El Morya: Pland Of God And The Plan Of Man

Dear Souls of Light and Love, I greet your presence. I am El Morya.

You ask a lot of questions about this earth, they are understandable, I have had them too. Each of us has asked ourselves each of the questions you ask ourselves. It is important to understand that, ultimately, an Ascension Master is someone who has asked himself a lot of questions, only to find that there is no question – we agree, and we often land in this particular notion, the plan of man and the plan of God .

The plan of man is a plan of realization, of personal realization, individual then collective perhaps but, above all, a plan of realization of the seed which germinates , and not of the seed which rots by itself, but of that who is going to join a forest and who is trying to get a bigger tree than the one next door. It is not a natural order.

God’s plan calls for a forest and not one tree bigger than another . God’s plan is also to allow you all grace, all freedom to be who you want to be, and to have the experience you want to have. God does not want one experience over another. God is the one who gives a general direction to the sum of existences and who communicates with your higher consciousnesses  ; your higher consciousnesses letting you live the experiences that you desire if they go in the way, I will still use the temporal term of life in life, towards this direction wanted by the Divine.

The direction desired by the Divine is: “I ask them to continue to love and to grow in the definition of who they are. And so, here is a work that is done from incarnation to incarnation, always going in the same direction of loving more and increasing, even from the very small, its own definition. That is to say not just to understand that we are the “others”, those that we call “the others”, not to understand it, you would be, to use your diagram, in the mental and the emotional – it is to understand, “why, how” is an understanding – not just to understand it but to know it, to see that, to see what you are in the other, without even trying to understand what he is trying to tell you, who would turn you over again, to observe that the other and you are one.

There you enter into the plan of God and the plan of God is the one that creates a brotherhood. “He is with me therefore he is my brother, she is my sister, he accompanies me”, this is why in many spiritual orders, the term brother and sister is used. Where there have been certain gaps in your time and space, it was not when there was this state of brother or sister, it was to create the Father Superior, Mother Superior. What order?

The only Mother is Mother Earth, the only Father is the Divine Being . Here there has been a gap, already created levels, while the original idea of ​​the teachings of Christ, of the teachings of other great revelators of spiritual history, was to tell you that you are all brothers and sisters, engaging in fellowship and bringing you closer to what was closest to who you really are.

The other is you. He is your brother and your sister because he comes from the same Father and the same divine Mother. It is this way that brings you closer to the Unit but not simply the human being, the similar being – which I admit would be quite simple after all – but to have this same understanding for the Whole. The blade of grass is my brother, the ant is my sister. The circumstances themselves will eventually become familiar.

Extending your definition is not just defining yourself from human to human, but to go even further. The experience itself is fraternal . She is what you are, what you have decided to shine. The Universe does not give you what you want, but what you radiate, what you are.

And by changing the definition of who you are, by expanding it, you are expanding your potential, not to be a creator – at first, if – but more importantly your potential to see the work of the true Creator through you. Temporarily you will have the impression of doing but you will see, you are the one doing the work that is going through you .

So the plan of man and the plan of God are not entirely separate. Again, God’s plan is, to use human terms, long term and man’s plan is short term , sometimes even very short term , but it is man’s plan.

It is imperfect because it does not understand the other definitions of itself. It is in a restriction of the definition to “me, I” and not in this definition which says “I am”, which does not put anything behind, because to say “I am All” is already reductive. What is “All”?

I am. I am All That Is. I am what I am. And so the anti-definition is “I am not what I am not”.

I Am the Lord your God . It is a phrase that was pronounced very strongly by the Energy to several prophets: “I Am the Eternal, your God”. Perhaps it would be more understandable in your time to say: “I Am your God, which is Eternal”, because the reality of your existence is not what is temporary but what is eternal. What is eternal remains, what is not, disappears.

What is eternal in you? The spark of Life, the spark of Love, what binds, what binds. Your body is not eternal. He is the visualization of the Divine but he is not what is Divine, or else it is restricting, once again, this definition and returning to the plan of man.

