Sananda: Imbalance Test and Our Origins Part 2

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

Once again, I need to express my total gratitude to Father/Mother God for allowing me to come here again, to echo my words. Every day, every moment that passes, everything is transforming, everything is changing. Your bodies are changing. Many imbalances that you are seeing, is not illness. Your bodies cannot understand or manipulate the energy that comes in and goes through your cells. It is an unknown energy to your bodies. So how do you think they will react normally? Impossible. The way your bodies are responding to all this Light, to this Fifth Dimensional frequency coming in, is imbalance; it’s hormonal imbalance, it’s physical imbalance, it’s imbalance of your organs.

So, once again, I’m going to teach you something here that allows you to actually know what is happening to your bodies. But I say that everything has to be done with a lot of faith and a lot of trust. Otherwise, it will just look like a little game and you won’t get the right answer. Everything you do today, in this moment, already reverberates in the Whole and immediately comes back, because everything is accelerated. So be careful what thoughts you put into this procedure. Be loving, be trusting. Don’t do it for fun, because this also comes back, and for sure the response you will get, you won’t like, and it can lead to more problems for your bodies.

Everything we teach here is for your own good, so that you can go through this whole process in a calm and balanced way. So do everything with love, do everything with faith, do everything with belief. Otherwise, the answer won’t be right, and you will never know if you are right or wrong. So before the vast majority start asking: “Is the answer I received right or wrong?”, I ask each one of you, don’t ask anybody, ask yourself. It is no longer the time to ask the other, if what you do is right or wrong. You already have to have this discernment.

So listen to your heart. Did you do it with love, did you do it with surrender, did you do it with joy, did you do it with trust? If you answered yes to these questions, you will have the right answer. Now, if you doubt, if you are not sure about any of them, then don’t do it. Accept the answer you got, do it again until you learn to trust what you do and trust what we say.

Then each of you will take a glass of water; a normal glass, filtered water so that everyone can do it without a problem. Just any glass. You’re going to fill this glass half way, you’re going to put the glass at heart level, leave it there for a few seconds. You will feel the glass reverberating the energy of your hearts. When you feel this, ask yourself, talk about the discomfort you are having: Is it an imbalance in my body, real, physical, that needs treatment in this world, or is it just an imbalance in the adaptation of my body? Wait another 30 seconds or so and drink the water. If the water is bitter, you are ill, you need to see a doctor. If the water is sweet, it is because it is an imbalance that the Fifth Dimension is bringing into your bodies.

So realize, you will have to realize what the water tastes like. It’s not bitter, it’s not sweet; it was not done with love; repeat that. So I don’t want any questions about it. It is very clear, the answer will be bitter or sweet water. You didn’t feel it, it didn’t work, you didn’t do it with love, with heart. What is the purpose of this? To prevent you from taking unnecessary medication. Now it is like I said, everything has to be with trust, with faith in what you are doing. If you believe in what you are doing, it will work, you will have the answer. Now if you find it strange, doubt it, don’t believe it; it won’t work.

So this is one more help that I am leaving for you, because I realize that many of you are out of balance, feeling a lot of things, and wondering if you are sick or if it is just the imbalance of the change in your bodies. So you already know how to get this answer.

So I’m going to continue a little bit the subject that I started in the last video. Why so many different appearances among you? As I said, I hope that the little story of a single couple giving birth to all the inhabitants of this planet, is not part of your beliefs. This planet when it was created by Father/Mother God, attracted, as it was determined, a lot of beings, beings of all kinds in the universe. Their souls came here. An evolved soul can take the physical form of the planet where it incarnates. So the soul can have any origin, in any orb of the universe. But by its evolution, it can incarnate here, on a planet of a lower dimension and take on the physical body determined for this planet. But that’s not how it all started, the planet was once a Third Dimension planet, yes, but we are talking about the Fifth Dimension here.

Then many beings arrived here, beings from all points of the universe. These beings upon arriving here, took on the body that was defined for this planet, the body created by planet Earth. So you are part of Gaia, you are part of this planet. Your bodies contain the elements, the minerals, the compounds of the Earth, so everyone here, has the same form, not the same appearance. So the souls who came here, and even those who came here in life, physically, were preparing the planet for new souls to come. And those souls that arrived were taking over the Earth body, the earthly body. By then many forms began to appear, many appearances, because as I said, you are the mirror of the soul, so many varieties.

In the beginning you were few and very similar, from the origin of your souls. Only you became physical bodies of planet Earth, and the multiplication happened between the races, between the races of souls. So black skins, yellow skins, white skins, light skins. Each body at first took on the characteristics of its soul, because it was planned this way by Father/Mother God, for this planet to be a planet of Universal miscegenation. He did not want a single race here, all alike, all alike. Because as it would be a planet of atonement in the future, the differences would be the great teaching for you.

And so you were multiplying, mixing, and today you are the way you are. The origin of each one of you in soul, many of you know; but physically, I can affirm, that few of you still carry the original characteristics of your souls. Except for the color of your skin, it has remained the same. That is not to say, that the same soul will incarnate black every time it comes to the planet. No, the soul may change its color, it may change its appearance, this is a decision of the soul. But its original characteristics it keeps, always. And in the near future, you will know exactly where your souls come from.

But the subject doesn’t end here. So keep this thought, that… how much you have of each race in your physical bodies. We will talk about this next time. But begin to have a thought: Why discriminate? Why separate? Who are you really? What is your soul really like?

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  1. Marilyn

    Master Sananda, We Love you so much, Thank You so much for your patience and your tremendous Love!!!! Words can’t express the deepness I feel in my heart for You sharing your Love every chance you can. Namaste,