Divine Embrace

Every single soul is held forever in the Divine embrace and pure love, and the Divine indeed knows every soul by its Soul Name, for indeed the Soul Name, embraces the Sacred Geometries, the Sacred Tones and chords, the Sacred Light Language and more than this the Sacred Rays, frequencies and vibrations of the Divine.

When the Divine calls a soul by its soul name – the whole of the Universe holds its breath. For such calls will indeed become the ultimate activation of the soul into the deepest remembrance of the Divine Love and Divine Omnipresence and thus will indeed activate the soul in the highest degrees. For whom the Divine calls by its name – know that this name indeed is forever written within the heart and soul of The Divine Feminine and indeed the Godhead itself.

Each tier of the spiral of Creation, has its own manifestation of the Soul songs of the Divine. As much as this song is then present in every single soul, there are many octaves of these song, and many nuances and many verses and thus melodies which make up the Songs of Love.

For some of these songs are silent. They cannot be heard. They are best felt and experienced.

Therefore silence speaks and silence sings and thus the Silent Watchers know these songs and often will direct them through them these songs into the soul who are ready and able to receive them. Such souls are the ones who will rise into the next octave of the spiral and indeed will be lifted into the realms of such pure Love, that they indeed will disintegrate at some level, and then move through intense transfiguration in order to being able to sing these songs and indeed experience the Power of the Divine Love in a totally new and much higher vibrational frequency band.

**By Judith Kusel