The Anunnaki: The Creation of the Human Race

dna activation 2 eraoflightdotcomLong time ago in the history of planet Earth, the human race was created. To explain our origins, we would have to go back to a very specific species of ET ancestors, those who are called the Anunnaki. They story is long, as it is their path through the Universe, having left a great legacy in our galaxy.

The Anunnaki, are a species of ET ancestors that originated in the Cygnus constellation. They were super advanced beings with great scientific and metaphysical knowledge, as well as super advanced technology and wisdom. Inside the Anunnaki species, there were many groups of diverse races, that would make up the total collective. One of their most precious minerals and resources to them, was gold, specifically monoatomic gold. This element would be used by them both for healing purposes and for their own advanced technologies, specially because of its superconductive abilities and healing properties even. Some time ago, their spiritual conflicts and self-destructive spiritual karmic struggles would led them to destroy their own planetary ecosystems. Additionally, they found themselves running out of material resources, which would be the the solution to their problem.This would lead them to pursue the exploration of other star systems and planetary vessels in order to search for those materials, specifically gold.

When they found Earth, they observed how much of this precious metal they could extract for their goals. They landed specifically on the lands of the Middle East, where all their passage through Earth would start. First their creating groups for the mining of the gold, but after some time, they found out it took a lot of effort to achieve this, so they ended up deciding finding other group of beings that they could set to put them to work for them instead. Furthermore, extracting materials from another planet or star system would karmically connect them to that planetary consciousness, since in the Universe everything is an exchange of energy, so if you don’t pursue it in balance, you will experience misalignment with your own energy. This eventually led them to the creation of our species, the beginning of humanity started right here and now.

They found a hominid species in the planet that were compatible with their plan for hybridization, after several genetic experiments, they managed to create the first homo-sapiens. These individuals, as offsprings of the Anunnaki and these group of hominids, shared a genetic advantage so they would contain much of the potential and the gifts of this advanced alien race, this could led them to become independent from their primary source of influence, which was the Anunnaki people, so their created certain further genetic manipulations and disconnected many of the codons of their DNA containing the idea of spiritual gifts and wisdom, to prevent their sublimation for freedom. Furthermore, they created certain attributes within their genetic matrix such as the slave mentality, so that they would respond to orders and do their assigned tasks. As a faction of the Anunnaki were more of a reptilian hybrid kind, and they so participated in the creation of our race, the Anunnaki could install and enhance the reptilian brain program, which is a mentality based in biological instincts of survival, including the victim-abuser dynamics, the attack vs defense mechanisms, the fight or flight response, and would then intensify illusions of separation of the 3rd density, increase polarity consciousness energies and separate us from Creator mentality, in which we aren’t surviving anymore but we are rather conscious creators of our reality. Furthermore, these genetic connections would connect them spiritually with us in a way that they could energetically feed from our spiritual energy until our transcendence to a 4th density, which is why many of them wanted to stop us from doing so. None the less, the first Anunnaki interventionists were human.

Though, the Anunnaki had inner conflicts themselves, not all ended up with the same interest or agenda.

Some elevated themselves above the desire to have power over others and wanted to guide humanity towards transcendence from the 3rd density of consciousness, and thus shared many of the ancient wisdom they species possessed with us, as it is reflected in many ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia or Sumeria. This specific artistic sculpture, show themselves as Gods or deities, as they considered themselves now spiritual guides for humanity. The pine cone on the right hand represents the pineal gland which is the portal to other multidimensional facets of consciousness of higher frequency and higher spiritual wisdom, and the bag represents specific ancient spiritual technologies. The pine cone being held with the right hand and on the top represented the Above, and the bag held by the left and at the bottom the Below. Such as he right hemisphere of the brain is the feminine (above) and the left one the masculine (below). The wrist watches are said to be specific time travel technology by some hybrids in contact with humanity.

