Astrology Forecast For September 2021

astrology update eraoflightdotcomI’ve long been a seeker of silence. Seeking out opportunities to embrace the silent moments and to immerse myself in the stillness that silence can bring. We live in a busy, noisy, distraction fuelled world which can make it so hard to even notice the silence, but it’s always there. It’s often the case that we need to pause and breathe deeply in order to re-connect, but it’s important to realise that silence never leaves us, it’s usually a case that we shut ourselves off from the silence.

Silence isn’t just the absence of sound, far from it. Silence is the stillness that can be found in between moments and in those gaps between the in breath and the out breath, at the point where we are doing neither one nor the other. Silence is the space where true wisdom can be found, it can bring us insight and a deeper sense of understanding as to why things are the way they are. We may not find all the answers in silence, but we can find a stronger sense of acceptance to the inherently unknowable nature of life.

Of course, to truly connect with the silence, we need to be willing to wholeheartedly listen and connect without distraction. Sometimes this is hard with all of the distractions of everyday life, but the more we try to consciously connect to the silence, the more it will find ways to reach our hearts and souls. It’s in the silence where truth resides, and it’s in the stillness where our consciousness spirals backwards in order for us to see the bigger picture once again.

It’s innately human to collect clutter; we spend most of our lives with things to do, people to see, places to go and ‘to do’ lists to complete, and this can, at times, become so overwhelmingly heavy that we lose sight of the silence and the truth that lies within. Yet, no matter how over-burdened we can feel, the silence sits patiently, never waning, never fading. Silence is the light within our hearts and souls that brings us closer to peace and closer to the truth of our true essence. Yet, what is truth? Is it finding the answers to all of questions in life? Maybe it’s an acknowledgment of the unanswerable nature of the questions we seek? Could it be a wholehearted acceptance of the possibility that we never really knew what we were asking in the first place?

It’s easy to become caught up in the currents of life, being carried along by the collective ideals and expectations, and slowly losing sight of our true nature. It’s therefore easy to see why silence then becomes a luxury rather than a necessity, as time away from the clutter of day-to-day life only serves to remind us of the true majesty of possibility and potential that comes by living our best lives. Silence isn’t an empty, voidal space of nothing-ness, nor is silence the absence of sound; in this context, silence is the willingness for each of us to wholeheartedly open up to the universality of connection, to look beyond the things that separate and divide, and to sense the true nature of interconnectivity. Every single action, choice, thought and belief has consequences and so nothing happens in isolation.

It’s understandable that so many fear the silence as they fear looking deeply within their hearts and souls in order to see the truth of what resides there. Silence brings truth and truth shines the light of all of those aspects of ourselves and our lives that we’ve been avoiding for so long. Silence wakes us up, but many would prefer to remain sleep walking to keep on keeping on as it’s easier.

So, when we listen to a bird in song or the waves lapping on the shore, these are opportunities to breathe in the silence and enter a quiet moment deep within. This is the pathway to feeling more connected and more alive. Silence isn’t the absence of connection, it’s the epitome of true connection. The ability to sit comfortably in total silence with another soul is the true test of a connection as it’s in the silence where more can be exchanged.

It’s time for each of us to step beyond the chatter of life and to focus more wholeheartedly on embracing the silence more. It’s time to let go of the distractions in order to live our best lives. It’s important to remember that every word spoken matters, so we need to make our words count and make them purposeful and use them with wisdom and passion. Even when life feels chaotic, busy and loud, when we take a deep breath, the silence rises up and gently smiles at us from within. When we enter those spaces in-between spaces, we access our creativity, spirituality and wholeheartedness. It’s here where we become fully aligned with our true essence as we let go of the collections of ought’s, must’s and should’s that shape and define our lives.

Each of us are on a journey at the moment and, as we continue to listen to the breath of life and the echoes of silence, we begin to realise that we’re ready to open up to the true beauty of existence and to finding a deeper level of purpose, hope and joy. As the ebb and flow of the tides of life continue to lap the shorelines of our souls, there is a growing sense of awareness of the shifting landscape carved out by the currents and the winds of time.

It therefore seems important that we acknowledge the roles we have played in our own evolution. Every moment of every day we make choices: choices to act, choices not to act, choices not to make choices and so on. Some of us embrace each and every moment, seeing life as an opportunity to experience as much as possible, but others spend life finding reasons ‘not to’. Most of us have, at some point, spent time in both categories, but the more awakened we become, the more we need to be accountable for our choices, even those choices we choose not to make.

