The Energies of September 2021; Harmonic Universe

new sun higher lightBeloved Ones,

We are entering the last phase of this changing year. A period for us to focus on rejuvenation and purification, as the New Moon in Virgo at the beginning of the month reminds us. This new month brings balance, and the reminder to continue being in our hearts, discerning before stepping into the unknown. We are in the midst of an energetic passage in which we have now the time to be at peace with our choices, discern about our current journey, and rest, as the next passage will be as intense as the previous Lions one. This month is a phase for us to regain strength, as well as guidance for our next destination as we continue navigating within this transformational year.

During August we were immersed within a very profound shift, where many aligned with its energies to empower themselves, open more their hearts to assisting in this transition into a new harmonic timeline. While others were in the phase of plasma integration, one that lasts several months and that is essential for the transformation of our bodies, and hence consciousness. During this new month of September as well as the following one, we are going to stabilize all these changes, descending all the clarity and wisdom required from Above, so we can anchor all we received, in the physical, where all is meant to grow, expand and blossom.

This is another month to move inward, to continue visualizing what we are consciously creating, in the depths of our being, remembering that as conscious creators, we no longer create what is best for us, but for All within Creation, as we no longer act from a space of fragmentation but from Divine Remembrance where All is One.

As we are yet integrating the many energies embodied during the previous months, many may feel very emotional, as they, without knowing, are releasing years of pain, repression, and many other hidden wounds that are resurfacing, for as we integrate change, which means the new earth energies, we too release old ones. This process can be overwhelming, it can be felt as a very slow one that will never end. It takes time to adjust and completely let go of what was, allowing the new to merge with us. However, how we confront these moments and what we make of them, will determine a positive outcome or a fearful and hopeless one.

Integrating pain is the path to self-healing and liberation. Rejecting it is coming back into unconsciousness, into denial, and hence into the pattern of hiding pain, rather than embracing it and liberating it. During September, with the soothing and loving energies that accompany us, we have the opportunity to stay center in our hearts and embrace all the wounds that we once denied and that shall be accepted, understood, and released, realizing that pain holds valuable lessons that we need for our path of conscious remembrance.

Confronting pain is not easy as it requires strength, devotion, and detachment from past actions, as once we choose to accept all we have created, we may too fall deep into disappointment and sadness, for we did not always have the same level of consciousness.

However, as we continue remembering, we too realize that self-blame and guilt are useless, for once we recognize the actions made from a lower level of consciousness, take responsibility, and choosing to act lovingly and compassionately, these actions are immediately dissolved and we just have to continue being the lovelight beings that we are. This is how we mend unloving actions, for blame and guilt do not make a new path, they only keep us in the old painful one. This is why during this month it is so important to clear the ego and remain in our hearts, so we can discern about ourselves and our journey, before continuing.

The crystal that Guides shared for this month of September, to help us relax, be calm and at peace, and balance ourselves, at all levels, is Labradorite. Guides emphasize the importance of wearing or working with stone at a time when many are still fighting with viruses, as this stone clears and helps us releases them, as well as colds, etc, and program it to help us digest all the emotions that are surfacing, at this time, and that may overwhelm us. It is also a wonderful stone for women, to work on balancing hormones, as it helps the feminine sexual organs to come back into their original programming.

Numerology, this month’s main essence coincides with the one from this year, as it is a 5 universal month. This is the peak of the change that we have been integrating and that we pass not as I shared to stabilize, during the last months of the year. Number 5 is the so-called changemaker. However, all changes in truth come from within. This is a month in which we being this creational phase from within, from an inner space of peace, discernment, and clarity. It is a frequency that accompanies us to learn how to transform from within all that we wish to change in the outer.

All previous changes created are going to manifest and begin to flourish in the physical. This is a phase for us to observe what we have given birth to and begin to redirect anything that is not aligned with our authentic soul desire.

As you know in tarot, the card that represents the number 5 is the Hierophant. The Wise Man is a metaphor of a Higher Intelligence who guides us through change and who reveals Truth for all who are ready to listen. This is indeed where we are now, in a phase for deep revelations and self-mastery, a passage to show us clarity in all situations of our human experiences, and the road to enlightenment, which is always a challenging path, no free of obstacles, but worth it to walk.