On the other hand, other Anunnaki entities remained in fear and need for power and control and perpetuated their dynamics of control on Earth.

Installing and manipulating many human civilizations over the course of history, like Ancient Rome, in which the 3D linear time structure and calendar was created in order to disconnect human race from the patterns of Nature representing synchronicity, pure alignment with the idea of natural cycles of energies. That’s why they set up 12 months consisting of 30 days instead of 13, consisting of 28, which is a number (13) representing this last idea expressed, found in the Fibonacci sequence. Other sort of manipulations was forcing humanity to shift to a carnivorous diet, that way, we would need to consume higher density beings (as animals are part of the lower 3rd density) to be able to produce proteins. The higher the density of the consumed consciousness, the more polarity energies are integrated within the energy exchange, therefore, more polarity consciousness experienced by us on a collective level, as a reflection of such biological dynamic. And this way there would also be more dependency on the generation of energy from the physical reality, instead of acquiring it more by ourselves from the spiritual realm.

Something that we should be aware of, is that since we also inherited their karmic energies from their own genetics, we both contain their consciousness and their unconscious spiritual energies, which are the negative beliefs we have been experiencing for some time since they passed to us part of their own cycle of energy or spiritual evolution. So some of them playing the role of the perpetrators, is helping us trigger to the surface of our consciousness those parts of our ancestral DNA holding the spiritual awareness which has not been yet integrated or brought back to consciousness and that thus would have remained as unconscious. They just happen to be the other side of the equation of our own polarity consciousness energies, so in a sense is paradoxically a service to us. Which does not mean we shouldn’t create boundaries and empower ourselves, but rather understand the dynamics being played from some time now.

This is why anyone experiencing re-connections to our Ancestors should develop a great level of discernment when relating to their energies. We should never see them as Gods, nor anything like it, but rather spiritual guides or masters, but never giving our power away as we are also God, like every being in this Universe, unconditionally of any factor. We are in the process of deprogramming our collective and setting us free from any negative oriented or agenda based interested ET species in this shift and we should become empowered, as we are now maturing and claiming our Independence and freedom of choice, our free will and sovereignty, and recognizing us as Onetranscending the illusions supported by million of years, pursuing union. And only let us be guided by those who wish us well, if we wish so.

Our DNA codons are reawakening in this times of transformation, and we are activating more and more of the Ancient knowledge and wisdom that the Anunnaki gave us back in the time, we are their children so we hold their spiritual consciousness too within ourselves. Which also means that we also have inherited their karmic cycles of energy, as said above, and this is something really important to be aware of, because until the times of today, some years back ago we were recreating in a sense their own story, similar steps. Tyranny, power over others, control, the harm of our environments, fear and separation. And that cycle of energy was getting us towards a very negative future timeline, which is the path of the greys, that I will be talking more about on another post, more deeply.

So as you can see, it is time to awaken Ancient Wisdom and knowledge, remember our true origins, and pursue the path of spiritual integrity, healing and transcendence, which will get us to a new Earth, a new age of spiritual awareness and unity consciousness.

– Marina Seren


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    1. Dan

      No .
      Related to Root RACES , I can answer you :

      Lemurians <— First Root Race . Legacy : The first holographic society built on earth .
      Atlanteans <— Second Root Race . Legacy : The powerful use of Crystals and Pyramids .
      The Following Egyptians , Sumerians and Current Humans just belong to the remnants of the Second Root Race .
      Now we are in the transition phase of Our Collective Conscious Shift to 4th dimension , after the shift , we will and can call ourselves Pre-Formed Third Root Race .
      The next 2000 years cycle , we will be just in this Pre-Forming stage .
      When the Collective Conscious achieves 5th dimension , or nirvana , we will be the Third Root Race , the most powerful race ever present on earth ! Our Legacy will be : Inter-dimension Travel .

      Hope this will help .

