Aya: The Wisdom Of Knowing

the light within eraoflightdotcomPrecious Loves Of My Heart!

How Difficult In Moments It Is To Hear News Of Such Pain And Loss.

How Sacred And Beautiful Are Many Other Aspects To Settle Your Thoughts On And Move Forward.

We Understand The Wisdom Of Knowing What Agendas Are And Becoming Higher Consciousness To Know All Is Changing And Moving.

Only When You Change Your Thoughts, Will Your Perception Change.

Each Moment You Return To The Painful Perception, It Is Happening Again For You.

How Many Times Have You Thought Of A Car Accident, A Surgery, A Betrayal, A Divorce, Or The Loss Of A Job That Is Not Happening In This Moment?

When You Think Of It Again, It Can Feel As Though It Is Happening.

Stay Present.

This Moment Of Breathing And Choosing A Loving Thought Is A Gift You Give To Self.

Many Of You Have Asked About The Consciousness Of Animals And Many Other Creatures.

As We Remind You That You Live Not Only In A Quantum Field Of Consciousness; This Field Is The Mind Of God, The Creative Force, Your Source Of Life And All That Is Created Has Consciousness.

You Are Connected To The Living Planet, All Trees And Mountains, All Nature And Animals.

As All That You Perceive And That Which You Cannot Perceive, Is God Expressing.

Let’s Consider First, The Various Crystals.

These Are Highly Recommended To Have As Friends Around Your Home.

You Can Speak To Them And Program Them For Protection And Guidance.

Each Is Created With A Very High Vibration And All Are Of Living Essence.

They Have Conscious Awareness Of You And Transmit Powerfully!

For This Reason They Are Within The Earth And Seas For The Shift.

They Are Hundreds Of Feet Tall And Will Rise And Turn As They Usher In Crafts.

Magnificent Beauty And Power For All To See!

Dogs, Cats, Squirrels And All Of Creation Has The Same Essence Of God.

The Consciousness, Intelligence And Self Awareness Will Vary From The The Intention Of The ONE Source Of All.

You Will Notice That Elephants Love Deeply, Mate For Life, Remember People Thirty Or More Years Later, They Grieve And Cry.

All Insects And Flying Creatures Have Intellect And Consciousness.

This Is Also The Essence Of ONE.

Imagine The Intricate Work Of An Ant As They Build Thousands Of Tunnels And Work Together Endlessly.

If Their Home Is Destroyed, They Continue On And Never Stop.

The Ants Are Great Teachers!

Bees Were Created To Assist Humans.

All Nature Has A Purpose And So Do You!

So Humans Have A Soul That Is The God Self Of That Being.

The Consciousness Projects The Body With The False Identity.

You Are God Expressing.

Many Can Understand That Animals Have A Soul But Do Not Become People Or Other Galactic Races.

They Can Incarnate Again To Become Part Of The Family They Left Or A Similar Family.

Animals In The Pleiades Know No Fear And Sit Comfortably Among Us.

This Will Return To Your Awareness As ONENESS Returns To You In Great Love!

You Are Love!

You Are Everything!

You Are God Expressing And You Are An Infinite Soul Of Light!

For Just A Moment, I Want You To Imagine You Are A Caterpillar.

You Are Crawling Along And Doing Your Best.

You Are Hungry And Tired But Somewhere Inside You Know A Beautiful World Is Coming.

You Finally Stop And Decide To Just BE.

You Do Not Feel Part Of This World.

You Want No More.

You Are Still And Very Quiet And Alone.

You Feel You Are Dying.

You Begin To Create A Covering For Yourself.

It Is Wrapped Around You Many Times As It Becomes Firm And Hard.

You Are Protected, But You Are Fading Away.

Then You Remember.

This Is Not How I End.

You Begin To Move And Poke A Tiny Hole In This Cocoon You Have Fashioned For Protection.

You See Light!

You Push More And Notice Your Body Has Changed.

As You Break Free In Bright Light, You Are Magnificent And So Beautiful!

You Have Colors Of New Clothing You Have Never Seen!

You Rise Up And Fly As You Notice Thousands Of Others Rising!

This Is Your Moment!

This Is The Beginning!

You, Precious Beloved Ones, ARE BECOMING YOUR TRUE SELF!

I Will Always Love You So!

Soon We Fly!

**Received telepathically by Judith