In truth all is meant to help us in our chosen journey, everything even that, which we consider “bad”, helps us see where we are not being the LoveLight beings that we are. Furthermore, number 5 symbolizes self-liberation, liberation from cults, religions, old programs, and everything that keeps us small and in fear, which is everything that was created by humans, in a lower state of consciousness. We always have the perfect essences for us to align with them and begin to disengage from old beliefs and ways of beings, it is our final choice to continue in the old or be brave to step into new horizons.

Planetary Alignments

At a cosmic level, we begin this new energetic month by having a New Moon at 14 degrees Virgo on September 6. We, therefore, enter into September purified, rebirthed into the illumined being that we, in essence, truly are. Virgo, an essence that will be very present together with Libra energies during this month, and Virgo energies and Virgo is all about the rejuvenation that comes when we first have dissolved all remnants of the old, allowing space for our authentic being and purpose to emerge. A mission that Virgo reinforces, for it is all about giving itself in service to All.

On September 10th, Venus enters Scorpio. Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, which is just a consequence of the first one, in Scorpio is going to help us tremendously in going deeper into the depths of our being to find all the guidance that we need for our new journey. Some will be already manifesting it, while others are yet in the initial creational phases. All is according to our soul’s original plan and micro personal cycles, which is why it is so important to know ourselves profoundly.

On September 14 Mars enters Libra. In a month where discernment is key, we have this fierce essence from Mars finding rest, balance, and peace in loving Libra. This is what is taking place within ourselves, for we have learned how to master our egoic impulses, how to overcome the need to act when it is time to just be, and how to remain observant. This is going to help us channel our impulsiveness, courage, which often can emerge in the form of anger, with love and a higher understanding, as it is pivotal to reflect from an inner space of deep communion with our God Self, before making decisions that will not benefit All.

As we approach the end of the month, on September 20, we have a Full Moon in Pisces. Another wonderful sign for us to dive deep into our Illumined Essence, communing with our God Self for higher guidance. This is a moon for us to be sensitive, as with Pisces we have the opportunity to remember how to act as compassionate beings, which does not involve interference but conscious witnessing.

On another hand, this Moon brings creativity through soul communion as Neptune harmonizes with the moon. This is also a time for us to release delusions and embody the higher illumined aspect of us that truly sees beyond illusions what is real from what is not. A time as well for higher communication and connection, as we too will have the sun trine pluto, and Mercury trine Jupiter.

On September 22 the Sun enters Libra. It is here when we welcome the Equinox and with it, the peak of the stabilizing frequencies received all this month. If you look closely, for one only needs to feel rather than seeking knowledge from outside, all this month offers us precious energies for us to balance every single aspect of ourselves, and hence, outer lives, as they are a reflection of how we feel inside. It is up to us to take the opportunity each month to focus on an aspect of ourselves and work with it rather than waiting with open arms to be blessed or cursed, as it used to be in ancient times, for now, we know that we create it all from within, by being devoted and doing our inner work.

On September 23, Neptune quintile True Node and at the end of the month, on September 27 Neptune will too quintile True Node. Neptune is the Dreamer, but also the Intuitive one, as it dwells in the subconscious. Neptune in co-creation with the True Node is about becoming more sensitive, obtaining more clarity about our soul desires, and go for what makes us feel alive and in perfect resonance with our mission.

This is about embracing creativity and expanding into it, moving forward into a new direction, one that is now ruled by our desire to create something luminous that benefits All and that brings love, joy, and healing to everyone. These aspects are going to give us a strong push for us to begin creating from this moment, rather than constantly looking back into the past or possible futures.

We end the month with Mercury, retrograde at 25 degrees of Libra, on September 27. As you know I do not feed this limited belief of Mercury being retrograde. I can only inform of the date it turns retrograde for those who resonate with it. Mercury in Libra whether retrograde or not, as the essence does not vary, as it is just the perception we have from our human view, is about being bringing balance into our mental plane, although at this time is going to have more impact on the collective mind, helping them to bring more diplomacy, at a time when there are many conflicts arising, as well as global equilibrium.

This is going to be a month for us to keep dwelling into the illumined and peaceful essence of our Soul, for there are many distractions that can make us fall apart and come back into old states of being.

The most important to contribute to a more peaceful and loving planet is to precisely create this same frequency from within and remain there as long as possible, even though as humans, there will be challenges that may often make us oscillate between two different frequencies.

Staying into our loving God Presence and acting from this same space is the only thing that will help us bring more compassion and a higher understanding, at this tumultuous time, in the current planetary shift.

I wish you a loving September, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba