Sananda: Our Origins Part 1

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

It is with great gratitude that I come here once again to bring my love, my presence, and my energy into the heart of each one of you. Today another day begins, another day passes, another day ends, in this linear time that you live; this is the way you see it, there is no way it can be different for you yet. Trying to explain a time where there is no past, where there is no future, where there is only the present; it is a very complex concept still for your minds in the Third Dimension.

Your time is accelerating more and more. If you could realize that within the 24 hours that make up a day on this planet, if you could measure from the outside, you would see that the day is no longer that long. Because the planet itself is accelerating, but your clocks are keeping up with exactly what is happening on the planet. But they are also speeding up. Many feel this difference, many feel this happening. They realize that life has become lighter, that everything is happening fast. But others don’t stop to think about this nonsense because they consider it to be a tremendous nonsense.

So for each one of you, I also say that your bodies, too, are accelerated; that all the chemical reactions that take place inside them, are also happening in a more accelerated way. Why? Because you need to adapt to the new world, to adapt to the new frequencies. The frequencies that are coming in from the Central Sun are changing your bodies. Of course, once again, you will answer me, “But I don’t see anything, nothing for me is different.” And there I may even agree, to some extent with you, because visibly, almost nothing is different.

But if you look closely, much in your bodies has already changed, you just haven’t noticed it.

You don’t stop every day to analyze yourselves, to look in the mirror, to measure your heights, to measure your body, three-dimensionally. Because life is so busy, you have other duties more important than that to attend to. But I would say, that all bodies on the planet are already being changed. At what points? What does it look like? There is no rule, no determination, no definition. Each body will change according to the soul in it.

Let’s think about this: Today you are living in physical bodies, where the frame is always the same; torso, arms, legs and head. You all have the same things. I am not going to cite exceptions here. The rule of a normal human being is this. But you have differences, in the skin, in the eyes, in the hair, in the shape of each body. And why these differences? “Oh, because the cells come from the father and the mother. Yes, you are products, genetically speaking, of the father and the mother, where you become a product similar to one or the other or both. But even you, products of your parents, each one has a body, each one has a shape, and why? If you are all born from the same background, from the same genetic creation, why so many differences, why aren’t you all the same? Like the vast majority of races in the universe, in that they are practically all the same, with very few differences.

This is a very complex subject; and I want to begin to introduce it to your mind. It is not a subject for a single video, because it is an extensive subject and one needs to be very tactful when dealing with these subjects. Why so many different races? Please don’t give me that ridiculous story about one couple generating all the human beings on the planet. I hope that this has already been erased from your mind, that you have already understood that this is impossible.

So let’s know the truth, let’s learn the truth. Who knows, maybe in this way, the prejudice, the discrimination, the separatism that you do among yourselves, will end? Who knows? Who knows, maybe you will ask yourselves, who you really are, what is your genetic origin, where does your lineage come from? It’s not just from your father and mother, it comes from all the beings that have begotten them, and so on upwards. So who was the first, who was the one who originated the first of your race? And what happened on this planet? Are you a pure race? I can tell you no, that you have been mixed up enough,

So today there is no way to say that you are from line “A” or you are from line “B”. In so many thousands of years, so many thousands of births and combinations, you have become these people that are there. Each one in his own way, each one with his own appearance. And why are twins born the same? Some are. Not all. So as I said, this is a long subject and I’m starting it here today. And I would like you to think about it. What race am I? Can I define myself as a single race or am I the sum of everything that exists on the planet?

**Channel: Schieb Band

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  1. Sa Ananda

    Shieb Band, wtf are you talking about? Probably best not to put words in my mouth.