God’s plan, “I Am Jehovah your God,” is to say that whatever is eternal within you is that which can create . It is all that is immutable. So if you start to hook the definition of who you are to what is eternal within you – and it is up to you to find it, not for us to demonstrate or take it apart – then you are going to touch what creates, you are going to touching Your God, you are going to touch the loving Consciousness, you are going to touch universal Love, because you will have sought what connects and not what separates. You will stop looking for definitions.

But the way goes through the question. In other words, even if I can make you believe that you should not ask yourself questions, my invitation can be, as a Guide, is, will be: “Ask yourself the right questions”, ask yourself with more height.

The question will turn into this case, little by little, of a “why?” “Into a” show me! “; that is, not to try to discover God’s plan but to observe it .

And when you ask heaven, Christ, the Universe, whoever you want, who you believe in, to show you, it can show you the past, present, and future from a different perspective. But you will have to increase your vibratory rate , because you will be forced to leave the plane of good and evil to understand in a different way, integrated into a different whole .

See how the answer is indeed multiple: the Plan of God – the plan of man. But the Plan of God is not really different from the plan of man. The plan of man is not necessarily different from the Plan of God .

When man tries to do too much on his own, he does not stray from God’s Plan. It “delays” its evolution a little bit, but this delay is not perceived by God, because for God, there is no delay. He is the Eternal. Can there be a delay in the Lord? No, there will only be a delay from someone who considers ten lives to be better than a hundred. Whoever does this is still embodied. Whoever does this is still in his diminished nature and not in his eternal nature.

For the Lord your God, there is nothing wrong with having one experience over another, as long as the sum of your experiences leads you to His will which is effectively to expand your definition of yourselves. , to extend Love and to extend it from dimension to dimension, to have that understanding.

It is very difficult from dimension to dimension. How do you explain what the twelfth dimension is from the fourth? How do you describe New York to an earthworm? To him, it won’t speak to him, even if you speak earthworm fluently. He won’t go right away. He’ll ask himself when he gets there, and it’s the same with your soul.

And when I say “earthworm”, it is not to reduce you, it is to tell you that there are differences in the levels of galactic languages, terms which are used by God which are not not understandable by humans. This is why, I repeat, God addresses your higher consciousnesses, but does not systematically address himself directly to man. This remains quite exceptional, because there is a need to translate a multi-dimension.

Everything is here. Everything is already there. So you can manifest, create, attract whatever you want. The experience is not negative, it is an experience in a sum of experiences. I am the Lord therefore I have time. It’s hard to land in this “I have time” as long as you are identified with the body, because you see a kind of expiration date of the experience. There is no expiration date for the experience, there is an expiration date for the experiencer, the one who believes he is living the experience. You believe you are living the experience from a body but you are not living it in reality from the body, you are living it from the Eternal , “I am the Eternal, your God”.

When you expand – it will happen in one lifetime or another – the definition of who you are to something deeply connected, to man, to earth, to water, to fire, to air, these four elements, on the animal, plant, mineral, human levels, you will start to touch experiences – because you will continue to live the experience – you will start to touch experiences of very high intensity.

Disability is one of those high density experiences and is not compulsory, it is not a compulsory passage at all. What I can tell you is that it takes evolved souls to experience this, who have decided to continue asking themselves questions greater than those of the body. Even if they sometimes live it badly, these have understood.

Some people fear the idea of ​​saying to themselves: “Damn, would I really have to go through a life where I have to annihilate the physical in order to evolve? ” Not at all. Not at all, it’s a choice like any other. There is no better choice than another, seen from the Lord, of course. It is about understanding that you find it easier to have high vision from these spaces, but you don’t have to be in these spaces of difficult experience to experience the high expression of yourself.

It is also the meaning of what is happening on your Earth. The various trials that you are going through are there to bring you back to basics without going through the body . And see how magnificent the divine experience is, since the experience of God has decided to go through a common and planetary experience, in order to accelerate in fact understandings, mentalizations some would say, of the experience in a divine way without going through the body, but going through experience, going through a generalized experience that brings you back to what is important, which brings you back to what you are, which brings you back to your true nature. It is not a nature of wanting, it is not a nature of possession, it is a nature of being, a nature of beings associated with other beings in joy, not in separation, not in differentiation, neither by money, nor by sex, nor by attitude, nor by body, nor by religion, in a common attitude .

