Ashtar: Don’t Look Away On Your Walk

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!

I needed to come here today, to bring my energy and some information. As we usually say, do not get attached, do not pay attention to dates. The process is ongoing, nothing to add beyond that, everything will happen in the time needed, and everything will happen in the way it was planned. We are not late. Understand that when you raise your vibrations, when you place yourself as Pillars of Light, as sources of nothing but love, you speed up the process.

Imagine if we had to be totally dependent on your energy; the process would never happen. How do we plan? There is a deadline, on that date, whatever the energy of the planet is, will happen. When we tell you, that you delay the process, it means that you go backwards in time and increase the time remaining to that deadline. When you emanate Light, when you vibrate high, you speed up that same timeline and move closer to the deadline.

These cut-off dates that we put up, are not so close to the present moment. Because we know how oscillating your energy is. Anything takes you out of balance; it doesn’t take much. Of course, the vast majority here will simply say, that the environment throws you off balance. No, I’m not going to deny that the medium doesn’t unbalance it, but that statement is overused enough, and you know it’s not the truth. So I tell you this: if the medium interferes with your energy, armor yourself, create armor, create walls around yourself, and that medium’s energy will no longer affect your energy.

If people just walk in a different way than you would like them to, just stop looking at their walk, pay attention to your walk. It is your walk that is at stake, not the other person’s. Many times you get off balance, you get off that illuminated path, by looking to the side. The road is always forward, but you have the habit of looking to the side. And when you look to the side, a lot of things catch your eye, especially everything that you, within your judgment, think is wrong. So you stop your walk and find a way to say something, stir it up, bring some information, to change that energy that you perceived to be wrong; thus forgetting your walk.

It is as if you were driving a car down the road and you see something you don’t like, and you stop the vehicle, jump out, and go over there and put your opinion in; put in what you understand; put in what you think is right. Then I ask you: Who are you to think that you are always right? Who are you to think that you can maneuver others? Who are you to think that everyone has to follow exactly what you want? That’s ego, that’s ego showing off, and making you the one who always wants everything your way, no matter whether what you think is right or wrong.

So I would like to ask each one of you once again: Get in your cars and continue on that road without looking away. The journey is individual, there is no one beside you in the passenger seat. You are alone. This car represents your walk; where sometimes you are driving at a low speed, sometimes you are driving at a high speed, and sometimes you go backwards, but the walk is yours. So why bother with the other’s walk?

If the other is wrong, he will reap the fruit of his mistakes. If the other has misunderstood, he has to seek the truth. And if he continues without admitting that he is wrong, he will also reap the fruit of this. So look, each one of you, at your walks, forget what’s around you, forget the other’s walk. At this moment it is more than important, that you pay attention to your vibrations, because as everything is extremely accelerated, the imbalances come very strong. Because the amount of energy that arrives is immense and it accelerates everything it finds, whether it be positive energies or negative energies.

So I ask each one of you again: Pay attention to your own journeys; don’t look the other way; don’t want to change the world; don’t want to change people, they are what they are. And if they have not learned by now, they will also reap the results of their sluggishness, of their neglect, of their letting go of the teachings. Don’t worry about the others anymore. At this moment the path has to be looked forward, no longer sideways.

Think of this: On this road, a road that is leading to the Fifth Dimension, the closer you get to the end point, the more this road lights up. And the more you light that road, the more that light reverberates throughout the Whole. And that’s how you help those who are still in the back, the laggards, or those who don’t understand anything, or those who don’t want to understand, or those who don’t feel like doing anything.

It is not you lowering your vibrations, getting off balance, that will help anyone. On the contrary, when you get out of balance, that car goes backwards. And this going backwards takes Light from the Whole. Everything is proportional; if you generate Light, it reverberates to the Whole. If you don’t generate Light, you take Light away from the All. So, let’s each worry about our own way,? Forget about the others. This is no longer the time to try to pull anyone by the hand. Everyone has been warned enough. And I assure each one of you, that those who are in the back and supposedly need help, we are looking out for them, and they will get help if they ask us for it, but we don’t want you to get off balance because of anyone else.

Understand this. If everyone who was able to get to the front of that road keeps going down that road, I’ll say it again, it increases the Light on the planet more and more. And those people receive this Light. Now if you stop and get involved with those people, you take the Light off the planet, because you go back to their energy, you have connected with their energy. Do you realize that? That when you stop the car, to supposedly help someone who is at a loss, you connect with that energy of doubt, of fear, of rest; it doesn’t matter, you connect with it. And I assure you, it’s not a high vibration energy, and automatically, you’re back on the road. I would like you to think a lot about this.