Whatever life brings us, the silence always has the potential to bring us peace, wisdom, insight and strength. As the orchestra of the universe starts to softly play a new melody, it seems the more willing we are to pause and acknowledge the silence, the more uplifting this music will become…


Dear friends and kindred spirits, I have something to ask of you…

Over the years, my spirituality and sense of connection has come through the natural world: a walk through the woods, resting against an ancient oak tree, communing with the stars under the night sky. Resting in the silence of nature has been my strength, my solace and my inspiration.

My health has been on a slippery slope for many years. I’ve always managed it quite well, but over the last decade the cracks have grown wider, and my body just won’t do the things I want it to do. I have been a wheelchair user for quite a few years, but my current wheelchair is struggling, and she just can’t get me to those places that now reside only in the depths of my consciousness.

I find myself feeling a deep sense of loss at the life I’m not living and a sense of grief for the life I cannot have. Every day I feel disconnected and isolated from the world. The more my health deteriorates, the more I long to be able to do the simple things: being in the woods listening to trees whispering, watching the crops sway in the fields as the birds soar overhead or even being able to connect to the power of the sea. I don’t want to live on the periphery, I want to live my life as best as I can, spending time outside to feed my soul and nurture my spirit.

That’s where I need your love and help. I need to raise the money to buy a new ‘all-terrain’ wheelchair. It’s a lot of money, and I realise the enormity of what I’m asking – it has taken me a great deal of time and energy to muster up the confidence to ask you, but I have to put this out to trust and see what transpires as I need your help. I don’t want my life to end at the pavement anymore.

If you feel able to help then please go to my crowdfunding page…and please feel free to share this link with others. If I can muster up your love and support to help me build on this intent, then I feel sure it can become a reality.

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



September looks set to be a month filled with courage, passion and energy as you grab hold of an opportunity to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. You have been on the edge of significant change for quite some time now and you seem more than ready for something new. In many ways, you have been feeling quite restless as you have intuitively sensed change occurring deep within you, but until now you have been unable to put your finger on exactly what’s going on. What’s clear though, is that you have never been afraid to take a chance in life; you have always been riding on the crest of the wave, opening up to new opportunities and new adventures, and this has given you an intuitive sense of purpose and direction. When that effervescent, warm, fuzzy feeling rises up within you, you know that your heart and soul are fully engaged in the process.

However, over recent months, the effervescence has gone slightly flat as you have felt a little more disconnected with life. As a result, the usual kaleidoscope of colours in your inner world has switched to a slightly more monotone palette, leaving you feeling overwhelmed with responsibility and cluttered with things to do, people to see and places to go. This is a sign that you have reached a choice point in your life and although choices always have consequences, intuitively you know that you must listen to your inner self to guide you forward now. You seem ready to up anchor, to let the wind take your sails and to carry you into uncharted waters. Yes, it seems clear that you don’t know what lies ahead, but couldn’t that be said for anyone? Let go of the self-doubt and start believing in yourself as you really are riding on the crest of a brand-new wave…


You have spent a great deal of your life trying to get your life right. You have tried to be the best version of yourself that you can be, trying to be the person you thought you ought to be, should be and could be. However, whilst you have made great progress, there is a sense that you have been trying so hard to be the best version of yourself that you can be, that you have forgotten to connect to your true nature. In essence, you have become the person you think you ought to be and have lost sight of your inner self. Of course, this happens to a great many souls, so you are not alone. yet, it is different for you as you have the insight and wisdom to see that this is happening, as well as the courage and energy to do something about it. You are not a sheep, and whilst you have spent time following the flock because it felt like the right thing to do, intuitively you know that you are an individual and follow your own lead.