And the common attitude is obtained through God and through the experience of living the same ordeal, together . As you know, brotherhood is never as great as when a trial is experienced collectively . When an ordeal is experienced collectively, you create fraternities, you create strong bonds, you find sometimes lost souls, friends that you have lost from life to life, you will find them in these experiences, in these These trials, which nevertheless seem to create good and evil, generate camps, but this remains history in form, because the Plan of God applies and one can be joyful to watch the Plan of God take place. apply.

We can be happy even looking at the ordeal, if we have this look that the Guides have of saying: “you are going to get out of this. We’re here, we’ll help you. »But we will help you, not necessarily to solve the test quickly but to live it differently , because that is the role of the Guides, it is to help you to have the vision of God within the vision. of man, to see God’s Plan through man’s plan, not to change man’s planabsolutely, which many of you would like. “Oh, the Guides should help us and take this experience away from us!” But to take that experience away from you is not to elevate yourself in that experience. We seek to uplift you in the experience and make it enjoyable. So we are helping you to effectively decrease the human-lived intensity of the experience, that is our role, but not to suppress the experience . Our role is to elevate you in the vision of this experience, to make you see this experience in a different way . This is our goal, this is our intelligence: to show the Plan of God to man .

So, in order to show man the Plan of God, we begin by answering his questions. And his questions are: “why and how” and then to ask yourself in that. To sit down in this to say everything is in its right place, everything has its true value, all this is done to recreate a fraternity, a whole, and I will participate as quickly as possible in this fraternity and in this whole, because in quickly participating in this fellowship and this set, I will accelerate the whole Divine Plan in appearance, on Earth .

If I escape from this fraternity, if I do not try to associate myself with this new created fraternity, that is to say the one that does not create a camp, then I will continue to live this experience, watch her continue to do so. It will continue. And see how our guidance here is above all to change the gaze, it is not to change the experience. We reduce the intensity, we help you experience a little less strong emotions, of course, we will not remove what makes you grow .

Because if you ask us to remove what makes you grow taller, it is exactly as if a child who has pain in his bones, because he is growing up, says to us: “it hurts in the stomach. body, it hurts all over. Please, Guides, stop making me taller! You see what I mean by that, dear souls, what I mean by that. The child will continue to suffer, he will continue to have pain in his bones, but this is what will allow him to create a healthy body, whole, big or small it doesn’t matter, but in any case, that’s what will continue to give it a perfect vehicle for the experience. And to be in the divine body, it has to get stuck, it has to squeak. Yes it is difficult, but it is also the way to create this divine body little by little.

Dear souls, you are never lost, you are never abandoned in it. Obviously we accompany you with compassion, energy, help in understanding, revelations yes of course, and whoever wants to hear will hear. Whoever does not want to hear, will not hear, because we respect the law of free will despite everything. A revelation is not always general. It is for those who want to hear, for those who want to move forward.

We are on this path with you at all times. Dear souls, the Plan of God and the plan of man are one plan of love. There are not two, there is only one: the plane of love which goes towards Love, whatever happens.

My role is to help you:

  • answer certain questions, you ask yourself fewer questions in the end;
  • expand definitions;
  • make your heart grow in compassion;
  • to leave temporarily – I said temporarily – the idea of ​​good and evil, to return to the simple reality of who you really are, to return to this divine reality that you are, that we are, and that we will one day be.

Be blessed dear Souls, for each of you is the source of all that he wants and all that he is. ”

**Channel: Sylvain Didelot


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  1. Susla

    OMG too long. Will read some other day.
    What I DID read was…. do not want a bigger tree (very communism).
    I know for at fact that universe wants to expand, and therefor needs entities to want more and bigger.
    Also if nobody never wanted like the toilet indoor, then we would all still be doing that outdoor in a shed. Somebody wanted more, and the toilet got inside. Universe needs to evolve and expand.

    Communism sounds very romantic and equal and such, but beware. The globalists will own it all, and live the life they think is too individualistic for you.

    1. star_struck

      That is the problem you didn’t finish reading it and jump to the conclusion of communism🥴he said in black bold letters we will not remove what makes you grow. You have to receive the light codes in order to harmonize with the light. You have to let go of the fear mongering and make room for light codes to come in and activate you ☮️👍🏽!