2021-2040: The Higher Consciousness Answer

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Cosmic Community,

Perhaps you’ve found your way to this message ‘today’ because you’re searching for a clear answer on what the future holds for humanity? You may be wondering what the probabilities and likely outcomes ‘are’ for a bright and aware future, given our current trajectory? Perhaps you’re looking for reassurance, hope and inspiration about the coming path for yourself, your loved ones and the collective family of Earth? So many are seeking the deeper reasoning and meaning behind both recent and current world events. Indeed, a spiritual and bigger picture ‘answer’ is being sort, so that it can explain the ‘somewhat unsettling effects’ of what we’re seeing globally.

In today’s all-new blog post, let’s delve into the energy effects that have brought us to this moment. We’ll look at our deeper cosmic evolution, likely happenings over the coming 20 years and the ‘all-important’ higher consciousness solution…

It can certainly be said that we’re living in ‘fluid, consciousness raising times’. But, when have we not been? These cycles of propulsive evolution have been tumultuous and continuous ever since humanity first become embodied upon this planet.

Just when you think that energy has settled and you know what’s coming next, situations stir and you’re pressed to be flexible and open to a transformational personal discovery. It’s often a challenge to constantly rise above and to see the bigger picture forming. For, Earth is a challenging environment and every soul instinctively knows that this is exactly why we’re here; to grow, to strengthen and to transform.

“That’s the way of duality. That’s the way of the physical environment. You’re here to master it. ”
— Elizabeth Peru


For indeed, personal and collective transformation has been occurring at a rapid rate, ever since the ‘new spiritual age’ began in the mid-late 1800’s. From the mid-late 1800’s onward (and steadily building throughout the 20th and into the 21st century) there’s been an ever deepening interest in the journey of the soul. There’s been a growing yearning to give a spiritual explanation to who we are and why we’re here. We’ve been collectively seeking an explanation which is inclusive and soul-based and one which distances itself from a standard religious response, whilst also rekindling a reverence of ancient wisdom, brought forward for modern times.


It was this growing thirst for a direct spiritual knowing that saw hundreds of thousands of souls globally, slowly growing in consciousness through the first half of the twentieth century. It began with art, books, word of mouth, phonograph, lectures, radio and then television began to accelerate this growing demand for spiritual liberation. Once television took off, souls everywhere were able to communicate and share experiences on a whole new level – globally, all at once. The same could be said for commercially available music on records. Television was the forerunner to the Internet explosion which began in the early 2000’s.

Indeed, by the onset of the 1960’s, humanity was ready for its next level of spiritual awakening.

It was with the mass popularity of consciousness altering substances, which grew in popularity from the mid 60’s to mid-70’s that the upper energy centres (the third eye and crown of light) of the human being, began to open more fully to the light and to the direct experience of alternate realities and multi-dimensional frequencies. Once this occurred and millions had experienced dimensions beyond the physical, there was no going back.

During the 1960’s right through to the 90’s, the globe began a rapid re-balancing process, that continues until this day. Equality was and is the driver, as is an ever-growing thirst for higher consciousness. The result has seen an evolutionary transformation unfold that’s been as violent, divisive and disruptive, as much as its been heart expanding, unifying and conducive.


Indeed, at the dawn of a new millennium (just as 2000 began) there was a marked increase in optimism and inspired hope that better, more harmonious days would be ahead for all. Saturn and Jupiter met at The Great Conjunction of Light and the Internet age accelerated. We looked to the future with over 150 years of conscious spiritual expansion under our belts and felt assured that the coming dawning of The Age of Aquarius (in late 2020, at the next Great Conjunction of light between Saturn and Jupiter) would see enhanced life experiences for all. As the first decade of the 21st century grew, we saw an increasing number of souls waking up to who they were and why they were here.


Along with global disruption and terrorism from 2000 to 2010, there was also a groundswell of feminine energy rising, as the ancient ones predicted would occur. For the return of the cosmic feminine with women rising in prominence and power on Earth, with all beings embracing their compassion, creativity and the nurturing of intuition and spirit, is the key (and essential) marker of an evolved society.

A tipping point was being reached. Enough souls were raising their awareness (globally) that there was now – no going back.

2010 – 2020

Indeed, it was in late 2010, that I was shown, we had reached a major tipping point. While it was predicted that December 21, 2012 would see a great spiritual shift, I saw it come in 2 years earlier. It was then in January 2011, that The Egyptian Revolution took place, and I said at the time, in a special report to my Tip-Off members that when Egypt resets – we all will.

2011 was a year of intense uprising for Earth. Solar Cycle 24 was at its peak and seismic shifts were happening monthly, including the great Japanese Tsunami.

From 2010 until late 2019, millions of souls were introduced to higher consciousness teachings, thanks to social media. Did you have a major wake-up call and move onto your spiritual path over this period? Indeed, at the same time as the light was being shown, we were routinely exposed to the darker, heavy underbelly of 3D life that was was being rooted out, to be cleared and brought to a higher plane. 2019 was a particularly rough year that tested many on their conscious spiritual path. We were being readied for what was to come.

