Akatu of the Pleiades: All is About to Change

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomFriends Of Earth!

Indeed, Our Great Desire Is To Bring In The Fleets And Split The Sky!

The Planet Is In Great Turmoil And You Must Hold On As This Roller Coaster Reaches The Top And Descends Quickly!

We Sit With You And Hold You As The Screaming Ride Comes To An End!

There Is Peace!

There Is Calm!

You Will Shift!

That Next Higher Increment Of Your Journey Into The Higher States Is Called Into Being By The Higher Self Of Each Of You!

There Should Be A Calm Now Within That You Can Access Each Moment That You Choose!

As You Have Become Accustomed To Hearing ‘Go Within’, You Must Understand This Is Your Place Of Refuge.

The Heightened Levels Of Your Transformation Will Take You To Everything You Long For!

Indeed, Your Life On SHEEN Will Be A Delightful Transformation!

For Those That Are Not Familiar, The False Identity That You Believe Yourself To Be, Will Drop As Your Consciousness Expands And You Project A New Form Instantly.

This Form Is Chosen By Your Higher Self To Travel The Multiverses If You Choose.

Your Family That Shifts With You Will Be In A Deeper And More Loving Relationship With The Memories Intact In Consciousness, But Without The False Self, There Is No Marriage, Law, Wars, Government Or Interactions That You Have In Duality.

The Marriage Will Be As Friendship But Deeper.

You Will Lose No One.

Your Body Will Be Totally Healthy And Your Creativity Will Be Extremely High.

You Will Remember All Dreams And Others That You Have Loved.

You Will Travel To Your Home Planet As Well As Other Star Systems.

At The Moment Of The Great Shift, Many Are Concerned About Those That Do Not Shift.

Not To Worry!

You Know We Will Leave No One Behind Except Those Of Such Darkness That Simply Refuse.

There Will Be Memories Of Those Left And Suddenly They Want The Light!



They Are With You!

Pleiadians Will Be On The Ground As Well As We Explain The Light And Change Of Frequency!

Many Will Shift!

They Just Never Had Understood!

Then There Are Those That Will Choose Darkness Over Light.

You Need Not Worry About This For We Will Transport Them Away.

At This Point, The Dying Earth, Trees Falling And No Flowers, Will Be Touched With The Frequency Of God In A Fresh Way.

There Will Be A Group That Will Begin Again In Innocence.

The Technology Will Not Be Present.

The Love That Is On Earth Will Be Of ONENESS And Duality Will Be Gone.

This Group Will Thrive And The Earth Will Be Replenished.

There Will Be A Great Difference In Frequency So That They Are Not Aware Of You, But You Will Be Aware Of Them.

So You Have Reached The Beginning Of Your Journey By Coming To The End.

Now What?

In Timelessness You Live And Breathe And You Will Enter A New Phase Of Expansion And You Will Become The Travelers To The Earth You Left.

Only Now, It Is Peaceful And Full Of Love.

You Will Teach The New Humans Your Great Technology As We Taught You.

These People Will Understand The Pleiadians Brought Them To Earth To Grow And Expand In Love!

You Are The Light!

You Have The Power Of God Within!

We Are Indeed Your Watchers And Guides To The Grand Shift Of Humanity!

All Is About To Change!

Buckle Your Seat Belt On The Roller Coaster!

I Am AKATU And Indeed I Love You So!

**Received telepathically by Judith


3 Replies to “Akatu of the Pleiades: All is About to Change”

  1. Malissa

    Akaru Let ALL All Livn Life WELCOME

    ALL CrystaLite Galactic Family on GIA


  2. Douglas A James

    I have heard this from qhht sessions too.. you can basically project any body u desire.. no dis ease no issues.. all look as.they want and all is pure harmony

  3. Deborah

    Whoot Whoot —–

    “Your Body Will Be Totally Healthy And Your Creativity Will Be Extremely High.”

    I paint, so this is super exciting.