Faking It Til You Make It

lightworker eraoflightdotcomIt is a common assumption that people with psychic abilities can see, hear, feel and know it all. They think that we are picking up on everything about them as soon as we meet them and that we should not need to ask any questions because we have intuited it already.

Not so! Every person with psychic abilities has their own unique abilities that include some, but rarely all, of the psychic clairs. While some people are very good at seeing, or clairvoyance, there are some who cannot see with their third eye at all. While some are able to pick up on names and ages easily, others find that more difficult. Some can channel while others feel. Some need to tune in while others are automatically tuned into spiritual presences. It all depends on the person’s soul purpose and level of consciousness, when they have chosen to awaken and the soul family agreements they have made to share their gifts with others.

All psychics are different  with different abilities and gifts and therefore should not be put into the same basket, However, people can certainly strengthen the gifts they have or develop new ones the more they practice and trust in themselves and their own abilities. So potentially, a psychic channel who has not had the gift of clairvoyance can become one as time goes on and their self-belief stays strong.

Faith, trust and self-belief in one’s gifts and their accuracy is crucial if one wishes to work professionally. For people starting out, however, the most important thing is to start with their strongest clair and work on developing it as they practice. Keep a journal of your experiences and don’t discount anything that comes in unexpectedly, such as a sound, a word, a voice, flash of light, a tingly feeling, a colour – they are all signs that your guides are with you and helping you.

I also suggest faking it til you make it! This means, if you can’t ‘see’ the archangel even though you can feel them, imagine what they look like and visualise their energy. If you can’t ‘hear’ what they are saying, even as a thought in your head, pick up a pen, clear your mind and write without thinking. If you feel energy but can’t see it, ask yourself some questions such as, what colour would it be, what is the feeling associated with it, if there were a word to go with this energy what would it be? Remember, everything is with intent because thought creates form.

Every human has the ability to be psychic. At the very least, our intuition is our basic psychic sense. So, trust it, listen to it and watch your psychicness develop!

Blessings, Victoria