Life Tapestry Creations: Everyone Now of Earth Is an Earth Angel

Dear Ones,

Many of you recently experienced numerous emotional ups and downs. Emotional upheavals that were once an accepted part of your 3D world. Now, the least little blip on your comfort screen creates panic.

Because of your new being, uncomfortable moments have become much more dramatic.

You no longer expect to be uncomfortable. An indication of how much you have shifted in a very short time.

Perhaps you are wondering how you will circumvent these emotional pieces. You will not do so, for the world is shifting to love and contentment – something you have already achieved.

Micro to macro. First, you shifted to peace and contentment. That energy is now spreading throughout the globe to create a new essence of being. A love vibe that others are quickly accepting.

But you do not necessarily feel such is so, for you are surrounded by media reports and gossip about how terrible everything is. Such information is merely the last gasps of 3D fear. It is almost like an uncomfortable beauty treatment. Even though you know the treatment will be uncomfortable, the expected rewards are worth it.

So it is this last gasp of fear appears painful for those of you who have completed the “treatment.”

You do not understand why others need to experience fear or pain because you completed that treatment months, even years ago. And memories of that 3D pain are fading just as we, of the Universes, prophesized.

You cannot imagine why anyone selects pain or fear when comfort, love, and peace are so readily accessible.

There is nothing you need to do or say, for others must complete the same actions you did, even though you have difficulties remembering why or how you did so.

Perhaps you remember that time as extremely difficult, but you no longer feel the pain you felt when you were in your dark night of the soul.

Allow others to evolve as and when they wish. Those who are doing so are not your responsibility. Shining your love, peace, and comfort is your role. To move beyond that shining role by trying to make the lives of others more comfortable is to reduce your light dramatically.

Even though it might not seem as if shining your light of joy and comfort is that important or difficult, trust us, it is. Your role is much larger than you now understand.

If others are uncomfortable, should you not walk them through their discomfort or provide resources to do so? Only if doing so is your burning desire. Which, of course, means doing so is one of your new you roles.

If you merely wish anger, pain, and fear would disappear, eliminating the pain of others is not one of your roles and never will be.

You are part of the whole. But just as you cannot read for another, so they never need to learn how to read, you cannot assume the pain of others. They have to throw off their cloaks of pain, just as you once did.

Nothing is ever solved by taking on another’s pain. Each of you decided before birth what you wanted to explore in this earth life. Assuming others are not as strong or capable as you in whatever transition stage you are in is to return to 3D caretaking.

All humans of the earth at this time are earth angels – with much greater strength than any previous human grouping.

Even those fully mired in anger and pain are earth angels. Allow them to spew their rage and anger. They studied fear in as much depth as you studied love flitting throughout the Universes, frequencies, and dimensions preparing for this life.

There are no slackers or slow learners on earth at this time. Everyone is successfully playing their role. Even if you disagree with them, they are as powerful as you.

Does that mean those who oppose your views, your need for peace and joy, are similar to the devils you claimed in your 3D religious lore? Not at all. They are merely counterpoints encouraging all to move to peace and joy.

If there were nothing to push against, many humans would dilly-dally through their transition – stopping as soon as something became difficult. The counterpoints are forcing many to work through their fear and anger issues. Something most, if not all of you reading this, have completed.

Do not allow those enmeshed in fear, rage, and disbelief in the good of human/universal kind to push you from your radiant energy of comfort and love. Your role is to shine your light brightly so those who wish to transition beyond 3D fear know there is a more joyful life. All they need do to live that joyful life is to throw off their mantles of 3D fear. Something you cannot and should not try to do for them.

Earth angels all, with different roles and awakening times. You have awakened. Allow others the freedom to do the same when or if they wish.

Your role is to shine your love light brightly enough for others to come in out of the cold. So be it. Amen.

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3 Replies to “Life Tapestry Creations: Everyone Now of Earth Is an Earth Angel”

  1. George

    YES, YES, YES, Sending my Love, Joy, and Harmony is my role.

    If I desire to discuss this with others I will do it with “LOVE and Wisdom”, no force. If they reject it, I will “shut my mouth, ZIP it.”

  2. John Robbins

    Wonderfully reassuring news. And to think it will only get even better from here onwards. Now I need others to STOP implying I’m lazy and threatening me with a life on the streets, if I don’t comply with their slave 3D job mandates replete with vaccine tests and jabs. If that’s finally over with, then I can breathe free again, and take my life to new creative heights without those bot detractors.