The Vastness of Being: Love and Awakening Soul Memories

A few nights ago I listened to a teacher speak on a zoom call. I was curious because he was going to talk about stargates. He is not someone I am drawn to, because I feel he is in his ego a lot of the time – it doesn’t make him wrong or bad, but I don’t enjoy listening to people who are “full of themselves.” His talk veered into anti vaccination beliefs, which I am not in alignment with.

He was talking about different intergalactic races of beings and said that the Draconian beings, who as far as I know, are not able to resonate with the frequency of love, will use the RNA technology in the vaccines to enter into our bodies and take over – as in kicking our souls out of our bodies and taking over our lives. Personally, I feel this is ridiculous – and a dangerous teaching to be sharing. It seems this man has a large platform of influence, which I feel is unfortunate. So I went into channel and asked the Vastness of Being about this, although I didn’t get to actually ask the question, they just began with their answer.

We already hear your question dear one. You are asking again about the RNA vaccines. The information you heard last night of Draconian races of beings entering into and taking over your physical bodies because you have brought in the RNA technology is not feasible or possible. You are the sole occupant of your physical body. No one or no thing can take your body from you without your permission. There are cases of walk ins, but those happen when the person in the body is ready to move on and usually such occurrences are set up before incarnation with the agreement of both souls involved.

As we have always said to you, you are more powerful than you know. You don’t fully realize this power due to limitations placed on you through programming, beliefs and patterns.

Continue to breathe yourself into your heart and expand the love from there through your body, into your field and into the world. You are all living light libraries containing genetic codes of many star beings. Humanity is loved and being nurtured at this moment, energetically from off planet and from within different densities and dimensions. Those of you who came to be on Earth in this timeline are slowly awakening the codes of wisdom and energetic empowerment within your DNA. Echoes of memories of your galactic experiences are stirring deep within you. Memories of your Soul’s experiences are beginning to arise into your awareness. This has to be a gentle expansion/remembering, so as not to cause a healing crisis, but you can accelerate it by consciously intending this expansion/remembrance to move through you in your day to day experience and in dreamtime.

Know that you are powerful and that you have barely tapped into your power. When you dip into fear from such messaging as you heard, even though you know fear is constricting, when you dip into that fear, you become a victim and feel powerless.

We just sent you the light laughter of Glinda the good witch from the old film The Wizard of Oz, “Be gone with you, you have no power here!” as she said to the wicked witch. This lightness and lilting laughter fills you with light, well-being and gentleness. You have the power within your heart, the power of love to strengthen your inner knowing in the present moment. This power of love, when you expand it outward beyond your energy field, fills the timeline and fills the sacred geometrical lines of light that surround the Earth and connect humanity in unity and love.

Stay the course. We are with you always.

**Channel: Nancy Wallace Ward