Master Kuthumi: Heart Chakra Connections

I am Master Kuthumi, greetings, my beloved souls upon the Earth. It is an honor and a great source of joy for me to be in your presence today.

I am bringing forth the wealth, abundance and the bountiful blessings of love, the love of the Creator. This I embrace you in as it extends through my being from the Creator. Love is such a vast and expansive energy, it is also can be a general topic, as well as being very intricate and detailed.

The love I wish to speak of today, concerns the Heart Chakra and the connections of the Heart Chakra.

I wish to encourage you to contemplate your Heart Chakras connections. To do this I invite you to meditate or contemplate your Heart Chakra, bring your focus, your attention to your Heart Chakra. I simply advise you to sit in and with the space of your Heart Chakra.

Now, imagine that your Heart Chakra is like a friend and there is a need for you to communicate and yet you cannot speak. You cannot make signs or gestures. All that is appropriate for you to do to communicate with this friend, is to sit with them, to be present with them, and to observe them. You can send energy, also receive energy as well, drawing it into your being with each breath you inhale.

It is this that I encourage you to achieve with your own Heart Chakra. Rather than trying to communicate to make connections, I invite you to simply sit with your Heart Chakra.

This journey is a journey I, Master Kuthumi, have made and continue to make, especially in my experiences upon the Earth. To some extent, it can be a journey that takes many years, maybe even a lifetime. It depends how dedicated you are to your Heart Chakra and how much you wish to explore.

Allow yourself to sit in the presence, surrounded by the energy of your Heart Chakra, observing your Heart Chakra, focusing upon your Heart Chakra, exhaling energy, love, and truth to your Heart Chakra and inhaling it. Imagine all this within the centre of your being, within your Heart Chakra, within your body and your auric field, as if you are going into the temple of your Heart Chakra and that is where you meet your Heart Chakra, or the essence, the core of your Heart Chakra.

I wish to encourage you to observe within your Heart Chakra whether it is open or whether it is closed. As you begin to explore and discover this, you will notice that there are degrees or levels of openness and degrees or levels of being closed.

What you will find is that as you observe your Heart Chakra, you might observe that it is very open and expansive, and you could contemplate why is this? What is creating the openness and the expansion? It might be that you just had the most beautiful walk or conversation, or you were just inspired, or it could be anything. This is creating an openness within your Heart Chakra.

You might notice at other times, that your Heart Chakra feels quite closed or tight, or unavailable. This could be due to a previous circumstance. You begin to notice what it means, and what it feels like.

When your Heart Chakra is open, often it can feel very freeing, flowing, expansive, and loving.

When your Heart Chakra is closed maybe you feel slightly more negative or slightly down, maybe you feel ungrounded, or you experience emotions such anger, fear or maybe you just simply feel like you wish to isolate yourself somewhat.

It is often good to investigate your reality and see what has happened to create the openness or the closeness. The more you begin to acknowledge and understand realizing that your Heart Chakra begins to gift you with things that require to be healed and expanded further.

For example, maybe there are issues with family members, or maybe there is a block in your work, maybe there is a block in your perspective of how you are viewing something or how you are viewing yourself? Your Heart Chakra may make you aware of a negative habit or a wound in your body that is creating a closeness’ in your heart.

When the Heart Chakra closes this means that the energy of the Creator is not flowing as freely, you may feel a separation with the Creator or a separation with your reality yourself or even another being. When your Heart Chakra is closed or even slightly closed, it is harder to bring forth the healing, the joy, the inspiration, and the truth of the Creator.

There is a need to transform the closeness within the Heart Chakra to a greater openness and expansion.

Simply by recognizing that your Heart Chakra is slightly closed, slightly separate or detached will allow for a greater openness. You can send energy and love, go deeper into the closeness of your Heart Chakra, recognizing if your Heart Chakra is holding onto a burden and you can simply breathe in that space, so you are willing to be present with the big emotion, feeling, burden, wound or pain.

Maybe you are willing to be present with it and to observe it. You are breathing in that space and gradually as you do that, you may gain some insights, or you may not. Energies may climax and then dissipate. What you will find is that there will almost be like a relief and a release and that is when you will know that your Heart Chakra and sometimes it can be reluctantly, your Heart Chakra will open up once more in that space.

This is such a wonderful way of being because often, and I know this from experience, we walk around as human beings and we do not recognize when our Heart Chakra is opening and closing. This means that we approach some people, situations, or experiences, even the creation of dreams, we approach from a closed heart, maybe because we fear that we will fail, or we feel fear that the dream will not manifest.

Rather than allowing your Heart Chakra to close and to almost stop the flow of the Creator, even though it is a natural process for the Heart Chakra to close, like a protection, your Heart Chakra may only close slightly but if you are noticing this then you are more able to maintain a balance.

You are more able to allow your Heart Chakra to be open and when burdens manifest or blockages manifest, you are more alert to them. You deal with them in the present time rather than dealing with them in the future when they have already created an impact or an imprint into your being.

This can be achieved with all chakras because they are all connected. However, the Heart Chakra is a space of expression of the Creator into your being, your reality, and your creations. Expression is immensely important at this time of Ascension.

The more you can allow your Heart Chakra to be balanced and connected to everything and everyone the easier you will find it to create, to express, to receive the Divine guidance of the Creator and to be your truth.

The pattern of connection and disconnection within the Heart Chakra, dissolves and there is only connection. You still protect yourself. You still experience sadness, pain or suffering but you are able to deal with it in the real time, in the present time before it becomes a burden.

This was something I focused upon with great attention when I was on the Earth. It allowed my Heart Chakra to grow and expand, becoming so strong and powerful. It was like my Heart Chakra was a tremendous source of light, like the Creator was beaming through my Heart Chakra which was a beautiful experience and empowering experience for me and for others as well.

Please, if you wish to take my words, if you do not discard them, I am here in and as a space of love so you may create your own space of love.

I thank you,

I am Master Kuthumi

**Channel: Natalie Glasson