The Siriusians: Being You

Dearest Ones the most important work that you can ever do is to work on yourselves to be the best that you can be. Many of you have been working tirelessly to wake people up to what has been going on in the last few months. Many of you tell us that you are now tired and exhausted by this work We are here to tell you that it is TIME now to relax to just BE and to do all the things that you LOVE to do.

Supreme energies are coming in to change the frequencies in all of humankind and indeed Gaia herself. There is now no more need to wake people up, so to speak ,for they will awaken in their own time, within these new frequencies .It is inevitable. Indeed many of you are seeing a sea change in people around you. Bless this so called vā€¦s for it has in fact awoken humanity in a way that could not have been done in any other way.

Many are now beginning to see a different way of living which can be more community based. Many are beginning to see how humans have been controlled over eons of time by a minority of dark individuals .This so called Matrix of power and control is so easy to walk away from once you have awoken. The minority of humans who would wish to control others ,needed to have their consent .Once the majority do not consent to be controlled the power of the dark minority has gone. You will begin to see this more and more as people start to awaken and once awoken they will not return to the old ways of being.

You have noticed that the frequencies are becoming ever more stronger and as such humans can suffer some symptoms as the body catches up with their spirit. At these times it is vital that you rest and look after yourselves. Take the time to be by yourself and incorporate these frequencies in any way that you can. Drink pure water and eat healthily if you can. Sometimes it maybe that you do not want to eat at all and at other times you will feel hungry and want to eat more. Be guided by your own higher selves as each soul will be different. Go out into nature and ground the energies to Gaia and she will replenish you. Take rest when you can. Have no fear as you and your loved ones will always be protected and all of your needs will be met .

Listen not to the concerns of others about the vā€¦s or vā€¦..e for we have told you that YOU can neutralise any damage that might have been done to your friends and families. Remember how powerful that YOU are!!! Be not concerned by the fears of humanity dying out . You came to Earth to help with the Ascension and as such the Lightworkers and their friends and families WILL survive .

Gaia knows every one of you and she will remove those who are not in tune with her and her own Ascension. We have said before to expect more Earthquakes, Volcanoes , Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Torrential rains etc. There may well be strange weather patterns for countries as they experience Summer in Winter and Winter in Summer as Gaia goes through her own Ascension.

You will be coming together in your communities with like minded people and you may temporarily lose friends who are not in tune with yourselves. Do not concern yourself with this for you are the WAY SHOWERS and as such you may need to move on for others to follow you on the path. Remember that you are all one and a part of THE ONE, even the so called dark ones. The dark ones will have to transform or leave the planet as Gaia and all of humanity ASCEND to the 5th Dimension.

Many of you will be able to have one foot in the 3rd Dimension and one foot in the 5th Dimension now and soon you will begin to be more in the 5th than the 3rd.To be more in the 5th Dimension learn to just be YOU and to be happy with just being YOU. There is nothing more to do than to be happy and to do all things that make you happy .Many of you have been healers in the past but Dear Ones we say to you it is time now to HEAL yourselves. Yes, do help others when asked but do not go out of your way to find people to heal.

YOU are the most important people on the planet .Know how powerful YOU are and that you can change the world by just being YOU and by sending out your LOVE and your LIGHT wherever you go. Others will certainly be affected by you .Be not concerned if others react badly to you. Sometimes your LIGHT will be mirroring the shadow in them which may well disturb and upset them. Take no note of this for it is their problem not yours. Send them LOVE and surround them in the BLUE LIGHT of SIRIUS and they will either transform or leave your side. Do not engage or argue ,if they start to react to you in a bad way, turn the other cheek and walk away .

Some of you might find that just being YOU is one of the most challenging things that you can do, for you have been so used to being busy all of your lives. You might find it can be quite challenging to see who you really are. Many of you may not even Like or Love yourselves. However Dear Ones this is the key to your ASCENSION. It is vital now to take the time to go within to HEAL yourselves and to clear any obstacles that might be within you to becoming that perfect soul. It is only when YOU HEAL YOURSELVES that you can even start to HEAL others around you.

Your personal GUIDES, ANGELS, ASCENDED MASTERS and any of your GALACTIC FAMILIES are all with you to help with this process, so just go within and ASK. Be still and silent .Learn to enjoy your own company. Learn to LOVE and FORGIVE yourselves and others whatever you or they might have done or not done in the past . Uncomfortable emotions may come up but they are coming up to be cleansed and healed .Do not engage with these emotions for they will pass in time. Go out into Nature and ask Gaia and the Nature spirits to help with these emotions. Cleanse and clear your aura by being near or immersing yourself in water.

This is your work now Dear Ones but let it be enjoyable work !!

This is YOUR TIME Dear Ones for YOU are the Ones who will be changing the world around you ,so Dear Ones learn to be happy by just BEING YOU.

We send you much LOVE and MANY BLESSINGS


**Channel: Thea Grace


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