Trump Booed at Cullman Rally After Again Telling Supporters to Take Risky Covid Vaccines

informed eraoflightdotcomAt his most recent rally in Cullman, Ala., President Donald Trump was booed by his fans for once again trying to twist their arms into getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

The self-proclaimed “father of the vaccine” was forced to quickly change the subject after he was met with loud disapproval over his stance on the “Operation Warp Speed” injections, of which he has repeatedly taken ownership.

“I believe totally in your freedoms,” Trump stated. “I do. You’ve got to do what you have to do. But I recommend: take the vaccines. I did. It’s good. Take the vaccines.”

These words prompted the crowd to switch from lighthearted cheering to boos, prompting Trump to joke about how if the vaccines do not work, “you’ll be the first to know.”

“I’ll say, hey, you know what? But [the vaccine] is working,” Trump responded to his audience. “But you do have your freedoms you have to keep. You have to maintain that.”

This would be the umpteenth time that Trump has told his supporters to get the jab, pushing the same propaganda as Joe Biden and other politicians. The only difference is that Trump claims to support the right to choose.

The problem with this, of course, is that now that Trump has unleashed the jabs, the next regime is trying to mandate them. None of this would have been possible had Trump not created “Operation Warp Speed” in the first place.

Why is Trump still pushing covid vaccines long after leaving office?

Diehard Trump supporters continue to claim that the former president had no choice in promoting Operation Warp Speed. Had he not, they often say, then he would have faced the ire of the “deep state” for not cooperating.

Truth be told, Trump was a constant target of the deep state, or so it seemed, for the entirety of his presidency and even beforehand. He is also no longer president, and has no reason to still be paying lip service to the plandemic if that is really all he was ever doing.

The fact that Trump continues to double down in support of the vaccines speaks volumes as to his true character. Was he really just controlled opposition all along? Does he still have some “4-D chess” moves up his sleeves?

Some of his now-former supporters believe that Trump was a pied piper Trojan Horse all along, and that his purpose was to string along conservatives to get Operation Warp Speed into place.

Had Hillary Clinton been installed instead of Trump, the plandemic certainly would have played out a whole lot differently. Leftists would have gotten jabbed regardless, but it would have been a much tougher sell for conservatives.

With Trump at the helm, at least some conservatives went along with the ruse, believing Trump’s rhetoric about getting the injections to the world at “warp speed” when it otherwise would have taken years, supposedly lengthening the plandemic even more.

“Incredible. And still so many worship at his feet as if he is the Savior,” wrote one commenter at WND about Trump’s latest vaccine push in Cullman. “The Donald is not the man they believe he is. Mr. Flip-Flop, the former Caver-in-Chief. Just a big mouth, that’s all. And all about ‘me, me, me.”

“The true treasonous ‘scumbags’ and proponents of crimes against humanity must first be caught in the act,” responded another, offering a counter point of view.

“The vaccination effort is a genocide. There is no pandemic. Trump returns in 2021. We will tire of watching execution for treason and crimes against humanity.”

**By Ethan Huff


27 Replies to “Trump Booed at Cullman Rally After Again Telling Supporters to Take Risky Covid Vaccines”

  1. Rolf

    Deeply disturbing anyway you look at it.
    We must stop being ” FOLLOWERS”
    Yes I follow all these Era of Light posts but still use discernment.
    I liked Trump but a “leader” would tell the Truth. This jab is murdering people right and left. Actually it will be the “left” that opens up their Gun Case when their children are dying.

  2. John Robbins, Wales

    I feel its both. People dying of Ascension symptoms, and the DS killing off people, many who may not die of same. Which truly begs the question, how come the diabolical DS are not dying of Ascension symptoms themselves??

      1. John Robbins

        Then why are the (holographic?) robots, clones and actors not succumbing to the Ascension vibrations? Perhaps they are, and we will soon find out!

        1. Ben

          Holograms, robots and probably clones have no soul, and a person has to want to Ascend to grow spiritually. The Divine Creator does NOT force anyone to grow.

          1. John

            I agree. But, if one wants to cling to 3D, then this isn’t the place for it. Harsh I know, yet Truth.

  3. Deb

    It is time to focus and visualize the new world, the 5D, create a vision board.
    = = Med beds, clean air, water, and food, new technology, pure economy and currency system, etc.

    We can use the 8-8 healing New Moon and the 8-22 Full Moon co-creating, to fuse these 2 energies into liberation, renewal, and expansion.

    Feel the light energy that started Tuesday and each day is getting lighter and lighter. Let go of the earthly drama and feel the spirit.

