Aya: Will Tell You A Secret

Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

I Look Across The Vastness Of Our Deep Connection And I Feel The Planet Weeping!

Sweet Precious Ones, You Are So Loved And We Will See You Through All Of This!

Imagine A World Without War, Without Hatred And Fear, A World Of Kindness And Giving!

A Beautiful Place Where There Is No Control Over Another, For You Look At Another And See Yourself!

Come And Sit With Me Here On The Pink Crystals That I Love!

I Have One For Each Of You! We Will Share So Much Joy In The Moments When You Shift!

You Are Getting There!

Never Give Up!

As I Look At These Beautiful Faces, Some Are Smiling And Some Have Tears.

Please Allow Me To Wipe Your Tears Away And Kiss All Faces With Deep Love!

Let’s Share About Connection And Nature!

I Know It Is Difficult With Endless Vaccine Agendas, Masks That You Would Do Better Donating To The Fairies To Make Scraps Of Them For Their Homes In The Mountains!

Maybe They Could Make Tiny Swings With The Ear Strips.

A Much Better Plan For Them!

And Precious Ones, One Repeated Conversation Of The Situation Of Many People Suffering Due To The Clone Product Losing His Last Program, Is Enough To Make You Sad In Your Heart.

But Know This Is All About To Blow Away.

Give It More Moments And Pray Within.

Now, We Talk About Nature And The Unity Of All That Lives.

Let’s Walk Into A Huge Green Forest.

There Are Many Kinds Of Plants And Trees.

Did You Know They Are Speaking To One Another In Vibrations That Human Ears Can’t Hear?

Do You Know That Scientists Have Put Electrodes Onto Plants And With Speakers And High Tech Equipment, The Plants Make A Symphony Of Tones That You Absolutely Can Hear! Let’s Go Underground. Be Careful Of The Fairies.

They Love Trees, Mountains And Underground Homes!

As We Look Around We See That Although The Trees Look Separate, They Are Connected In The Unseen.

They Are Intertwined And Will Seek To Move And Touch Another Root And Wrap Together In Love. When They Are Cut Down, The Fairies Cry, But They Understand The Trees Are Lovingly Providing For You In Homes And All You Build.

All Is Harmony With Nature.

Scientist Have Done Experiments With Removing Crickets From A Forest And The Trees And Plants Began To Wither.

When They Replaced The Crickets, The Trees Stood Taller And The Plants Grew Larger.

The Point Of All Of This Is That You Are United In Ways That Are Hard To Understand.

You Are Here Together To Love One Another And Assist Each To The Path Of Light!

I Will Tell You A Secret!

Then You Will Remember It!

You Did Not Come To Learn Anything New!

You Came To Unlearn All Of The False Programming That Was Placed On You For The First 7-10 Years Of Your Earth Life!

Your Subconscious Was Created In Theta Waves Of Hypnosis And You Forgot What You Already Knew!

When Breaking The Matrix, You Awaken To Your Soul’s Purpose And Nothing Can Stop You!

You Are Free!

This Is What I Came To Tell You!

You Have Always Had Everything Inside To Shift And Find The Paradise That Is So Close!

As You Close Your Eyes Tonight, Go Within And Pray There.

You Do Not Need Anything ‘Out There’.

YOU Are Everything!

You Are Divine Love!

Praying From Your Heart Connects You To The Quantum Field Which Is God.

There Is No Place Where God Is Not, Including You!

Now You Understand, YOU Are ONE.

Anchor Your Heart To Your Precious Higher Self!

Find All The Love That Is YOU!

I Kiss You Softly And Remind You To Believe The Sacred Shift Will Bring You Home!

I Love You So!

**Received telepathically by Judith


4 Replies to “Aya: Will Tell You A Secret”

    1. Lara

      God gave humans free will, friend. We need to learn to take responsibility for our own actions. If we were not allowed to exercise free will (and to choose whether to act lovingly or cruelly), we would be like puppets — and then what would we learn during our existence?

      1. sumnullus

        why involve god in equations regarding choice ? if a man or woman is truly civilized ; then there is no choice really ; a civilized human being would not torture another animal ; it would be an imperative not to do so …like the greek philosopher socrates claimed ; a truly good man do not need to reflect on courses of action ; he will intuitively know …a sort of tempered rational instinct …no need for god…like in one film mythos ; mao zedong hiss at the dalai lama ; you must remember this ; religion…is poison..