The time now is for isolation. Many will think that this is being selfish. No, it is not. Because the time now is different. Do you want to help your brothers and sisters who are coming behind? Emanate Light, that is what you have to do. Don’t talk, don’t take anyone by the hand, everyone has to find his or her own way. Understand this. The time has come for those who like it easy, to turn around. As long as you stop the car, jump out, and go there to help, they will never change because they know they will always have help. You are not helping them, you are forcing them to keep always the same way, without looking for anything, without doing anything, without modifying, because you know that always somebody down the road will stop and will come to help you.

If you still think that this is being selfish, each one of you understands it as you wish, but the moment is to look at each one’s path. So once again I will quote, don’t get attached to dates, because everything effectively always depends on the vibration of the planet. And I assure you, you haven’t done much to raise the vibration of this planet. Few are concerned about it, few are on that road going forward and emanating Light, few. The vast majority are more concerned about jumping out of the car and helping, supposedly thinking they are really helping, than they are about moving forward and emanating Light.

So I would like you all to think, what energy are you emanating onto this planet right now? How much energy are you each emanating onto the planet? What kind of energy are you emanating onto the planet? Are you following the teachings or do you forget all the time? Do this self-examination. You can’t take anyone by the hand anymore. Things are said over and over again, over and over again. If people don’t want to understand, it is not up to you to open their heads and put the information inside. It is up to them to want to learn, it is up to them to want to evolve, it is up to them to want to get on that road at a good speed and move forward; or to stay where they are is also a choice.

So, I ask each one of you who are on that road, and who are aware that you are ahead, don’t stop to save anyone, your role now is to go forward. Because every little bit of the road you walk on, you amplify the Light on the planet, and it is this Light that will make people change, not you. One human does not change another human. What changes is the Light, is the choice, is the will of that human; not you.

So think a lot. What are you reverberating today? The car on that road going straight ahead or do you think it’s better to stop and try to change people? I will finish by saying just one thing: Whoever needs help, doesn’t ask another brother, he asks us. This sentence has been said here, I can even say, that it has been said thousands of times. How many have learned it, how many do it? Very few. They have problems and ask the other for everything.

So realize that it will not be you who will change these people, they are what they are, they don’t want to change. So follow your own path. Do you want to help them? Very well, keep on the path emanating Light, because the Light will transform them. Do this, and you will see how much you are helping the planet and the process, and indirectly helping all these people. The walk is lonely, the walk is individual, you can’t hold anyone’s hand.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation by


16 Replies to “Ashtar: Don’t Look Away On Your Walk”

  1. Seraph Satiel SuMiKoTO

    This is because there are circumstances on Earth that you do not know. Ashtar tells you only to the extent that it is safe. The earth has a really difficult situation. Be aware of issues outside the Earth other than this message. The problem will be resolved soon, but it is dangerous enough that your family and friends on this planet may die. Please guess. And wait. Now let’s give a look to your loved one with love and light. Ashtar does not abandon you or your loved ones. Ashtar’s advice this time is not saying “Abandon her!”
    In fact, a large number of mafias working from outside the Earth have recently been arrested on this planet. This month’s story. They killed a lot of people with advanced technology we didn’t know about. I was going to kill you and your girlfriend because of illness, accidents and aging. I always grasp the brains, internal organs, bones, and blood vessels of all the inhabitants of the earth with spiritual vision, channeling, possession, and weapons and technologies that the earth does not understand. One of the last Mafia Cabals, Archons, is currently in talks with Ashtar and The Federation of Light about the hostages of the Earth’s inhabitants. Now you have to choose what to say. Please understand this. Otherwise, the hostages, you, your girlfriend, and all life on this planet will be truly killed.

    Wednesday, September 15, 2021
    20:02:05 pm
    The Divine Federation
    The Galactic Federation of Light Earth
    Galaxy Earth Imperial Family of Light
    Earth World Emperor 👉 Reported in 2018, This is it.
    General Commander Heaven Empress Her Majesty
    Ascended General Commander
    World’s best medical institution
    United Nations World Health Organization God Spirit Fairy Complete Cure Clinic
    World’s Best Medical Instructor
    World Supreme Leader / World Leader / World Supreme Medical Leader Beauty
    Spiritual General Medical Director
    Universal Spirit of Mother
    Seraph Satiel

    1. John Sutter

      What are you talking about and who are talking to?

      Some posts on here are truly psychotic.

      1. Seraph Satiel SuMiKoTO

        We think this is a wonderful place to spread your love and light.

        Love and light for your inner peace

        Jesus Christ, Allah, and the Creator are with you as one with you.

        You have the blessing of God.

        It’s a place to enjoy it together.

        We often hear stories about the forces of darkness, but it seems that they are having a lot of trouble. It’s difficult because the outside of the earth is affected by various circumstances and the earth is also affected without knowing it.