    This allows us to integrate, heal, and clear, so we can begin conscious creation, and remove limitations and distortions to create anew, from a space of possibility and wholeness.

    1. George

      Right on!!!!

      We are here to create, so start focusing and creating the world you want. Change the way we have been thinking to reach a NEW understanding. Every action we take to center ourselves, the more our heart can sing.

      So toss those negative thoughts and feeling into the ground, release yourself from this lower energy, and soar with the birds.

  4. Phil

    What if I told you the vaccines are harmless and people are dying from ascension symptoms (i.e. dna upgrades their bodies can’t handle). What if I told you reality is projected from consciousness and the real purpose of the vaccine was to stop people from projecting more illness into reality. What if I told you the Deep State knew people would die from ascension symptoms and covid is the scam to shift them to a fake timeline where they’re dying from a virus, or a vaccine, you pick. Vax, covid, it doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t understand ascension they’re doing fine.

    1. DivineRA

      those vax are experimental mRNA gene therapy
      Ascension doesn’t kill People
      DNA is not upgraded its activated

    2. John Sutter

      What if I told you this flight of fancy of yours is about as far from reality as you can get.

    3. Ben


      I’ve been saying this the entire time. 95% + of the vax are a placebo or water, 5% or less are black market vax and are real. People are dying from diseases created by the deep state, cabal or ascension symptoms. Approving it for emergency use, allowed the military to control it and keep it a placebo.

      “real purpose of the vaccine was to stop people from projecting more illness into reality.”

    4. sea

      Phil, Wow! that is brilliant!! Never thought of that but it makes perfect sense. I knew some of them were meant to ‘fix’ darker dna but those that had too much, more than 50% would leave the earth. A cleansing process. Thank you for sharing 👍

    1. Kim

      There is more to all of this happening in the world than meets the eye. Trump is not our enemy but he is not our savior either.

      1. Don


        The whites hats are a very large GLOBAL group, and Trump is not the top. Yes, there is soooo much more going on than what we know. The great thing is the good guys have won. We are at the end of the movie, just a few more weeks.

          1. Don

            When msm (cnn and msnbc) say biden is doing a horrible job in Afghanistan, we know the end of the movie is 5 or 6 weeks away.

  5. Ghost

    Here is a possible what if scenario…
    Trump made the three shots experimental, and why they were not mandatory.
    What if it was really HCQ, the good stuff, all along, or at least part, most, or all of it?
    Didn’t Trump himself take the HCQ?
    What if at some point Trump and/or White Hats intervened with the HCQ vax?
    Now that all of the vaxes are really HCQ, could it be that is why Trump is now pushing it?

    1. John Sutter

      This is ridiculous. People are dying by the millions after the jab, and millions more are being maimed and will die off shortly.

    2. Madeleine Donaldson

      Yes I believe you are correct. I know he was pushing for HCQ plus Zinc, Quercetin and Regeneron which are actually approved Vaccines. He learnt that the Big Pharma Luciferins had tampered with the vaccines and put the Nano particles in, I also read he instructed Military to change them to either harmless placebos or HCQ plus Regeneron etc. President Trump is not the bad guy. He broke down and cried when they told him he had to close down the Economy. Instead look to the CCP and the Luciferins who are plotting evil in our World. President Trump had a lovely life before taking Office, working 20/7 for no Salary.

      1. John Sutter

        Yes he had a lovely life of being a degenerate playboy, grabbing women by the pussy, paying porn stars $140k for sex, betraying his wife and child, ripping off contractors, ripping off working people with “Trump University”, making sexualized comments about his daughter.

        These die hard Trump lovers are like energizer bunnies and will always find a way to rationalize away his actions.

    3. Gee


      I’ve heard the vax is vitamins or something good, maybe your right, it’s the HCQ. In another country, they take HCQ weekly to ward of a specific virus.

      As Phil said (comment above): “people would die from ascension symptoms.” That is if the death toll has actually increased, cdc keeps changing the 2020 numbers. So, they are dying from typical causes or ascension symptoms.

      1. sea

        Trump is likely referring to taking the ‘vitamins’ HCQ and other stuff he took when he had it if you remember and was cured. What ‘they’ are giving people is not a vax but gene-therapy so he’s not telling people to take gene-therapy or else he’d say that. Trump is impeccable with his word. It’s just confusing for the d s. People have made contracts before they incarnated to either leave or ascend and many will leave via this gene-therapy. Their choice whether they consciously remember it or not. It’s a brilliant plan 🙏

        1. John Sutter

          Yes my dear, he’s the greatest no doubt. He’s also the greatest Code Talker in history, far more gallant than the Navajo in WWII.