When you step back to see the bigger picture of your life, you realise that your drive comes from the desire to facilitate and support others to live their best lives. Your generosity and tendency to give to others seems to know no limits, and whilst this brings great reward in itself, it can leave you feeling depleted at times. You may feel that this brings you enough sustenance in life, but intuitively you know that you are ready for more now. You are a beautiful soul and it’s time to wholeheartedly believe this now as when your inner light radiates brightly, it reaches out widely into the world, and it’s this radiance that truly gives to others. It’s not about what you do, it’s all about who you are…


September looks set to be a month for letting go, for opening up your heart and soul, and for breathing more deeply into life. There is a sense that over recent months, even years, you have recoiled slightly from life due to the challenges and obstacles you have faced. As a result of this, your breath has become a little shorter and lighter in an attempt ‘take up less space’ in life in order to travel with less pain and turmoil. This is a natural response to stress, as we all try to retreat slightly when the going gets tough. However, shallow breathing can lead to increased stress and a disconnection from the bigger picture of life. After time, it’s easy to forget that you’re even doing it, so as time passes, the space you take up in the world gets gradually smaller and smaller leaving you feeling overwhelmed and discombobulated on so many different levels. It then becomes hard to truly know yourself and your gifts.

Yet, things are beginning to change as this is your time to breathe deeply once again, to become more aware of your breath and also of the space you actually take up in the world. You are a radiant soul, and the more you step into the stillness to breathe more deeply and more mindfully, the more you will feel your connection to life growing stronger and stronger once again. Part of this process involves creating a new balance in your life, one where you are more able to ride the waves of challenge and turmoil with greater ease. The more gracefully you can accept the ups and downs of life, the more able you are to breathe with them rather than against them. It’s time now for you to find the joy of living your life wholeheartedly and realising that you are exactly who you’re meant to be…


If you pause to look at the palette of colours of your life, there is a sense that many of them seem dulled and a little colourless at the present time. This is a result of years of keeping on keeping on, trying to keep your head down and to do your best to get from one day to the next. Whilst all the colours are still within you, they have dulled and faded because you haven’t nourished, nurtured or encouraged them to flow freely within your heart and soul. Of course, it’s easy to say that all you need to do is to let the colours flow freely and all will be well, as life is rarely that straightforward. However, can you be sure that it isn’t as simple as that? Have you tried? When you get bogged down with the pedestrian day-to-day mundaneness of life, it’s easy to feel a slight sense of hostility towards the idea of living your dreams as they can feel out of reach.

Although your life might not be the life you dreamed of, does it have to be colourless, dull or even shades of grey? In many ways, the fires that light your imagination are still burning brightly, all of your hopes and dreams are still very much alive, but you park them in order to get on with the business of getting on with life. September looks set to be a time to present you with an opportunity to merge your hopes and dreams into your everyday life. Your dreams don’t have to stay as dreams; you have the capacity, gifts and imagination to re-shape and re-define your inner landscape in order to live your best life possible. It’s time now for you to grab hold of that paint brush in order to add the colour, texture and vibrancy to your life that you have been searching for…


September looks set to be a time for you to take a few deep breaths in order to step back to look at the bigger picture of your life. As you continue to explore the boundaries of your life you are finally beginning to reassess your desire to try to take care of everybody else. When you take a pause, your perspective shifts enabling you to make some tweaks and adjustments to the way in which you live and interact with others. The month ahead looks set to be a time to allow your soul to expand and your essence to blossom as you think about your path ahead; this is a time for you to make some changes in order to accommodate your own needs more. You have spent so long giving of yourself to others, so it might feel strange to focus on yourself for a while, but it’s so important now as you need to make adjustments in order to create more balance and harmony in your life.

This is a time to breathe deeply, and to think about where you’re going and why; you seem ready to wholeheartedly listen to your intuition. If you sense an inner niggle of doubt, turn to look deeper within to explore it in order to try to resolve it or make peace with it. This is truly a time to know yourself and to be sure that you are heading in the direction you want to be heading in. As your soul expands, you are likely to discover new corners of life, and whilst this sounds exciting and life affirming, it can only happen if you allow it. You seem ready now to allow your true essence the room to flow freely in order to reconnect to your inner roar and creativity. Take a look deep into your imagination, bring it to life and give it the freedom to fly free…


The theme of acceptance continues to take centre stage throughout the month ahead as you feel a powerful and profound shift deep within the core of your being. This shift is connected to your willingness to have a look into the depths of your soul in order to grow, evolve and learn. It seems that the more you look, the more you see. Whilst this might sound obvious, there is a sense that although you’ve always been open to exploring your depths, when life has been busy or challenging you have turned away from your inner world in order to keep on keeping on. Of course, this is completely understandable as you need to find ways to navigate through the twists and turns of life, but it seems that the more you have focused on your day-to-day life, the less connected to your inner world you’ve become.

