Sanat Kumara: Love Without Ego

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomTHE LOVE

Love makes everything possible, love causes the healing of all, love is the key for everything. Lovers are the anchors of this time, the light-bringers of this earth, are the living lighthouses in this light-poor world.

He who loves is perfect, without love everything is in vain.

Beloved people,

you reach the level of love by conquering yourself and crossing the low levels of your ego.

The ideas of your ego bind you to this world and they take away the courage to love, the hope to reach the goal of love, and the determination to remove everything that prevents you from doing so.

If everything revolves around your ego, there is no love.


Because where the ego claims its right, it needs awareness, and where the ego plays out its power, it needs determination to limit it.

Therefore, I invite you to become a lover, to practice love through and through. Let your ego live, but not be so alive that it dominates you and determines your life.

Put your ego under the power of your consciousness, that is, no longer identify with what your ego wants, but follow the call of your heart.

It is your ego that causes turmoil in your mind – and it is your ego that leads you astray. The ego pulls you away from God, away from the light, away from love. Your heart and consciousness, however, are made of love – and therefore it is crucial that every decision is born from your consciousness and heart.

The exercise is simple: examine yourself internally and question your motives. That is all!

The path to unconditional love is an easy one, if you approach it directly – and that means: to penetrate to the source of the memories that trouble and harm you.


Allow yourself to see what is essential and true, and be satisfied only when your consciousness has taken power over the ego. If it is the other way around, even the good deed will lead you into unhappiness!

How can you recognize that your consciousness is your guiding star and not the ego? By being able to accept what is.

Then everything comes into motion. Silence and peace spread and love flourishes on a healthy ground.

Love is the primal state of your mind and is the fundamental frequency of your soul. Your restless mind may rebel against it, your immense consciousness need not touch it.

To awaken is to emancipate yourself from the ego and establish the kingdom of peace in your heart.

Silence and peace, compassion and love are born beyond the ego – and the longing for truth is the key.

With infinite love


**Channe: Jahn J Kassl