Portal Reminders As Light Surges

Cosmic energetic portals always overlap—when one door closes, another one opens. So, we are continually experiencing vibrational frequencies.

We are currently still in the portal of the New Moon whose height began on September 6th (or 7th according to individual time zones).

Both New Moon and Full Moon portals are approximately three days prior, the day of, and for three days afterwards—a portal of about seven days.

The Moon also has a “Void” placement—when it has reached 30 degrees of one sign and is moving on into the next sign. These “Voids” can last from a few minutes to several hours.

We are also currently in the portal of the next Mercury Retrograde (whose height is from September 27th to October 18th with the “post-shadow” being until November 6th), and we are now in the “pre-shadow” phase.

We are also in a portal of powerful solar energetics because in the last few days, the Sun of our galaxy has exploded with medium-strength “C.1-Class” flares to “C.3”, but it has also now delivered stronger “C.8-Class” and “C.6-Class” flares which are almost the powerful “M-Class” level.

Also, CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections—plasma waves of electromagnetic particles) have occurred, and have left their mark by colorful auroras around the world.

It takes several days for the energies of the flares and CMEs to be acclimated into the inner and outer fields of Earth/Gaia as well as into our physical vessels, and solar winds send both the flares and plasma waves forth.

Because our entire galaxy is also moving through the first of twelve vortices of the Photon Belt, this too, is movement through a portal of energy—of LIGHT.

No cosmic portal simply begins at a given specific time and then ends at another specific time like a class in school that may start at 10:00 AM and end at 11:00 AM.

Cosmic portals build up, have a height, and then diminish leaving energetic currents behind.

Navigating the portals, particularly in this intensified “Now” of various types of cosmic energetics, is what also causes human physical, mental, and emotional energy cleansings—so that we can be properly prepared for increased LIGHT reception.

As most people realize, repetition of certain kinds of vital knowledge is a key component of teaching so that information can be securely anchored into the electromagnetic mental and emotional constructs of being.

Such a methodology in the current “Now” gives comfort to stressed and worried people as world conditions continue to happen that can be disharmonious, and therefore, challenging.

We must keep reminding ourselves that we are in a transformational process that has been hundreds of thousands of years in the making. It did not just begin when “modern” mankind went into space in the 1960s.

Other planetary and galactic beings have ventured far beyond this galaxy for many eons.

They are not new to galactic transformations and the LIGHT which is activating the changes.

Think of a concert pianist on stage playing classical music—perhaps it is Bach or Mozart or Beethoven or maybe the person is playing the jazz music of Duke Ellington or Count Basie or Errol Garner.

Those watching in the audience who are not piano artists will look in wonder at the abilities of the performers.

However, the piano greatness is no big thing to the pianists.

They have been playing piano for a long while and have become experts in their talents. The same can be said for other types of art forms or athletic performances.

The same is true even in teaching.

I remember when I was a small child I was amazed at how my most advanced teachers seemed to know so much, how they could teach us certain concepts and speak about various principles so easily.

Eventually, of course, I discovered as I grew that it takes study, application of ideas, developing concepts, and if possible, eventually traveling and sitting at the feet of great Masters.

Cosmic forces are like artists, athletes, and teachers. We are becoming experts at receiving and acclimating their LIGHT and SOUND as we receive and transmit via our DNA which conducts and sends out energies, frequencies, and vibrations.

Our galactic and universal “neighborhood” is extremely active with solar and lunar “artistic movements”, Photon Belt “tunes”, and Great Central Sun “orchestrations”.

Comets, asteroids, meteors, helio-spheric current sheets, and much more do their parts to keep the “concert”, the “racing” across the skies, and the “teachings” of important principles activating.

The portals will continue to consistently overlap as SOURCE expands and sustains creation, and then transforms it as necessary—the BRAHMA, NARAYANA (also known as “VISHNU”), and SHIVA of the ancient Vedic scriptures— the ASAR (Osiris), Aset (Isis), and HERU (Horus) of ancient Kemet—the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT of the Abrahmic texts.

It is very important to nurture yourself during the NETERU (“Divine Forces of Nature”) as they zoom throughout creation, to apply the spiritual rituals of your particular path, to relax as much as possible, and to study.

Keep in mind: “The heavens declare the glory of God; day unto day, they pour forth speech; night unto night, they display knowledge.”

**By Dr Schavi M Ali