Dr. Peebles: Take Time for Peaceful Contemplation

lightworker eraoflightdotcomA note from Natalie: Greetings Beautiful Souls,

Dr. Peebles is talking about embracing the down time—those moments when you can be still and present with your heart—so that the direction for the future can be revealed to you. When you take the time to be mindful and present, ignoring the mind’s desire to keep you constantly working the treadmill, your path to expansion becomes evident and you can embrace it. The map will be laid out before you.

So much love to all of you!

Many of you, when you are not in the hustle and bustle of your life, will feel like you are in a waiting room. The inner child, the mind, the ego, is very impatient in the waiting room. It begins to wonder how to make good use of this time.

The waiting room energy doesn’t feel invigorating, we understand this; but it also doesn’t feel overwhelming. There is a neutrality in which you have moments where you feel something is quite important and you take care of it, and moments of rest and peace. We want you to be aware of this sensation because the inner child will think the waiting room energy will last forever. You will hear your mind say, “Something is wrong. Shouldn’t there be something more about life? Am I going in the right direction, do I have the right partnership? Should I change jobs or homes?”

The mind gets antsy, but there is no need for this. You are learning how to have the mental mastery to pause for a moment and simply BE. Be peaceful, calm and present with yourself so when your heart does talk to you about where you would like to go next, and you feel the pull of your life’s vision in it, you will be present enough to hear it.

Many times when you are distracted by keeping busy or complaining about things you don’t want or wishing for things you do, this is the mind entertaining itself, jumping left and right. Yet if you could be peaceful and quiet for a second or two, you would find that the map is laid out in front of you; but you are not holding it in your hands like you would like. You are being led to it one sign at a time in the heart.

It takes a little bit of practice to let yourself just be where you are, as you are, without trying to distract yourself with fixing, changing, altering and switching something up. We would ask you to practice “being” more and more so that when you are called to action from the heart, not the mind, from the truth of who you are, you will trust it enough to take action with love instead of trying to fill the void.

**Channel: Natalie Gianelli