Jimmy Kimmel Says Hospitals Should Turn Away the Unvaccinated and Tell Them ‘Rest in Peace’

in other news eraoflightdotcomTalk show host Jimmy Kimmel made his return to television Tuesday by suggesting that anyone not vaccinated against the coronavirus should be turned away from a hospital to go die.

“I hope you had a relaxing Labor Day,” Kimmel said as he began his COVID-19-themed first monologue back from his summer vacation. “It was not a fun Labor Day weekend, COVID-wise. The number of new cases is up more than 300 percent from a year ago.”

Kimmel then cited White House adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci as saying the increase means not everyone can get an intensive care bed.

2 Replies to “Jimmy Kimmel Says Hospitals Should Turn Away the Unvaccinated and Tell Them ‘Rest in Peace’”

  1. TeeLight

    Forgive him Creator, for he knows not what he does.
    Life reviews from these times are going to be a trip.
    So many do gooders taking on the outcomes and karma of others, ouch.
    I’ve been shown a small glimpse of what the “leaders” will experience after they pass over, I pray my review will not be so, well, horrific.
    This is the hell, not forever, but all will eventually see their actions through the eyes of those we have harmed.
    Kimmel, and the other well-paid pushers, will see, too.
    We have been told to believe that our words don’t matter, only actions.
    Oh my, how not true! My mouth has written many checks that my butt can’t cash.
    I spend time apologizing and asking for forgiveness everyday in meditation.
    I owe huge debts.
    But they pale in comparison to the debts being acquired by this current crop of paid do-gooders.
    I’ll ad Mr Kimmel to my daily mantra/prayer.
    Looks like he needs all the forgiveness he can get.

  2. Gma Jane

    Jimmy Kimmel just pronounced his own sentence of death upon himself. He is a deep state shill who needs to be exposed along with all his kind. You do NOT force VAX some experimental jab that has already been through the SCOUS showing it is not at all a vaccine but something more insidious that breaks long standing laws worldwide [think Nuremburg code]. Funny MSM refuses to cover this but then again they are the propaganda distributors. We certainly HOPE they wake the heck up but if they don’t, at this point I can’t see it being a loss overall to humanity as a whole.