Aquarian Full Moon Portal, August 22, 2021; Renewal

super moon eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones,

In our traverse to a new harmonic space, we now welcome a new passage that will bring liberation and expansion. A portal that is introduced by the Aquarian energies from the Full Moon on August 22, and that will bring renewal, after the intensity of the Lions Gate energies, which still continue among us. This is a portal for us to rejuvenate after a long period of integration, healing/clearing, so we can begin the process of conscious creation within the new earth’s timeline, as it is only when we are whole and purified of all limitations and distortions that we can create anew, from a space of possibility and wholeness.

Aquarius is a fixed sign that even if belongs to the element Air, is represented by the Water Bearer, as a reminder for us to also flow with freedom and adapt to all conditions, as water does. Aquarius’s main essence is represented by our Beloved Jesus when he multiplied fishes. This is a metaphor for what Aquarius represents – infinite abundance – if one is in flow with All.

What Jesus did was to align and co-create with the Infinite Source within to bring blessings to All who needed it. This means to serve group consciousness and be of service by communing with our God Self, remembering who we are, and helping others do the same. However, for this to occur, we first need to embody our Divinity from where infinity arises.

The Water Bearer is precisely ruled by Uranus, which is retrograde, for those who resonate with it, since the previous day to the Full Moon, August 19, in Taurus, representing the physical and hence global transformation that we are experiencing, at this time. Uranus, the so-called Planet of Rebellion, helps us in triggering the inner change that we are so eager to find in the outside, reminding us that no outer change can truly come if we first do not go within and transform what is required, as the macro can only show us – as One with us – what we are made of inside, and hence projects.

As the Full Moon aligns with Jupiter, it is an opportunity for us to work on inner alchemy, putting into practice the principle of multiplication by being of service, spreading our light in all we can be of help. It is about expanding in consciousness, therefore in the love that we are, and seed this universal love, compassion, and peace wherever we may go.
A time as well for rebalancing, from within to our relationships, as we too have Venus trine Saturn at the Moon time. A time to harmonize everything that we have manifested into our physical reality. Releasing pain, from all of our bodies as well as any misalignment is what will most help us entering into this peaceful and free sovereign inner space.

During our ascension journey, working on soul retrieval is essential, for every time we experience a massive integration period, which involves releasing pain, and healing ourselves at all levels, we need to retrieve all the fragments that have split due to the intense pain felt during our healing process. It is pivotal that we restore our soul, and energetic body before stepping into a new path, for if we are not yet healed, our reality will show the same inner fragmentation.

Physical correlations

During this Aquarian portal, we have a unique opportunity for rebirth and cleansing. Aquarius rules the lungs and the kidneys. It is important to work on conscious reprogramming, especially if we had certain toxic addictions, such as smoking, drinking, etc, for these organs then have been massively affected, as they filter all we ingest, and the current Aquarian energies will assist us in releasing all the physical damage.

It is vital to release the wounds that are still damaging us in some way or another. Wounds that many will feel in the form of pain, others will disguise as anger, frustration, desperation, or even impotency. Although other times it will be hidden so deep that we are not even aware of it.

It is not until we heal the many hurtful emotions and situations that are yet dwelling in our emotional and mental bodies that we can truly open ourselves to physical healing, for all will continue to descend from the emotional and mental bodies into the physical one, continually. We need to go to the core and begin the process of deep communion with our feelings, to know what we need to treat, and start devoting ourselves to this inner task.

With Aquarian energies we have the blessing to align with them and begin to merge with unity consciousness, releasing lower forms of energies and trying to remain in the chosen frequency for as long as possible, as every time that we hold a lower thought, we come back to the same old frequency. It is in truth one of the most challenging inner work to do, once we have healed and cleared ourselves – remaining in the highest frequency possible at all times. It takes a lot of devotion, daily neutral witnessing, and above all patience with ourselves to be able to master staying in this illumined state of being.

During this Aquarian portal, it is indeed a time for expansion into the endless resources that we have within and that we, due to our limited human perspective, limit by thinking that we cannot go further.

We, as infinite limitless beings, can live in possibility. It is our natural state of being. It takes commitment, courage, and daily inner work to break all limitations. However, once we are in the path, the path becomes one with us and our personal Will, and it is then that we too begin discovering the many abundant blessings that come when we stop limiting ourselves and begin to free from all personal restrictions, for there is nothing that impedes us to be who we are, except ourselves.

I choose to be a free, conscious sovereign being in charge of my own life experience.

I AM – always – in a constant state of Divine flow, consciously choosing to love, heal and protect myself, as well as all beings/forms of consciousness, within Creation.

I AM a timeless soul dwelling into Divine Bliss and its limitless Abundance, choosing to seed the space I occupy with love, light, and peace, acting as the cosmic emissary that I forever AM.

And so are YOU!

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


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