Archangel Gabriel: Unique Within the Oneness

energy waves eraoflightdotcomWe have spoken for many years of the power and importance of the Divine Combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust, which is the higher vibrational navigation system. While many of you are interested in the system, we understand that entering it through the act of surrender can feel somewhat scary. We wish to address this today.

It is common to feel like if you surrender you’ll have no control at all. You may perceive it as being completely un-tethered, or bouncing about much like a pinball in a pinball machine. This is not true at all. Once you surrender, you enter into the flow, and the flow comes complete with a steering system that is directed through your focus and gratitude. Your free will is paramount, and will always be honoured as your divine right.

Another fear about surrender is you will somehow lose your identity. Surrendering into the flow does not in any way take your identity away. In fact, it only helps you become more of who you really are. Your personality and traits are yours, and how you serve both your incarnation and the planet. You can never, ever lose them, nor would we ever want you to because we would miss your uniqueness terribly!

Surrendering is choosing to end your perceived separation from Source and to experience the love and support that is your birthright as an individuated aspect of that Source energy. It is choosing to work with an entire team whose specialty is loving and guiding you into your highest potentials and aspirations. It is ending the pain of going it alone and experiencing the wonder and magic of Home while you are still in the body. It is taking the courageous step of experiencing yourself as a beloved and integral part of the whole, and being willing to see what becomes possible from there.

As all those who have worked with the tool of surrender will tell you, you can very easily be in the flow or take yourself out of the flow. Once you surrender you are not committing to losing yourself in the flow for the rest of your days. Again, your free will dictates whether you are in or out of it. The Divine Combination isn’t a permanent vow or commitment but rather a system that is dependent upon you continuing to choose it.

So we highly recommend that you have the courage to try surrendering into the flow with your faith and trust and staying there long enough to discover what all the fuss is about. We guarantee that once you start experiencing the many ways it serves and supports you, it will very quickly become your preference.

**Channel: Shelley Young


3 Replies to “Archangel Gabriel: Unique Within the Oneness”

  1. Claudia

    “I am made to wonder” about a few things lately that “I” don´t get the hang of yet and this article magnifies one of those “brainteaser”:

    AT FIRST I was “over the moon” to AT LAST find WHAT I´VE BEEN GOING THRU for the last 6 or so years PUT IN WORDS… not only that it gave me some kind of OVERVIEW that FROM INSIDE THE FLOW you can´t have… it´s also a REAL validation of what´s been NONSTOP happening on my inside for the last 6 or so years that I couldn´t SHARE with anybody – even if there had been somebody “WILLING enough” to understand…

    I´m still quite baffled at how ALL OF THIS “MECHANISM” IS KNOWN and the feeling of FINALLY HAVING VALIDATION of what´s happening on my inside is “unbelievable”…

    BUT: it´s obviously two VERY different things to only know “THIS TOOL” IN THEORY because “THE PRACTICE” OF “SURRENDERING INTO THE FLOW” I only SURVIVED because of “THE LACK OF DEATH”… or because of WHAT we are, namely indestructibility.

  2. Douglas A James

    Surrendering I get it we also have many issues facing us.. like our money system would be easy to surrender if money wasnt an issue but in this 3d realm few can manifest what they need so they must use money not ideal at all.. but I get it .. surrender .. relax all is going according to plan.. right? Yet daily more are vaxxed …more are harmed.. the wolf gets nearer.. mandatory vax for the US seems imminent .. I wont surrender to that


    the fact is that at the moment it is not a surrender – it is a lack of choice …

    I’ve been waiting for half a year for the health that was in February … and what’s next?

    where there is free will, I want to be healthy
    to have a pure consciousness to be in a higher vibration