Galacom Update; The Great Quantum Transition

To support the ground teams of Galacom, more and more representatives of space races from different parts of the Local Universe incarnate on Earth through various Portals of Light.

This is a new planetary operation. Many have come in their bodies but human form. It’s all just a non-committal costume.

They do not obey the rules established here. On Earth, they have been long-awaited by those who have been notified of their arrival in advance.

In welcoming Galactic visitors, many Lightwarriors and Starseeds will feel the warmth of a long-forgotten space homeland.

Arrived are not vulnerable to external attacks because they have powerful Galactic immunity. And they will be well protected by it.

They are tasked with scanning the earthlings and determining who breathes what. The masks will not deceive and the media will not mislead them.

The Light-bearing protectors may and may not be recognized by people. They will be among them in physical and energetic bodies.

Physicality will gradually be replaced from within by their stuffing. Schemes, qualities will begin to change for living humans to survive.

They are not confused by what is happening on Earth. They do not have that reaction to the chaos which destructive forces ignite in people and constantly maintain.

The new landing force is set up differently. From within the Earth and society, they will burn out and remove the parasitic legacy and other metastases that have multiplied during the involution.

There is no shortage of things to do for the Galactic helpers. Some will be glad to see them come to fruition.

Others, on the contrary, fear their omniscience to the gnashing of teeth.

They are charged with thwarting the plans of the Dark entities. And whatever they’re preparing, the Galactic Committee will know what they’re up to.

The cosmic battlefield replenishment of the Light Forces will be swift and ubiquitous. They will distribute and cover all corners of the planet with their network. They will strengthen the Earth’s grid with their energy.

Destructive elements are powerless against them. At any contact, they will receive such an energy burn that they will either die or change completely.

Under Emergency State, it is only part of the External Management’s efforts to accelerate earthlings’ adaptation to the changes taking place.

Indeed, the situation on Earth is complex and dire, and that is why actions, urgent and drastic, are needed for the planet.

The External Management would take the stigma off the planet’s secret government. It’s no secret anymore. All the plots, all the tricks are known to the Galactic Committee.

The vision and hearing of Galacom’s envoys are phenomenal. They will offset Darks’ influence to zero, and their power gradually, and sometimes quickly reduced to powerlessness.

The opponents have no former force and already are pursued by the Law which operates above the Earth, on the surface, and underground penetrating the legal field.

They are faced with a harsh responsibility that they can no longer escape. For too long they’ve acted with impunity. The new leaders will not cover them.

The servants of the Universe’s Laws brought in other rights and rules. Not even a loophole was left for Darks. Answer and transform what you have begotten.

Earth perfects the Law, and there would be no more the untouchables, hegemons, and outcasts. The planet’s Logos is under the aegis of the Universe’s Laws Guardians.

Soon you will not recognize the Earth and yourself – everything will change so much. Our envoys are taking the leaders of many countries under their protection. They remove the negative influence and destructive stuffing from inside the structures.

This is the Higher Will. Otherwise, death and decay of the Earth are inevitable. But the legitimate intervention of the Higher Light Forces will not let the planet disappear.

That’s why we send your Higher aspects here. They are your parents and children in one person. They are your heirs.

We will help the earthly humanity which has lost its orientation and will lead it to the path of evolution.

External Management is so rare in the Galaxy that sometimes we have to invent our actions and methods of impact to urgently save humanity and Earth.

But you, who are aware of what is happening on the planet, help us with your thoughts and deeds. No one knows better than you, three-dimensional men, the current situation on the planet, and people’s aspirations.

**By Lev


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  1. Ben

    This Lev guy is a fraud IMO. None of his messages resonate. I’m going to make it a habit to scroll to the bottom to see who the author is before I begin reading.