Tidal Wave of Ascension

energy waves eraoflightdotcomWe are the midst a tidal wave of Ascension and indeed, as the White Flame, the Divine Mother Flame, the Flame of Purity is now fully anchored in and indeed released, we need to understand that the Old Earth is disintegrating now at a superfast pace.

When we start to incorporate the White Flame into our energy fields, we carry the Fires of Purity within us and thus indeed that of Pure Unconditional Love, amongst others. (My level V Soul Empowerment Course starting in November 2021, will go deeply into this.)

I just love this and indeed I am so filled with the renewed sense of freedom – that of the Eagle who now can rise and fly higher and higher and higher than ever before, as indeed the 9th dimensional state and higher are lifting us, so that we can now indeed now ascend into the higher levels of the 5D and indeed fully start integrating the 7D.

I connected with the whales yesterday, as I was called there, had the perfect and most serene spot from which I could do this. The message I got clearly from the whales, who came from Sirius, with the dolphins, was that of FREEDOM. “You can now rise into the ultimate state of freedom, the higher dimensional frequency and vibrations bring.” Interspersed with this immense high frequency sonic sounds reverberated in the inner ears and inner hearing!

It is very important at this time, to indeed be conscious of whatever is holding you back, in whatever form, especially look at your base, sacral, navel, solar plexus and heart chakras.

Where is fear still lurking? Separation from self, others and the Divine? Negative cords, attachments and ties to certain souls and indeed institutions etc.? Unforgiveness, shame, blame and guilt?

The higher dimensional state in the New Earth and indeed in co-creating the New Golden Age, now requires all of us on the MASTER pathway, to be fully responsible for our choices and more than this, our energies and energy fields, and whom or what we allow in there. We must also become aware of the energetic impact that our energy fields have on those around us. Your solar plexus, for instance, when it is free from all outside influences and indeed of others, glows with bright golden light. The Higher state of mastery. Your heart centre becomes a embraces the White Flame and with a touch of the Golden Christ Consciousness Energy, and thus expands to shoulder width. The Sacral Chakra indeed become a beautiful soft pink so that you can now have a beautiful soul filled, loving Divine Complement/Compliment Relationship with your perfect Divine Other, thus soul empowered, and soul infused, in unconditional love. Your base chakra becomes a beautiful light platinum, as you stand fully in your Soul Mastery, totally freed. Of course all your other chakras need to be in the 5th and 7th dimensional vibrational frequency as well! This is very important, otherwise there is imbalance.

We are rising into such high Vibrational frequency bands now (those who truly are standing in their mastery), that indeed we are now totally free of the shackles and bonds of the Old Earth.

Note ascension here does not mean leaving the Earth (like in dying) but anchoring in your soul purpose and mission firmly into the New Earth, and thus co-creating the New Golden Age, in your own vibrational frequency band, as an Ascended Master in your new Light body form. Some souls are already operating in the 7th dimensional state and higher.

Here is a powerful decree to release whatever still is holding you in some form or another:

“I, (name), in the name of God, under the Law of One, completely rescind any past-life or current agreements or contracts that I have made in the physical or etheric world.

“As a master, I now dissolve all energy vows/oaths.

“I command the complete freedom of my bodies and soul to complete my mission here on Earth.

“I now illuminate all 12 my chakras to the maximum potential and dedicate myself in highest loving service to the Divine Source.


Say this aloud three times as if you are commanding an army.

Close with “IT IS SO!”

**By Judith Kusel


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