        We want you to be released from the entity as soon as possible and peace will come.

        You are loved

        You are blessed.

        To our beloved brothers and sisters of our planet

        Love and Light

  2. cloudradio3711

    I do have a slight problem with the advice/instructions above…

    Many of us are involved Intimately with some other people… Spouses, children, siblings, etc.

    I, for one, have been pulling my wife, my soulmate and Heiros-Gamos partner along. She is quite authority referent and reluctant to understand the true nature of our reality…but not resistant to learning.

    She is already concerned I put to much time into The Journey.

    I cannot purposely leave her on the roadside to fend for herself. Nor can I change her nature.

    I suppose I can only LOVE her and everyone while continuing to hold the Light.

    But when someone you love and seems lost, it doesn’t sound very STO to leave her standing by the side of the road while I just charge on ahead.

  3. Ben


    So true. People I talk to are saying sooner “I’ve heard enough”, so I stop talking.
    It’s actually nice talking less, and they talk about lighter things too.

    Yes, they have been listening to us for 6 – 8 months now, they’ve heard it over and over again. So I will isolate myself and help create more “LIGHT.”

  4. George

    My walk is pretty good. Where I feel the effect of others energy is physically or it’s just allergies.
    Overall, the energy feels pretty light now, I feel mostly balanced (occasionally I have a dumb thought, but re-center quickly).

    A lot of people are shutting off the news (tv and computer), which is good. And there are those that need to see proof, we’ve talked and talked, so I’m glad you said to “The time now is for isolation.” I was starting kind of doing this, but definitely do more. I agree, it’s time to stop talking, isolated ourselves, or minimum stop talking about the truths, and spend more time focusing on BEing, saying our affirmation, making plans for a BEAUTIFUL new world. Live fearLess…..

    Yes, we need to stay focused on the truth = med beds, new technologies, dissolve the central banks, regain our freedoms, etc.

    “To understand everything is to forgive everything.” Buddha

    I continue moving forward. I’m still doing the Project highest timeline in 21 day, and will continue doing it until earth arrives.

    Sending LIGHT and LOVE to all.

  5. John Sutter

    A prescription for death. We are now in the Dark Sides end game and we’re told to focus on ourselves? You’re going to have difficulty doing that after they try and force you to take the vaccine, which is a kill shot. Joe Biden has declared war on America. You won’t be able to earn a living. His latest dictates to take the poisonous death jab or face loss of livelihood is an open act of extreme violence.

    It has to be met with violence.

    The demons aren’t going to leave you alone.

    You can focus and isolate yourself to the benefit of the demons carrying out this genocide against us.

    There also has to be division. Thos that have taken the vax are doomed. They are the Walking Dead. They are no longer human and if they survive even more genetically transformative shots they will be nothing more than soulless automatons.

    1. C

      Hello John, Although I don’t anymore read the articles on this site, I occasionally do glance through comments. You’ve been on my heart and I’m moved to offer merely a suggestion. “Turn away from the false kingdoms of men”, that which is full of deception and malice, that which is decrepit and crumbling; that which sows seeds of fear, violence and malignancy.

      1 John 5:21 ~ Dear Children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.

      God = Love. So, turn away from anything/anyone that might take LOVE’s place in your heart, mind, body, spirit and soul. That which is Living will continue; that which is corrosive will discontinue.

      Consider fasting. Not just food and drink, but *anything* you take into your system through the senses. “Fast” from the internet and all these chattering words, narratives and agendas. Take time to BE and Live as if there were no internet and mass media, and REST in that which brings you relaxation and calmness. We must be willing to let what is dead and decaying rot, and we don’t have to be witness to the process.

      We’re unable to “hear” Creator when we’re clogging up the lines of communication with all the lies and nonsense, misdirection outside of ourselves. “Isolation” of sorts can be chosen for this very purpose. Consider Indigenous teachings of fasting, prayer and solitude. Commune with that which is of the Natural World, Life Giving, Life Bearing.

      “That which is false troubles the heart, but Truth brings joyous tranquility” ~ Rumi

      “Ignore that which makes you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards dis-ease and death” ~ Rumi

      “And so it is that both the devil and angelic spirits present up with objects of desire to awaken our power of choice” ~ Rumi

      We are experiencing now the battle of the spirits of duality, and we each, individually must choose the path we will follow. There are no prophets – there is God (Creator, Divine Source, Great Spirit, Grand Designer). Words are just interpretations, translations. Even these that I offer here, now.