September looks set to be a month for you to ignite the touchpaper of creativity within your heart and soul as you start exploring some new opportunities on your path ahead. You have often held back in life trying to be everything to everyone, but not being able to be everything to yourself. Intuitively, you know that being fluid is the only true pathway to joy as you cannot flourish and thrive when tethered to ought’s, must’s and should’s; you are a free spirit. Acceptance allows you to ride the waves of change with grace and compassion, letting go of self-criticism and opening up to self-love. Let your passion and creativity ignite your soul as this certainly seems to be your time to sparkle, twinkle and shine. Of course, stepping into unknown terrain may bring fear to the surface, so acknowledge the fear, but don’t let it stop you as you seem ready now to paint the sky with stars…


As you continue to observe the kaleidoscope of different threads that weave together to create the tapestry of your life, it seems that new pathways are starting to converge and diverge like a river flowing in multiple different directions at the same time. Whilst logically this might not seem possible, intuitively you know that the reason it feels like the river is flowing in different directions at the same time is because you have so many ideas, opportunities and thoughts flowing into and out of your consciousness at any one moment in time and this creates a kind of meeting of the currents which forms the maelstrom deep within the core of your being. This maelstrom is a familiar force to you as you are quite used to the constant movement and shift in your life.

Your awareness is so multi-levelled that you often not only sense the merging of currents and mighty rivers, you can also see them, and feel them, from different perspectives and angles. This would completely overwhelm most people, but you take it in your stride and mostly channel this phenomenal awareness towards living your best life. ‘Mostly’ is an important word in that sentence because whilst most of the time you manage this whirlwind with poise and grace, there are times when it does overwhelm and overload you, leaving you doubting yourself and your gifts. Perhaps the biggest challenge in such situations is your tendency to think and overthink, as it’s so easy for you to become lost in thoughts and questions. It can be hard for you to go with the flow when all you want to do is understand it and know how it works. However, you intuitively know that it simply isn’t possible to have the answers to all of life’s questions, and it’s time now for you to find peace with this in order breathe more consciously into every single moment…


September looks set to be a month for you to embrace the concept of truly knowing yourself. This would be a mighty task for anyone, but for you it seems all the more challenging as your depths are so vast, you have no edges to contain your essence. In short, there is absolutely nothing straightforward about you, and whilst you know this and often curse it, it is also wonderful and amazing at the same time as you never quite know what you’re going to get! As you continue to explore and discover your inner depths, you are beginning to find different facets of your being that bring greater wisdom and understanding, and, as a result, you are starting to feel freer, and life feels less complicated.

Of course, you are a free spirit, but you have been weighed down lately with responsibilities and duties. Whilst you usually take these in your stride, there is a sense that you have felt the load of the burden recently and this has led to a disconnection from your true essence. When this disconnection grows in shape and form, you can feel as though you are lost in a maze, unable to see above the towering walls, often feeling isolated and alone, not knowing how to escape. Yet, there are other times when you see the wisdom that the maze brings you, as it’s not about how to escape, it’s about trusting in yourself to go deeper. It’s only when you let go and believe in yourself that you set your free spirit free to soar high. Of course, the walls of the maze aren’t real, they are a construct of your consciousness, but they feel real because they still shape and define your life. It’s time now to take a big deep breath of life, to believe in yourself and to allow life to breathe into you…


As you continue to consolidate the many different facets of your life into one, more cohesive whole, there is a sense that you are beginning to look at yourself and your life from a new perspective. Many of the things that once seemed so important, have now faded away as you have started to focus on listening to your heart and soul in order to connect to your true priorities. Whilst your vast and exceedingly long ’to do’ list continues to take centre stage in your life, you are finally realising just how much energy it’s taking you to sustain such a list, let alone to work through it. As a result, you are starting to focus on your priorities and finding the courage to let go of the rest. Of course, there is a chance that you could work through your entire list, but you now need to ask yourself if you want to? Is life about how much you achieve or is it about how well you live?

