Ashtar: Change Your Thoughts About the Future

Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!

Being here is a reason for much joy. I want to complement today, all that was said by Michael before: Be ready, there is no more time for you to be only dreaming. You can dream, and you should, but always with focus and with the certainty that the dream will come true. We are in the final preparations for this “Great Moment,” for the moment of awakening of this humanity; a suffering, inferior, enslaved humanity, totally without pleasure, without joy, without happiness, which has been imposed upon it for so many years, I would even say millennia.

All of this is coming to an end. Don’t keep trying to imagine what is going to happen. I want to warn you about this. When you are thinking, worrying about what is going to happen, never forget that your thoughts are carried out into the universe; and by the speed at which everything is happening, you are creating egregores of panic and fear. So, I suggest that each one of you; don’t think, don’t talk about it, don’t comment. If you really want to help, to speed up the process, think of a perfect planet, think of a civilization at peace, emanating only love, all embracing. No matter what you look like, what shape, what color you are; everyone living together harmoniously. The borders of countries diplomatically torn down, and the citizens being able to come and go as they please, because the ground does not belong to anyone. The political extensions of each country do not belong to anyone, the soil belongs to Gaia.

So at this moment, we are not too worried about redoing the borders. Our only intention at this moment, is simply to free them. There will be no restriction of coming and going. Because we also have to think, there will no longer be a reason to move from one point to another, because it is better where you are. Because everybody will have the right to everything, nobody will lack anything.

So this is the thought that you need to emanate: peace, harmony, friendship, equality, plenty, abundance, for everybody. You are very much in the habit of putting everything you own as belonging to you; nothing belongs to you. Everything that is on the surface of this planet belongs to the planet. Today you are born and you die, and what is there stays, nobody takes anything away. So let’s learn to let go of possessions, let’s learn to let go of the chains that bind you to achievements, to riches, when so many have nothing.

So let’s start a new world, without attachment, without belongings, just distributing equally to all. I sincerely hope you are ready for that. To think that “being ready to go to the Fifth Dimension is just emanating love”, is not. Learning the Fifth Dimension, is exactly seeing all brothers as brothers, not as enemies, not as competitors, not as usurpers. What would be the ideal for this new world? That everyone, without exception, would be entitled to the same housing, the same abundant food on the table, the same amount of money energy in their accounts. Work would be by choice, not imposed. Everyone would work with love and give their best for the whole; not to placate their ego, not to think they are the best. Everyone would have the right to knowledge. Everyone will have the right to education, and everyone will learn what is really important to live in harmony, emanating only love.

So I ask each of you not to imagine the conflicts, the revolutions, the deaths, the killings, that you are creating with the expectation of what is to come. This also reverberates in the All. As Michael said: We have reached the balance of a timeline, where everything will happen in a balanced way and in the least complicated and disastrous way possible. Now, if you keep emanating fear, seeing conflicts, seeing wars, seeing battles, seeing more and more deaths, that also reverberates. And then when it happens down the road, you will ask us, “But didn’t you say it would be peaceful?” On our part, yes. Now, you are doing your part, and it is not pretty to see.

It’s interesting how we talk and talk and talk, and you continue to act in the wrong way. You think that thoughts, little comments, don’t lead to anything, they are just thoughts. So I tell you, the Fifth Dimensional Light that is coming to the planet creates exactly what you think. And that is what is happening. You are creating very negative egregories about what is going to happen. Can you change your thinking? Of course it can.

If you trust what we say and believe that everything will be done in the best possible way, you would only be imagining peace and harmony, nothing else; the rest is up to us. But you comment, you spread, you think, you say only negative things. Not only do you not help the process at all, you slow it down, because we have to keep finding ways to balance a positive energy on top of what you are thinking.So just think, that everything will happen with the love of Father/Mother God. No matter what it is; it will be with pure love. This is how you create an egregore of peace and harmony. Think much about what we have been saying. Watch your thoughts, watch your words, watch your actions, and you not only think and speak, but share, so that it grows more and more. Really, we try to understand human consciousness, but sometimes it is difficult. You have been so used to suffering, so used to negativity, that you can’t imagine a better world. The habits continue, nothing has changed.