  2. Dan

    Sometimes I just don’t understand why people are complaining so much , so focused on the past , the thing so called trauma . Yes we can not deny the Annunaki , or the Anu race , or Anu people , or Nibirans did give us negative things , like DNA manipulations , lies , deceptions , power over others , etc , that doesn’t mean we can not change it. We can change it at any time because the power of free will . Think about this ! If you can change your perspective , evolve your conscientiousness , you can certainly heal yourself from past traumas, your DNA will recover as balanced , no lies , no deceptions , and you will change from power over others to power over self and gradually grasp the idea of self mastery ! People will see your difference and be curious about you and ask you “Wow you are looking so different ,so charming, what made you so confident ? What’s your secrets ?” You will tell them about what Anu people did to human race and more importantly , You changing your perspectives and evolving your consciousness and how you had achieved that state . People will follow your way and you will become the limelight! Isn’t it a nice thing to see ?!

    By the way , it’s clearly written that the codons in DNA also contain spiritual gifts from Anu people , you know what gifts mean . It means if you can raise your vibratory and match that frequency which those spiritual gifts dwell in , you can have them and use them !!! Wow you see , they Anu do not only give you bad BS , but also the good stuff to benefit you all of your life !!!

    So please people , change your perspective and you will see the much bigger and better parts inside the past !!! Then you will laugh and enjoy and make fun of Anu people like this “You may get gold mines , but I get your DNA ! Human wins all the goods , the goods much meaningful than the BS gold! “

  3. Shannon Golden

    Lets not forget the left overs from Lemuria(even the small amount/Hawaii), Atlantis, Ancient Egypt/Lybia, Yu Empire, Ionia, Ancient Brazil, Atl, Mayam and the interference of Rogue Pleidians and Centaurians of the Pre Modern Flood that were already there before the interference of the Annunaki.

    The Annunaki were the last time people from space altered our dna to lower our i.q and input a need for a Master/Leader. After the loss of the fermament, our bodies became more susceptible to alterations and this is when the Annunaki took their chance. We were already established, for quite some time.

    All of this was not for mining but for control over Earth guardianship. This Earth Guardianship is the only real reason why Earth was seeded in the first place and as many negative star races as you can think of have tried to prevent and obtain that guardianship because they want to be the ones who fulfill the guardianship role.

    Read Sheldan Nidle Books

  4. Kay L Thomas

    Be wary of using Sitchin as your source for anything. He was as Deep State Cabal stooge who fooled a lot of people. .

    1. Alicia

      Kay Thomas, historically this article holds truths. The facts are we’ve been in the dark way too long and have been suppressed are finally coming to light.. We are waking up and because we are “of the one real God” we must understand and embrace our sovereignty. Stitchen wrote those books to expose the truth, regardless of his affiliation.

  5. Sam

    Our Goddess made us and we were perfect. Psychopathic Annunaki interfered with our evolution. Fuck them. We never needed them. Our destiny is with the Goddess and all these cyborg trash civilizations will never get to abuse us as resources in the future ever again.We are Sovereign.

  6. Gisela Rosa

    We were NOT created to mine gold, this is total BS! This stupid theory never ressonated with me, just makes us feel weak, born to be slaves. Humans are more ancient then Earth, we are galactic, we are DIVINE.

    1. John Sutter

      I never bought this idea we were just a talking monkey created by these creatures to mine gold for them. They’re so technically advanced to have interstellar travel, but when it comes to gold mining they can only get the gold by back breaking labor…that they’re to lazy to do, so they genetically alter the bipedal local wildlife as a slave labor force and hand them some pickaxes and shovels.

      You mean to tell me they with all their advanced tech they did not have some automated process for gold mining?

      It’s a lot of Bollocks.


