Laka: Finding The True Self

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomGreetings Beloved Friends!

Begin Each Moment With Finding The True Self Within.

For This Moment Will Be Perfect As The Storms Play Around You!

Many Begin Their Ordinary Day With A Rush To Take Care Of The Body Without Checking In With The Higher Self.

The Increasing Of Social Media And The Addiction It Brings To Check In And Look At Comments Will Divert You From Communing In Sacred Moments To Find Your Strength.

Without Attention To The Soul’s Purpose, You Will Get Lost In The Ilusion.

You May Find Yourself A Bit Cranky And Look For Caffeine And Sugar To Regulate Your Mood, Not Knowing This Adds To Dysregulation.

What Is Wisdom When The News Is Raging And Your Day Is Full Of Added Stress?

Be Still And Remember Who You Are.

Know The Brief Story Of The False Identity Is Being Created By Your Own Perceptions And Actions.

Do Your Best To Keep Life Quiet And Simple, Knowing That All Will Continue To Rage On.

It Is Entirely Possible To Ground Yourself Each Morning And Meditate Within To Find Peace.

In Every Waking Dream There Are Millions Of Stories And There Are Also Those Of Peace And Wayshowers From Every Aspect, That Are Here To Assist You In Guidance.

From Ascended Masters Who Descend Into This Realm To Show The Way, To Angels That Manifest As Human And As Their Own Being, To Avatars Of Many Chosen Belief Systems Of Love, To The Souls In Form That Are Your Tribe.

Just Behold The Love Around You! You Have Everything You Need To See You Through!

God Is Everything!

You Are Everything!

‘Do You Not Know You Are All Gods?’

Prepare To Observe The Worst Behavior As Duality Is Coming To A Heightened Awareness. Be Still.

Find The Love Inside And Nothing Can Touch You.

Nourish Your Soul.

We Fully Understand You And Have Chosen To Be With You Always.

We Have Incarnated Many Times As Human To Understand The Challenges First Hand!

You Are Powerful Beyond What You Fully Comprehend!

Focus On Good And Allow All To Play Out!

The Path Before You Is Light!

I Love You So!

**Telepathically received by Judith


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