So I hope that each one of you will do your part in this process. You are not few on the planet, there are millions of awakened ones, so do your part as awakened ones. Emanate only peace, harmony, love, and equality, that’s all. Don’t reverberate any other feelings, because that way you are adding more fire to the fire that is already burning, and it will burn even more.

I hope I’ve been very clear. I hope you really change your vibrations, change what you think, change what you want. For at first glance, it doesn’t seem to us all that you want this New World. It seems to us that you want to continue living in this Third Dimensional gear, where love has long been forgotten, equality no longer exists, and each one of you has become a lonely and isolated being; either from us or from the universe.

**Channel: Schieb Band


21 Replies to “Ashtar: Change Your Thoughts About the Future”

  1. Ben

    Many people here need therapy and help. There is no free ride. Do the inner work or find someone to help you.

  2. star_struck

    Logic what destroyed Atlantis. The Atlanteean choose to listen the the dark forces when they were not quite up in the high state of consciousness in trade for technology and gave the dark forces access to the land even though it was already an advanced tech civilization. Ancient Egypt stop listening to the light forces and that led to down fall. Freedom is not taken easily by people. That is why the galactics say work on your inner self. They don’t want to relive those experiences again so it’s important to do inner work and free your mind. 5d passage is not an easy path for everyone and you have to be light as a feather. Start cutting tethers to free your mind. Materials stuff and devices should not dictate you. You have to let go of attachments and the idea of owning stuff. When you think everyone deserves the highest good you are getting there to 5d. When you align with Source energy and able to learn how to manipulate energy like the masters …material stuff does not matter. When the galactics mentioned heaven on earth they really mean it. There is no division in heaven. We are spirit first before taking in any kind of forms! We are All One! Some of you guys are triggered by the dark agenda because you allowed it to get to your mind and forgot you are creators. They can not do anything with our your consent! Yes the agendas are being roll out but they haven’t been allowed to conquered! We are meant to hold the light and stand on our feet! Those people who choose to allowed the dark agenda because of prebirth decisions and choose to go a slower path. Everyone is an important piece of the puzzle to enter to the Golden Age.

  3. Douglas A James

    You could tell this wasnt of the Light. We are enslaved and have been prisoners here because the galactics made a choice to allow earth to be taken over by the dark ones…once we see events unfold that show disclosure is now here ..

  4. 999

    Welcome to humans Ashtar. It’s hard for us to understand our consciousness too. Almost no one can really see the connection between thoughts and creation and way too many people are invested in this “justice being served” fantasy.

    1. Emerson

      I heartily agree 999. I was there myself once…to wish the downfall and justice of the DS the dark ones, but have come to see it all so differently; to see all events as perfect, a ‘play’ of sorts, all people, all forms of life, as playing their role, all are on cue, the “dark side” as showing up to help us see our pain, our damage, our darkness, help us see our mean-ness, so we like they can all ascend together.

      The Divine is in perfect control, with perfect love, and perfect timing. Just as cold and darkness are not commodities of themselves but are only a result upon removing heat and light respectively, there is also nothing but Love and Life!

      Greater Light to all!

      Wonderful Love to come!

      1. Lara

        LOL. Looks like ‘woke’ culture has arrived on Era of Light. Commie BS, and you’re blind if can’t see it. Rafael here said it best.

  5. star_struck

    Thank you Ashtar! Even some people who called themselves lightworkers are already triggered to let go of attachments and possessions. I see some people have a lot of inner work to do cause these shadows are coming out from this channeling message. There is a dark agenda and a divine plan. We are all God’s children. When we share is out of Love. I have no problem with that because I choose to align with God! I am ready for 5d and all shades of people celebrating and living in harmony! We are All One!

  6. John Sutter

    Sounds like the very Communist murder regime attacking the USA with death jabs, open borders, manufactured resource scarcity, manufactured food shortages. Honestly, it reminds me of some Antifa simpleton.

    I don’t want to just walk the Earth. I want to preserve my European heritage, my phenotype, my way of life. I don’t see myself as being compatible with every other Biped on this planet. I want them to have their own living space and live as they see fit.

    I also want my people to have their living space and live life as it suits us.

  7. Ken B. Wrong

    I don’t look at this channelling from the perspective of 3rd dimension experience. Y, when viewed from that perspective, it does sound like “the Great Reset” control agenda. But in the 5th dimension, there are no controllers and no agendas. We are all sovereign. Rather than physical labor, everything is created by thought. Can I be happy in a world where I create with my thoughts as does everyone else, and nothing anyone enjoys is “taken” from anyone else? Sure can.

    The 5th dimension is also a dimension of Unity Consciousness. All that rise to that energy understand everything and everybody – even though some are “negative”, they are still a reflection of Source.

    And this is the “trick”… one’s frequency cannot vibrate at that higher level by “hating haters”. It’s not a “rule” or anything, it’s simple logic; duality is simply a lower frequency than unity. As long as you believe in the duality paradigm, you are at the lower frequency. The two go hand-in-hand.

    The negativity and conflict on this planet now are here for a reason. As long as the controllers can get souls to engage in it, to take sides, the longer they can keep control of the planet. The enlightenment is not to take the “right side” but to let go of taking sides.

  8. Haraldur Guðbjartsson

    Tank you Astar I understand this way of life.
    I will receive what I can give to others.
    We are all one.

  9. Susla

    DeepState wants open borders, and they want to own everything, and their slogan is: You will own nothing, and be happy (while they own it all).

    This channelings says no borders, and let go of possessions. LOL – this channelings sounds like DeepState / DarkHats.

    1. kaushx

      Indeed it is. If you’d have ever listened to Elena Danaan, she has emphasized multiple times that only Ashtar Command is real positive galactic military organization whereas names like Commander Ashtar, Ashtar Sheran or Lord Ashtar are totally made-up hoaxes by the DeepState itself.

  10. Daedalus

    I see it a bit odd … were still in such reality where are plenty of petty conflicts and where parasitic mentality is encouraged and spread. So, its hard to expect from people to not think about certain things at all, because theyre bombarded 24/7 with various influences.

    And I dont see about “giving it equally to everyone” – this is just not possible, because the right mental state is not about “making equality” – but about giving and making ourselves self-sustainable. I mean, there is a logic … if you take a piece of bread, cut it on seemingly “equal” pieces and give to everyone … it would be obvious that pieces of bread arent and cant be perfectly equal, and there will be always someone who will say “I got too little”. Thats the mentality of misery were bombarded with – thats what we need to fix within ourselves first and foremost.

    There are several ways how mentality of misery changes already … but were seeing them all simultanenously unraveled. Crash and failure of old parasitic system, preparing the mentality to create society that isnt based on parasitic thinking. Just see how many money chasers are still out there … they live their whole life chasing something that will never be enough to them. And many of those “successful” and “prime examples” of material wealth arent even humans, but just puppets on a string to make a show for weak minded. They dont even have soul …

    When our mentality matures fully around self-sustainability, we will see humanity flourishing EVERYWHERE. It is on us, without doubt …

    1. Susla

      Open border and we should not own anything. That is DeepState agenda.
      DS has infiltrated the spiritual community.
      Problem is people expect to read evil stuff, they dont expect evil to write something that sound nice and true, but is in actuality a long term agenda to something evil.

      1. Daedalus

        Thats correct. And I know a lot about so called “love and lighters” – many do not understand that it is the purging of unpleasant stuff through which billions go now through… so, the claim to focus only on positive is nonsensical.

        The purge must be done to relieve many of burden.

  11. Brooke

    Well I completely agree.. however it would be fabulous if someone actually could explain to me what this is all about? Apparently it’s some big secret. And all the millions of people can go around with negative words all day long and yet I am supposed to be miss perfect. Yea I’m doing my best… give me a break though.. if you even knew the half of it it. Thanks for the advice. I do appreciate it . God bless

    1. Susla

      If you feel like: Give me a break, then you can be sure it is NOT from the divine realm, the stuff you are reading.
      Divine (God – Jesus – Masters etc.) doesn’t reprimand you. They respect free will.
      They love love love no matter what you do.

      This channeling scream of evil sugar coated IMHO.