Pleiadian Collective: Origin of Life Form

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomGreetings Of Light To All Beings!

Allow Us To Begin Our Sharing With Deep Love Directed To Your Heart!

The Heart That Beats Within Your Body By The Source Of All Life, Feels Everything!

It Is No Longer Called A Muscled Chamber That Blood Circulates Through, But Your Scientists Now Call It A Living Organ.

We Call It The Origin Of Your Life Form In Physical Manifestation.

As This Magnificent Consciousness Allows All Other Bodily Processes To Continue, Let’s Get To Know And Understand The Heart That Sustains Your Form In 3-D.

Besides Being The Source Of Oxygen, Nutrients, Blood, Immunity, Hormones And Every Chemical And Physiological Reaction That You Know About, Consider Much More.

The Heart Has 40,000 Neurons That Are Thinking And Feeling Continually!

‘As A Man Thinks In His Heart So Is He.’

This Sacred Verse Is Telling You Truth.

The Electromagnetic Field In The Heart Is 5,000 Times Stronger Than The Brain.

The Heart Can Guide You While The Brain Can Both Guide You And Confuse You!

The Heart And Brain Can Be Harmonized By Touching The Heart And Allowing Your Focus To Be Here NOW And Breathing Deeply And Slowly.

This Changes The Chemistry Of The Body And Now Choose Thoughts That Are Uplifting And Will Bring Emotions Of Gratitude, Compassion And Joy!

This Will Move You From Polarity To Oneness.

You Will FEEL Your True Self.

Peace And Love Is Your True State Of Being!

The Heart Carries Your Life!

The Heart Chakra Guides You And Enfolds All Information From Each Waking Dream To The Next.

Known As The Akashic Records Of Divine Frequency, All Is Recorded For Your Own Growth And Soul Review.

If You Have Suffered Trauma That Is Unresolved In Any Dream, Including The Current One, You Have The Power With Intention To Heal All Residual Energy And Be Free.

Be Grateful And Say ‘Thank You That I Am Healed.’

‘Thank You!’

Meditate With This Until You Feel It.

Be Aware Of The Consciousness Of Your Heart!

Beloved Ones, Be Of Great Peace!

You Will Be Shifting Into The Higher Densities Where The Chaos Of The State Of This Dream, Does Not Exist!

Meditate On This Truth!

You Are The Collective And We Are With You NOW!

We Have Always Loved You And Now We Remain!


**Telepathically received by Judith


2 Replies to “Pleiadian Collective: Origin of Life Form”

  1. Douglas A James

    Easy to be in the heart in 5d or higher try 3d when children are rounded up and mass jabbed or homes are destroyed via directed energy weapons.. we are in a hell dimension stop this now galactics the game went bad.. period the experiment went bad.. pull the plug inform the players and end this illusion matrix now. Children and babies abused .. but stay in the heart? Insanity

    1. Phil

      You have to be in your heart if you want this “game” to stop. Don’t give up. My blessings your way.