The Resonance Frequencies

light on earth era of light dot comThe Resonance Frequencies have gone up in octaves.

These work with the Emotional Bodies and thus with all which is there within us which needs to be brought into highest alignment and lifted into the Wholeness frequency.

I see and sense the discordant notes being sent through humanity. The Discordant notes of separation, of fear, of judgment, of the old duality in whatever form these may indeed express themselves in. Again, the trying to split what in truth is ONE into the many and then divide the many into more discordance and thus jarring tones and notes. All this then has a ripple effect on the general health and well being of individuals souls.

The more sensitive the soul, the most it will cringe from the discordance, for indeed the more tuned in one becomes, the more sensitive one becomes to energy and energy fields.

I have a friend who is a musical genius. She will often wake up with music in her soul and being and then just go and sit at the piano and play this music and write it down. I have never come across someone who is so sensitive to discordant tones, that she will immediately be able to pinpoint this, even within a huge choir.

Indeed, she is not the only one whom have come across with such sensitivity. I once sang in a choir of a thousand people, and the person next to me, was off-tone. The conductor stopped the whole choir mid-singing, and pointed straight at her, and indeed pinpointed the fact that she was off-tone/key.

The resonance frequencies indeed work with SOUND in the highest degrees. A lot of tones and notes which are not yet audible to our outer ears, are being returned, but can indeed be heared with our inner ears.

Now, if discordance is in and around us, we will pick this up as a jarring in our energy fields. We may start feeling slightly off center, or indeed unbalanced. When this occurs it is best to withdraw into total silence and then ask: “Who or what is discordant within myself and outside myself?”

With this a lot of the emotional baggage, which need to be released will come to the fore. A lot of this will now come around persecution – where we were persecuted in past lives, or this lifetime, and indeed where we persecuted others. Persecution always has to do with intolerance – where one wishes to impose one’s own ideology or belief systems, or whatever upon others and thus trying to force them into compliance, through threats, brute force or whatever other means. Yet indeed this will boomerang right back to any soul trying to do this, for indeed they are interfering with every soul’s free will and choice.

Yet, note here one indeed is asked to go back deeply into your own inner soul self, and there regain the inner harmonic tones, and indeed the inner music of the soul, which in truth is always in tune with the Cosmos and indeed in tune with the soul, and soul group, thus the Greater Music, the Greater Tones. There is no discordance.

Thus when there is a jarring on the emotional scales, then ask yourself why? If you are truly tuned in, nothing and no one can indeed bring discordance within yourself, unless you allow them too.

If you truly live your sacred Heart Tones, with love and devotion, you will not allow anyone to override your own inner music and indeed tones.

More than this you will sing, play out your inner music and tones and in the process, you are tuned into the Higher Vibrational Frequency Tones, which indeed are toned into your emotional body. Why? Because the Emotional body, has to do with FEELINGS and music and tones play the heart and soul strings. When the heart is open, and indeed one plays a musical instrument or sings from the heart and soul and with feeling, you indeed start to pluck the heart and soul strings of others. Music and TONES need no words – they indeed immediately move into the emotional body and indeed move the heart strings. This is why music unites people more than any spoken word ever can.

Thus become aware.

Start tuning into your own soul and then asked that you become aware of the jarring and discordant tones you indeed may be picking up, subconsciously or consciously. If they are your own, then tune yourself in. If not, tune out what is disturbs and disrupts.

When your emotional body is indeed tuned in fully, into the resonance frequencies, and the higher octaves, you will start feeling a deep healing occurring within you, as you finally release all the discordance which might have been there within, and now are freed to become AS ONE with the Celestial Music, and Celestial Tones.

**By Judith Kusel


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