Neioh: None Of This Will Last

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomBeloved Friends!

You Are The Divine Essence Of ONE, Yet You Perceive Such Duality.

As You Realize The Depth Of Love Within, Close Your Eyes And Become ONE.

Remain Here In Silence And FEEL.

Your Body Is Reflecting Your Subconscious Mind So Allow The Emotion To Come Forth.

Allow The Energy To Move Through Your Body.

Breathe Deeply And Let It Go.

Now, What Do You Want?

Is There A Word You Can Find That Describes What You Want?

Is It Peace?

Is It Love?

As Your Eyes Are Closed, Become That Word In Feeling.

Stay With This Until You Feel Bliss.

You Are The Creator Of Your Life!

This Waking Dream Is The Living Reflection Of Your Own Vibrational Essence.

Ultimately You Come To Know This.

But Before This Discovery, The Awareness Is Stimulated And One’s Vibrational Frequency Begins To Parallel Levels Of Consciousness With Others And The Discord Felt Will Often Make You Feel Separate And Alone As You Are Understanding Only Your Own Perception.

As You Move Along With Feeling Separate And Explore This Fully, You Will At Last Find The Truth That There Is Nothing To Be Separate From, As All You Experience In Perception Is Self Created.

Each Being Is Creating Their Life Story, Their View Of Others And The World Stage.

Everyone Feels They Are Correct And The Other Is Wrong.

But As One Truly Awakens, There Is A Knowing That None Of This Matters.

None Of This Will Last.

You Are Creating And Fighting About Illusions Of The Mind.

With Understanding, The Worst Perceived Human Being Could Stop, Sit Down, Go Within, Find Themselves And Know God.

Will This Happen On Earth?

Unfortunately It Will Not, For The False Self Explodes The Ego And The Only Goal Is To Win.

You Must Be Truth.

You Must Find The Place That Is Only Light.

Follow This As The Fighting Goes On, As The Lies Are Manufactured On MSM,

As Humans Strive To Compete On Every Forum Available.

Just Breathe NOW.

Just BE.

You Are The Grand Artist.

You Are Spirit.

As Your Body Is Preparing To Exit The Stage, Your Soul Is On A Mission!

Our Messages To You Have Become More About Spirit Than Anything You Could Find To Distract You.

In These Moments, The Greatest Wisdom We Offer You Is To Create Your Future Self NOW By Meditating In Gratitude And Imagining The World You Want To See.

You Know.

The New Earth.

The Glorious Colors Of SHEEN And The Red Rocks.

The Rising Crystals Of Color And Light Transmissions, The Singing Of Distant Angels, The Music And Greetings From Fleets Of Crafts, The Gathering Of Animals As They Know Joy, The Moment In The Twinkling Of An Eye That Your Body Is New And You Are Free.

You Know.

The Great Awakening.

The Shift Of Humanity Where You Remember ONENESS And The Love For All That Is.

Your Dreams Have Come True.

Understand That There Is Only NOW.

So Everything You Desire Is NOW.

We Know This Is Difficult To Comprehend, But Realize In Timelessness It Already IS.

Think On These Things.

Feel Them.

Know Them.

Soon We Rise As ONE!

I Love You So!

**Telepathically received by Judith