And so, in late 2019, the viral pandemic, which was to go global, was slowly making its presence known. By early 2020, we were all aware that a great shift was in place. I wrote my first blog post about the pandemic in March 2020 when none of us really knew for sure, how this situation would unfold, although in this blog post, I did give my future visions. And over the past 18 months, I’ve written 14 separate blog posts about the flow on effects of the pandemic, with the deeper spiritual solutions (and visions). You can find them all on my blog page

Since early 2020, the whole globe has been undergoing a crisis point – all together – all at once.

It’s been an almost instant global rallying point, affecting us all the same. Perhaps more leveling and unifying than anything prior.

Billions have been forced to go within, and contemplate their life, their purpose, their mortality, survival and future path, for not only themselves, but for the greater humanity. It’s been a wake-up call that we were ready for and as I said back in March 2020, I feel it’s the ‘soft open’ for what is to come in terms of spiritual evolution over the next 20 years.


One could look upon the current energy days in 2021 with sadness. You could feel that you’re missing out on what once was, seeing these as uncertain, erratic times. Indeed, they are highly changeable. OR, you could see these times as being incredibly promising, as they’ve been brought on by ‘the tipping point’ of conscious souls that was reached back in 2010.

For it’s all in the cosmic cycles. As we evolve and rise to the challenge of growing and maturing as souls, we’re actually answering the call of an evolutionary cycle that’s much larger than ourselves. It’s all together cosmic and is being served upon us by the higher dimensions of light and sound.


Indeed, a continually evolving journey of hundreds of thousands of years of human existence on Earth, has brought us to this point in 2021. For ‘everything’ moves in cycles and the cycles that we experience on Earth are dictated to us, by the greater cosmic evolutionary cycles within our solar system, galaxy and universal paradigm. As the cosmos evolves, so too does Earth (in tandem with the cosmos) – for Earth is cosmic. All humans and animals are cosmic citizens, as well as being – ‘Earth citizens’.

The sooner that we can open up to this and see beyond our purely physical lives to the greater substance and depth (to spirit) which creates the physical, the sooner we can move beyond the current divisive and derailing energy patterns that humanity is repeating.


The years from 2021 – 2040 are ‘bridging years’. And if you’re a ‘Cosmic Earth Bridger’ one who was born into Generation X (1965 – 1985) you may be feeling this the most. I spoke about Generation X and the role served by those born into this generation in a previous blog post. These souls are the last generation who have known life before and after the computer revolution. Indeed, they helped create the world we now live in. This makes them special, in that they remember how life used to be (much simpler and practical) while also being the fundamental drivers of today’s complicated and often draining online space.

Gen-Xer’s have given birth to Generation Z (Millennials) and Gen Y. Gen X helped create the current evolutionary rise, as did the Baby Boomers who gave birth to Generation X. And yet, it’s Generation X who have the smallest population numbers on Earth and who can feel worn down and tired by the constant ask on them to bridge worlds; to bridge the old world, with the new.

To all Gen-Xer’s (and everyone) my advice is to stay true to your path. Now, (more than ever) is a time that we all came here for as souls; to rise as individuals (as one), to create a new platform of higher consciousness on Earth. It can seem like a lot of work (and it is) but the rewards are worth it.

The rewards will be especially evident when you go home to the light and leave your human body. You’ll celebrate the efforts that you’re putting in now.

“ We’re in a bridging phase until 2040. A phase that sees the old guard dismantle. A phase that will see disruption, as much as inspiring newness. A phase that sees our perception of life evolve, as we accept and embrace the spiritual dimensions of light and sound – as well as, the physical”
— Elizabeth Peru


And so, let’s move on to what ‘I see’, as the major message incoming from the cosmos and spiritual realms. It’s a message that can serve to inspire you, uplift you and to keep you focused and honed, moving in a healthy direction along the path ahead.

What will keep you in high spirits, despite the constant reminders (and media saturation) that life ‘as you once knew’ it has changed, will be to focus on the future destination that you’re creating with your actions today. If you just focus on ‘what’s wrong’ and what you miss, you’ll get dragged down to a depressive state that will stop you from doing the necessary hands-on work to shift us all into a more compassionate and aware society – moving forward.

“ This is your time to be the visionary. Be the leader. The one who sees what others cannot. Be the responsible leader who can take us to a safe and uplifting destination; to a new day, where all will see the light of who they are. We’re all tasked with doing this. Not just some of us, but all of us. ”
— Elizabeth Peru


In order to be steered in a healthy future direction, it’s imperative to focus on solutions to all of the seeming problems now occurring. If one just complains or muses about what is wrong and fights against it (resisting the forward momentum being created) then the problem becomes stronger and more real.