Whilst only you can answer these questions, it seems important to ask yourself them now as it’s important to know what motivates you and what drives your passion. The more you can re-shape and re-prioritise your ‘to do’ list, the more you will realise just how much you can let go of as you don’t want extra baggage to carry through into the next chapter of your life. Just like your life, your ‘to do’ list grows and evolves over time, but it seems time now to stop focusing on all of the things you still want to do and instead to focus on where you are now. Being present allows you to make the most of every single moment, and it allows you to enjoy the journey rather than simply focusing on the destination. Be brave, be bold and focus on what makes your heart truly sing…


With the winds of change continuing to twist and turn through your life, there is a sense of restlessness rising up from your heart and soul as you want to stop sensing all of this change and just get on with it! However, if you pause and step back for a while, you will realise that the person you are today is a very different person from six months ago. So, change has been happening on every level of your being, but some of it has been so subtle you haven’t noticed it going on. There is a sense of frustration within you that change keeps creating more movement in your life and you long for a period of settled contentment, yet at the same time, you seem ready to jump on the thermals and currents and let them take you into new terrain. In many ways, maintaining the status quo and staying as you are can sometimes be the easiest choice, but it’s hard to ignore those winds of change when they are rattling the rafters of your soul.

September looks set to be a time for you to start exploring new ways to find peace with change, to accept its inevitable permanency in your life and to channel this into living well anyway. Obviously, it’s hard to ignore change when it’s knocking on your door, but your stubbornness can sometimes win the argument and keep the door firmly shut for a while at least. Yet, resistance can create inner blocks and hold you back; it’s time now to master the art of dancing with the flow of life in order to truly establish your sense of self and to re-define your true priorities. Change is a constant whether you like it or not, so find strength in this, accept it, become empowered by it and find new ways to thrive…


The concept of self-belief continues to take centre stage throughout September as you start to look more wholeheartedly at the bigger picture of your life, in particular, as you try to understand the reasons why you do the things that you do. You have always been a creative and innovative thinker, and many of your ideas are way ahead of their time, as a result, your ideas can feel like they don’t fit into the world, and this can leave you feeling frustrated and disenchanted. However, part of your gift is to find ways of making these ideas work. Your consciousness has always moved at lightning speed, but you have learned to accept this more now as to resist it can create a sense of incongruence or disjointedness within you, leaving you feeling ‘less than’ and this has led to the gradual erosion of your self-belief and true sense of self as the whispers of self-doubt, as well as the needs of others have all acted as tethers to your heart and soul.

Whilst you have the ability to navigate through this, you seem ready now to change the story in order to start walking the path of your choosing, allowing your heart to surge with confidence and self-belief. Although you have often felt the need to dampen down your ideas and enthusiasm in order to fit in with the flow and expectations of others, you are now beginning to realise just how much this has thwarted your creativity. The more you have explored this, the more you are realising just how important it is to honour your gifts and to find your own flow. As you stand at the crossroads of a turning point in your life, it’s time to choose whether you are happy to continue to be the person you feel you ought to be or whether you are ready to be your true glorious self….


As you continue to establish some new life rules, it seems clear that it’s been challenging to create more time and space for yourself. You have spent so much of your life over-giving your time, energy, passion and essence to others that it feels almost self-indulgent to even consider focusing on your own needs for a while. You have been stuck in between a moment for quite some time, not really feeling fully engaged with your usual tendency to be everything to everyone, but also not feeling able to connect wholeheartedly to yourself. As a result, you have felt as though you’re here, but not here, at the same time. This translucency has made it hard for you to gain a foothold in the present moment in order to create the space you need to rest, re-charge and re-focus. Whilst this is understandable, it’s really important that you find your true balance as your energy is out of kilter.

This over-giving cannot be sustained indefinitely (and would you want it to be?) and it’s time to realise that your needs matter as they are no less important than other people’s. Of course, it’s hard when you spend so much of your life trying to be the superhero that wants to help, support and nurture everyone around you, and this has shaped your life for a long time, but you seem ready now to take some time out for yourself, to master the art of saying ‘No!’ and to start cultivating a new dynamic in your life of self-nurturance and self-love. It’s time to accept that you are not a piece of driftwood being carried along with the currents as you have the strength and courage to create a new current that changes the shape and flow of your life. In essence, your life is in your hands so believe in yourself, honour yourself and be yourself…

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  1. Harriet

    I’m a Libra and Miss Grace is right on, phenomenal and so impressive how she can put this into words. Thank you.