Archangel Gabriel: The Gift of Rejection

the light within eraoflightdotcomWe were recently asked to speak on the experience of rejection. We would like to address this topic today.

Rejection is a part of the human experience that is energetic in nature. Whether you have rejected someone or something, or been rejected yourself, it is a clear sign that something is not an energetic match for you.

If you have been rejected by a person, it was not in your highest good to stay in relationship with that individual. Chances are, if you really feel into the situation, you will admit there was something about this situation that was not appropriate for you. It was not a true energetic match but you wanted to continue on with it anyway.

There may have been ongoing problems that you weren’t willing to acknowledge with this connection. Perhaps the person wasn’t willing to grow or evolve, or perhaps staying with this person required you to deny your own growth. But rest assured, any rejection is always for your highest good.

If rejection is a continual pattern for you, it would be beneficial to explore how you reject yourself. Do you honour yourself? Are you in touch with your true feelings and needs? Do you love and honour your inner child aspects? Do you berate yourself constantly instead of encouraging yourself forward? Do you have worthiness issues where you find it difficult to receive? Do you have walls up to avoid getting hurt that are keeping everything out including the good?

As with any challenge in your life, being willing to take a higher, observational viewpoint to assess the situation is a good practice. Was it really a match? Was it a healthy connection or was the connection between both person’s unhealed aspects? Did it bring out the best in both parties? Or was it simply playing out a theme you are ready to heal once and for all?

It is empowering to identify the elements you do have the ability to shift, because all internal healing will be reflected in your external experiences. It is also a profound shift when you realize the universe is always, always seeking to serve you and your evolution, and it will do that by sifting out what is not a true match to you (with the complete agreement of your highest self) with wise and loving efficiency. Trust your ability to heal and be led, and you will find your way to your best matches and your energetic peers.

**Channel: Shelley Young