“ If you can identify a problem within your current situation then immediately seek and implement a higher solution. When you can do this, you’ll be utilising the higher consciousness answer.”
— Elizabeth Peru


With so much in flux at present, the very fabric of reality is permeable and you can create a future reality that is of your choosing – quickly. You have that much power. You have always had the power. The more focused and determined that you can be, the easier it will be to create the lifestyle and experiences that you desire. Particularly, with so many currently distracted by the seeming ‘problems’ at hand.

Over 20 years ago in 2000, when I looked ahead to my future in 2020, I asked myself what I wanted to experience by 2020 and what place I wanted to personally ‘be in’. I then began crafting the path that I wanted to lead and that involved a lot of time spent on weekends, during the week and in the evenings applying myself to my spiritual work. I was physically creating the personal future that I wanted to live in – during every moment, of every day. And now in 2021, my future is here and you’re reading my words because of what I crafted. And now I’m looking ahead to the next 20 years with you – which is why we’re together in this blog post, so that YOU can craft your bright future path ahead, as well. It all begins NOW.


Do you focus on problems or do you create solutions to all of those ‘seeming’ problems?

Can you see the opportunity within all of your challenges?

Are you often complaining about what’s bad and wrong, rather than focusing on what’s good and right?

Do you imagine and feel what your future path will look like each day? Do you allow yourself the space to dream big?

Do you find time for yourself, so that you can recharge and be your best self, for yourself and for others?

Do you learn from every experience and enhance how you apply yourself each time?

Do you gossip, judge or criticise (project onto) others, rather than being responsible for yourself and your path?

Do you look at and treat humans and all other lifeforms as souls, just like you?

Do you have a daily spiritual practice that takes you into the flow of life and what you love?

Are you being creative each day and inspired by life around and within you?

Do you meditate (in your way) on a regular basis?

Are you communicating with others maturely and wisely, uplifting one another, rather than condemning or pulling down?

Do you allow others to have their opinions, likes and dislikes, while simply being yourself?

Are you modeling and embodying the kind and loving behaviour that you wish to see more of in the world?

“ Over the next 20 years, you’ll be ‘knowingly’ walking between worlds. The stronger you become spiritually, the stronger and more effective your presence will become physically. You’ll have greater impact in the physical dimension (every day life) as your experience of the spiritual reality grows. Dimensions will thin. Worlds will morph. This is the higher consciousness answer and the accelerated way ahead. ”
— Elizabeth Peru


Sensitive souls (Empaths) will be the leaders of the future. If you’re sensitive, this simply means that you’re in touch with the higher dimensions and that you’re a spiritual wayshower. You see and feel what others may not. Being sensitive has nothing to do with being weak. Being sensitive is your tower of strength. Do your best to be physically strong and present, as it increases your power.

Be physically present. Exercise, stretch, eat less, eat whole foods, plant based nutrition and create a strong, healthy body and mind that is a fitting vehicle for your expanding soul presence.

“ The stronger you become spiritually, the stronger you must become physically ”
— Elizabeth Peru

Over the next 20 years intuition can rise to become equal with intellect. Those who have a well developed feminine energy presence will be the new leaders. Develop your compassion, wisdom, insight and creative abilities – now.

Do as much as you can for yourself – physically. Try not to hand over the tasks that ‘you can perform’ to AI. Having AI do everything for you, decreases ‘your ability’ to be physically present. Stay old school and analog in many respects. Do your housework. Get your hands dirty. Grow and make your own food. Engage with physical life with a spiritual knowing.

Use developing technology to help you reach and connect with others of like mind and share your message of inspiration and love.

READ BOOKS and PUT PEN TO PAPER. Develop your own philosophies and follow them. Walking your talk, becomes a key mantra.

Millions will create harmonious homes, while working and living from a space that they love.

Millions will value their privacy. It’s akin to creating temples of reverence around ourselves, just like the ancients did.

Soul-based careers are the way ahead. Career paths that utilise your natural talents and skills. You’ll be charged with creating them.

Travel as we know it, completely shifts. Appreciate what you have in your own backyard. The stars shine on us all equally, all over the globe. Every piece of soil is beautiful and can serve as your holiday and recharge space.

The richer and more developed you feel within, the easier it is to feel a part of everything – wherever you are.

There will be a period where many need to be (and will choose to be) on their own. Once you know yourself well, then you can re-emerge. Deeper, closer and respectful personal relationships are set to be the norm by 2040 and beyond.

Women, Men and Animals are all treated on the same footing. This is a BIG one. Perhaps one of the biggest signs. When we see it gradually occurring, then we’ll know that our focused work is paying off and that we’re truly moving into The Aquarian Era of Light.

All of the probabilities that I’ve listed above can happen much sooner or later than 2040. It’s all up to us and how well we embrace the higher consciousness answer and way ahead.

**By Elizabeth Peru


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  1. Tricia

    I enjoyed your message and the overview of how we got to this point and where we’re going. I join you in agreeing that animals deserve respect. They are individuals, who’s, not what’s… I agree it will be hard for some.

    Thank you!