Master Kuthumi: Your Faith Heals


Things take their course and events begin to unwind from the reel of life. The truth comes to light everywhere and the lie finds no more ground on which it can spread.

Therefore, you are now confronted with facts beyond your imagination. It is the truth that you are encountering now, and you are realizing what was keeping you from self-knowledge.

Now everything is brought to the surface. The abysmalness that is presented to you in the world now is part of coming to terms with it and is part of your healing.

What has started now is unstoppable, it is impossible to stop this process! What is possible now is to turn back or to return to the world of the old time. This is the choice that every person is faced with today.

In this process, unique opportunities for conversion are given.


Today, you are constantly reminded that God exists and that you can revive and renew your faith. Before the truth sets you free, it is necessary to strengthen faith – faith that good will triumph, light will triumph, and that truth will prevail in the end. It is YOUR faith that heals.

Today you are touched by the divine light and invited to walk the path of light and the path of love. For this, it is necessary to look at all the “transgressions”, at the ignorance and the errors.

It is necessary to admit to yourself where you are standing in the way of your own unfoldment. It is a miracle to experience how these blockages are loosened and how the knots are untied.

Now it is about healing your emotional and mental wounds. If you really get involved, far-reaching steps in consciousness are possible and your faith in the good, the light and the sublime returns.

Transformational work means experiencing the light of God at work and coming closer to God in this way – and the more you redeem, the stronger your faith in the light and your faith in God becomes.

If you strive for truthfulness with complete dedication and face the facts courageously, then you possess everything you need today for your path of knowledge.

On the path of recollection you will meet God. What seems impossible to you at the beginning, reveals itself to you little by little and becomes at the end of the path the only reality – God.

Beloved man,

Every search begins with the faith to find – and so you will also reach the faith about the successes with your transformation and you will find yourself and God.

The time of the truth has begun, the days of the revelations have begun – and your tool of this time is: YOUR faith.

Live YOUR life and live it with God.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by