Paramahansa Yogananda: This Time Is A Blessing

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JJK: I am concerned with the question: How can man and woman come closer at all in Corona times? Keeping distance, masks and lockdowns hardly allow that? Are the measures aimed precisely at making people lonely and psychologically broken?

PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA: Beloved people, you are all in God’s hands.

At the moment you are experiencing a storm and contrary to all fears – the earth will turn into light. During this time it is necessary to develop serenity and to engage more and more deeply with God.

Spiritual consciousness can always mature when people are turned back on themselves and made to pause. This is happening now on a worldwide scale: everything is turning around!

Your questions matter and the answers are a snapshot – not indicating the end of this journey. For now, you are correct. People are being separated from each other, becoming unsettled and stressed. Some are psychologically broken and more are coming. The goal of the unholy forces is to bring as many people as possible into despair until they consent to the grand plan and let it all happen to them. At present, this plan seems to be working. However, this is a great fallacy.

The positive thing about these phenomena is that they cause people to raise fundamental questions. What kind of society do you want, how should coexistence on earth be shaped in the future? Who are you really and what has brought you to earth? Why all this – crises, upheavals and upheavals that challenge you to the limit?

This time raises existential questions and demands answers from man – answers that every man can now give himself.


There is a storm raging on earth! How to behave?

Remain in peace, remain in calm, gather your inner forces! Achieve serenity in the storm! Communicate constantly with the Being, remain in peace and joy! Keep the constant connection to the Creator and intensify the living exchange with the good powers that support you beyond the veil and keep you on course.

Pray, meditate and devote yourselves to the good and light aspects!

Feed your soul with light-filled visions of a light-filled future! Never dive down too deep into the abysses! Do not repress, but look, but turn away from the abyss in time before it swallows you up!

It is no help if you give room to fears and let yourselves be discouraged. What is valuable at this time is that you get in touch and stay in touch with the power and love within yourselves.

All the measures that separate people from each other now create the need to reflect on yourselves.

In the midst of the storm, it becomes silent in man. Very few people – in a noisy world – are used to this silence. This is disconcerting at first, but can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

JJK: When I think of the children or the young people who are kept away from each other – doesn’t that have a negative effect on later life?

PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA: First, everyone is slowed down and made to stop.

That is the point now. All the negative consequences of these circumstances are brought to healing. Young people suffer as well as older people, from these measures. Loneliness always has a negative effect, unless you are a born mystic. But this applies only to very few people.


For most people it is difficult to go into themselves, to look into their heart and to shine into their soul. The adventure of life wants to be lived. The noise on the outside drowned out the inner voice for many people. Now silence has come and existential questions are raised. This pause is urgently necessary and will eventually turn out to be salutary. In the end, the unholy forces will have to leave this earth and every person will find healing.

Partnerships and families will also take on a new significance. This phase brings people to new thoughts and confronts them with their feelings. Repressing no longer works, postponing is difficult – to look, to accept and to heal is the order of the day.

What is happening now serves the self-discovery of the human being. With a view to the future, it is not a misfortune, but a blessing.

The new needs fertile soil. The old world is passing away, the new humanity is emerging. The cleanup is in full swing until the birth of the new humanity – free from pain – can take place.

Pray, meditate and connect with yourself! What is outside, perceive, then let it be. What moves you inwardly, contemplate in the light of God. This is the task for you in this time: to be familiar with yourself and to become one with God.

Blessed are you, who understand the meaning of this time.

In infinite love I am with you.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by Era of Light


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