unconditional Love.

But when it penetrates us, when confronted with our distortions and impurities, the energy of Love turns into its opposite. We are devoured by lust for possession and subjugation, greed, power hunger, jealousy, the fear expressed in anger, aggression, and hatred which overflow our society.

The same thing is happening with fire – the element itself is changing at all levels, becoming more and more unpredictable.

Ideally, we should be conductors of the high-frequency energies of the Greater Cosmos, with love and an open heart to help them anchor on the planet, harmoniously and creatively.

Many consider working with energies as a lot of the chosen, or even completely crazy. Most of us are busy with ourselves or looking for someone to blame.

It is easier to do nothing than to agonize about the conflagrations and other anomalies’ causes. Nevertheless, they will continue in increasing numbers and will force us to pay attention to them.

These global processes are not warming or cooling, as MSM is telling us. It is a transition to a completely new energy level on a planetary scale where absolutely EVERYTHING is changing, and most importantly, our consciousness.

We have been led to believe that the Nature elements cannot be controlled, and to some extent this is true.

They are distinctive and beyond the control of the ignorant, that operate only with animal instincts. But it is possible to “negotiate” with them if we wish, manifesting in us their creative rather than destructive aspects.

What is happening is nothing more than Co-Creators turning our attention to Nature, and to the fact that our activity or inaction is directly manifested in it.

Space is trying to reach us, our intuition. It increasingly adjusts to our thoughts and emotions, showing us how much everything depends on us.

This is how Co-Creators remind us that it’s time to wake up and take control of our destiny that depends entirely on our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

**By Lev

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    Some eyewitnesses observed it on the physical plane
    In physical plane in nite i wath be seek

    here energies are growing krayon said that diseases cannot exist in 4d
    when this increase in energy is positive for my health and I will be as healthy as in February?


    I want to know
    when you have already refined, developed, and so on this reality
    so that I could already be healthy, joyful, happy, and my life began to turn out for the best,