Xiaera: Are You Distracted?

new sun higher lightBeloved sisters and brothers, it is our great pleasure and honour to revisit you this day. You are both on the cusp and in the moment. This is an historic moment that those of the dark side have tried to steal from you, to vanish from in front of your very consciousness, but they could not, as they had stepped beyond the laws of the Divine Oneness.

This is the legacy that you were always destined to experience, and although it has been delayed more than you may like, it is in perfect alignment for this now moment.

The truth is unfolding in layers; what seems “true” one day, is revealed as lies in a subsequent now moment. ‘Truth’ as you understand it, as you conceptualise it, is a process; it is created in layers, and each layer reflects your consciousness at that point in “time.”

It is for this reason that there are many layers of “truth” all being shared in this now moment, because there are many layers of consciousness currently co-existing in your now moment. These will very soon converge around two dominant “truths” that reflect two dominant world views and two consciousness vibrations.

For this reason, we ask, are you distracted? Are you externally focused? Waiting for revelations and change? Waiting to be “right?”

Or are you internally focused?

This journey is a journey of consciousness, first and foremost. The external landscape changes to reflect the evolution in your consciousness. Your ascension is what matters.  Your ascension is the focus and the pivot point, your alignment to your Divine Self, your Christed Self, your inner Yoda…  That is the focus.  That is the engine of all external change, truth and evolution.

Look inside! Look at your heart, your actions and motivations. Become as clear as you can be: that love is the super-power of your evolution.

At one level of consciousness, love of self is seen as a failing. At a much deeper level of consciousness, love of self is seen as the quantum power driving this evolution. Without surrendering to the totality of who you are ~ the light and the shadow ~ you cannot embrace the totality of another in compassion and understanding.

The wise men and women who walked your planet were revered for the love they extended to others, but they all began with love of themselves ~ that was gateway to the ocean of love.

By truly loving yourself, you mark yourself as a Master, where upon you are accepted into the ocean of love, so that you may bathe in it and allow the love within to flow from you to all around you.

So we ask you: Are you distracted? Are you looking at the external world waiting for change? Or are you focused on the real transformation at hand: the evolution of consciousness, the Ascension?

If you are focused on expanding love ~ your love for yourself and your love for others, you are in complete alignment with the Divine Plan. You are effortlessly creating external change, through your internal transformation.

(c) 2021 Jennifer Crokaert http://www.jennifercrokaert.com

3 Replies to “Xiaera: Are You Distracted?”

  1. chris

    Beautiful truths, I expand to all waves of unconditional love empowerment, sovernty bathed in creator source light.
    Harmonic frequencies of Multiversal awakening be thine.

  2. Deborah

    Yes, I am focused on the real transformation of INTERNAL change, and creating external change, through my internal transformation.