        I think HUMANS had been thrown into a stone age due to their own over advancement and nuclear destruction of their planets (as shown by the remnants on mars and the moon which fyi has nuclear radiation number only explainable by nuclear war fallout). OR THE EARTH ITSELF UNDERGOING A CATACLYSMIC EVENT EVERY 10.000 years . We de-volved because when u lose language knowledge books history, and culture along with technology taking away simple human skills, well our primal being is resorting to caves amd skinning animals to survive. They arrived on our planet then, when society was starting to rebuild, some more than others as shown by the sumerian and other predated cultures. Im sure they had an agreement where they would help us rebuild an a society and format that will in lesser words snowball over the next 100.000 years. But im sure them getring to experiment on us, as great it was for our evolution and maybe intelligence, was the perk to the part of the agreement, atleast for them. They got to manipulate not only our dna but im sure many other creatures and organic life. Im sure they took advantage and werent all help. I believe to the negatives there was a good too, named enki. I wont go further but lets piece it together more logically. Getting spirtual is alright but until we can all astral project as easily as taking a walk, lets stick to realistic theories.

    2. Alicia

      Gisela Rosa, doesn’t matter what you believe. It is true that our DNA was altered. We’ve been in slavery for decades. Denial is irrelevant. It’s a fact. They, the Reptilians, have also been feeding off of us energetically too. Whether we are mining gold or working a job for food and housing it’s still slavery.

      1. Gisela Nunes Feu Rosa

        We have been slaves since the fall of Atlantis, when we abused dark magic and opened our planet to negative ETs, thats when they started changing our DNA.
        We were created by SOURCE, not negative ETS…but they love it when people believe that, of course.
        Our DIVINE 12 strands DNA was altered so they could feed off us, yes, that means we are DIVINE and were hijacked.

      2. Gisela Rosa

        We have been slaves since the Fall of Atlantis, roughly 12 thousand years or so, when we abused dark magic and opened our planet to negative ETs.
        We were created by SOURCE, with our DIVINE 12 stands DNA.
        But negative ETs love it when we believe they created us, if you want to believe that, they will enjoy it very much.
        They did mess with our DNA to feed off us, but they DIDN’T create us and saying they did helps their negative agenda. That’s your choice.

  7. John Sutter

    So exactly what are the Annunaki? Are they Reptilians? Humans? Human like Reptilian hybrids? I’ve seen so many different claims about the nature of the Annunaki it’s hard to know what they are.

    Also, we then are just some Ape that they gave a genetic upgrade and we are not related to these other Humans across the Galaxy.

    Why then do European people closely resemble the Pleiadeans? Clearly there is some genetic link there especially amongst the Germanic/Nordic people.

    1. Shannon Golden

      The Annunaki are a completely different race of people than anyone we have ever known. The only thing they really gave humans, already living at the time that reflects their influence as far as looks goes, was the beard.
      The ape theory is just a theory to control narratives even though they were real but did not last long.
      Humans have been on Earth since Lemuria and were seeded by very European looking people from a few star races like Sirians and Pleidians.
      You are very right to ask these specific questions!


      I believe they are humanoid beings i wont give u an assumption. The sunerians drew them with bird heads and such birds evolve from reptiles but thats just comnecting a dot from another unrelated topic. So who is to say. Ps: in response to question “So exactly what are the Annunaki? Are they Reptilians? Humans? Human like Reptilian hybrids? I’ve seen so many different claims about the nature of the Annunaki it’s hard to know what they are.” I can say they have our form but maybe different proportions and definitely different skin and ability. Again everything points to advanced technology they had to start somewhere to but that may be beyond us as we are barely uncovering our own truth.

  8. Gordon Jackson

    They came from Nibiru and the gold was required for use in their atmosphere. Why change the story now?


      @susla exactly! I want the facts i wont just hurry up and put a bunch of assumptions together for my creation. Its exciting but lets not get overexcited and turn it into a circus! Im not rocket scientist but i really want to know the factual truth to our creation and our purpose. Lets the clues come mr carson is connecting not random but legitimate dots. Lets not stray with our imaginations please.