      Although I’m not particularly a fan of the Bible and have not read it, I’m often met by particular verses, passages that then assist me in gaining clarity during times of difficulty. There is a yt channel I ‘stumbled upon’ called No Greater Love, the gentleman has a prayer series. If you are so inclined, #4 I found to be particularly helpful. It’s not possible to paste a link here. The video is named: Free yourself or others from torment. How Christ cast out spirits of oppression.

      Switch to the Light and the darkness doesn’t exist. As it’s come to me I’ll share here: the internet as the devils playground. Go to the wilderness. Creator is cleaning house and doesn’t want Her children under foot.

      I wish you Peace John. 🙏

      1. Lara

        C, although I agree with some of what you say, I cannot agree with most of it. “Switch to the Light and the darkness doesn’t exist.” Well, the first thing that happens when you switch on a light is that all that was hidden in the dark shadows — the dirt, the things we didn’t see before — become visible. That is logical and that is real. And that’s what’s happening.

        The biggest lie we have been fed, in the lightworkers’ community, is that evil does not exist, darkness doesn’t exist. It was always part of the plan, to neutralize our effectiveness. That in itself goes against the teachings of Christ. You cannot change what you don’t face or acknowledge.

        What would you call the the pervasive practices of child trafficking, pedophilia and child sacrifice, if not darkness? And if we all decided to isolate ourselves in the wilderness, in response, who would be left to help the innocent and the helpless? Matthew 10:34 cites Jesus: “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to bring peace, but a sword.”

        God = Love, yes. But ‘love’ is a verb, not a feeling. It is something we are meant to put into action, into practice, in service to our purpose here — to shine Light into the darkness, so that we can eradicate the evil that was hidden, and rebuild our planet. It is not Creator’s job to clean up the messes of man.

        Peace to you.

        1. C

          Hi Lara, I don’t disagree with you and I appreciate your feedback. Evil does exist, and it is being made (more) visible all around us. The Light IS being turned on, and will continue to be.

          The Light is God; God’s way, God’s word. That is where the action comes in – “walking the walk” – of what God, Creator speaks to us, and shows to us, individually for our journey, as well as collectively. We ebb and flow, back and forth between the two and carry on as “directed” and guided to do. The depths of the understandings I’ve come to/been brought to cannot be fully conveyed here in words, writing. Nor I think can anyone else’s. These are ‘snippets’, so to say, and more often than not may not quite do justice to what is flowing through the heart (of any of us).

          What one may interpret from the written words of another is just that, an interpretation, rather than the full/fullest expression. And that’s where things get ‘wonky’ in conversation.

          Perhaps it is, that in Spirit, we’re each and all able to ‘converse’ a bit more succinctly than our intellects ‘allow’ us to when we attempt to verbalize. Heart communication doesn’t always need the mouth or the fingers to articulate, and oftentimes is best served without such interferences.

          Have a wonderful day Lara, thank you again for your insights. Peace 🙏

          1. Lara

            Thank you, C. I understand what you say about snippets versus full expression, and I agree… I sense the spirit of your reply and I appreciate it very much. When our hearts are open, we do meet in the ether — and empathy increases.

            Thank you again. Wishing you a beautiful journey.

      2. John Sutter

        C, I appreciate your post thanks so much. And I do understand about letting myself be absorbed by the internet and all the constant bad news.

        However, I cannot ignore the malevolence that is in front of me. Just imagine you live in a city in Eastern Europe or Middle Asia in the 13th century. The 200,000 strong Mongol hoard is on the horizon. You know when they attack, apply their siege craft and breach your walls they are going to kill every man, woman and child in your town.

        We are at that point right now. We are facing an existential threat far greater and even more malevolent than any army or barbaric hoard in the past. At least the Mongol army fought honorably and gave you the chance to best them in combat, it was you or them.

        This malevolent force is a coward. It wages war dishonorably. It wants to commit genocide with no resistance. It is terrified of meeting us on the Battle field.

        How do we not take collective action the fight and destroy such unbridled evil? If we do not It will surely consume us, for this evil comes from pure psychopathy, pure chaos, and it has only one intention….death, pain and suffering.

        1. George

          Who do we fight?
          The white house and congress?

          What about big pharma, big business, gmo, big tech, military COMPLEX, etc., and the global cabal illuminati?

          If we take the white house and congress, who do we put in charge?
          How do we know the cabal illuminati will not corrupt them through bribery and threats?

          1. John Sutter

            First we fight the Federal Government. It is fetid, and the monsters running it need to be taken out. Not everyone working in the Federal Government, just the unelected deep state, the corrupt child molester political class. Once the Federal Government goes down the rest are powerless, and monsters like Bill Gates will stand trial for their crimes and receive the sentence they deserve for mass murder.

  6. Sun_Lizard

    This message resonates soul deep. . spreading ‘eternal 8’s’ manifesting divine bliss.